14 ways to tell What My Husband is looking at on the Internet

Phones represent privacy for many people—because of that, it’s effortless for them to do whatever they please.

That’s good and all, however, problems arise when a person who’s supposed to be committed to their partner takes advantage of that fact.

They take the opportunity to cheat online or indulge in other inappropriate online behavior, and this is more common than we might think.

And if you too are worried that your husband is doing something on his phone that you wouldn’t want him to do, here’s how you can tell:

1. You can find out what websites your husband is on by using spying apps!

You can find out what websites your husband is on by using spying apps

If you’re hoping to  find out what your husband is doing and looking at on his phone, then give spying apps a try, such as:

Such apps tell you what another person is doing on their phone—you’ll have access to useful information like:

Social media activity; Galleries; Call logs; Messages; Location; Browser history; and basically every other valuable piece of information that helps understand if your spouse is cheating online!

These apps are typically pay-to-use, but very effective and detailed—carefully pick the service of your choice and set it up!

You will need physical access to your husband’s phone for this to work; install the apps on your and your partner’s phone, make an account, and pick a plan.

After that, you will receive on-screen instructions on what you need to do; don’t worry, the app is invisible so your partner won’t notice a thing.

2. Find your husband’s social media accounts using a reverse image search.

Luckily for us, there are ways to search the web using images—for free!

Reverse image search tools (e.g. TinEye, Duplichecker, etc) lets us search using other people’s pictures.

After uploading your husband’s selfie there, relevant results will show up; you’ll be shown all the social media accounts using the same picture or similar ones!

This way, you’ll easily find out if he’s been hiding any social media profiles, or even worse if he uses dating sites.

Yes! For specific platforms such as Tinder, you can use reverse image search to find people on dating sites.

3. Another alternative: use third-party, people-lookup apps.

Perhaps the most reliable way to find a spouse’s secret profiles, including dating ones, is using people-lookup services.

Paid third-party apps let us search for people’s hidden profiles based on minimal information (first/last name, phone number, email address)—all details you know about your husband.

Pick your preferred way of searching, pay the fee/subscription, and expect a detailed report on your spouse’s online activity!

You’ll be able to see all the social media accounts linked to your husband, and raunchy websites are no exception!

Because such services are not free, I recommend picking a trusted service with a large number of satisfied users—here are some recommendations:

4. Check his bank statement for any suspicious online transactions.

As we know, a lot of online platforms offer in-app purchases for more benefits and better perks; some apps even need to be paid for before installation.

However, I’m not talking about normal services such as online shopping, movie-streaming sites, or other run-of-the-mill transactions!

I’m talking about dating site subscriptions or other sexually-explicit platforms (such as OnlyFans).

If your husband is paying for OnlyFans content or dating sites, it will most likely show up on his bank statement—give it a peek.

It’s going to be much easier if you have a joint account, but I doubt a cheating spouse would make the mistake of using it for their cheating activities.

5. Ask your ISP what websites have been visited using your Wi-Fi.

Ask your ISP what websites have been visited using your WiFi

Yes, you can do that!

Ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for a list of sites that have been visited using your network.

If you and your husband live alone and are the only ones using the Wi-Fi, then you’ll know what websites he’s on.

You can consult with your Internet Service Provider and ask for all web activity during a certain period (it’s up to you).

If any unknown dating sites or other platforms that cross your boundaries have been visited, it’s most likely your husband’s doing.

6. The free (and most effective) way to see what your husband is doing on the internet: going through his phone.

There has been a lot of debate over phone checking over the years, and a lot of people say it’s wrong!

And yes—going through your significant other’s phone is quite toxic, however, I understand the need to do so.

If you truly want to see just what your partner is looking at and what websites he’s a part of, sneakily check his phone when you get the opportunity.

It’s pretty self-explanatory:

  • check his chats,
  • apps he has installed on his phone,
  • browser and search history,
  • social media activity,
  • secure folders, etc.

7. Take a quick look at what notifications your partner regularly receives.

It’s quick, free, and effective—while you’re at it, make sure to check his notifications and what people/services they’re from.

The more notifications he receives from, say, Instagram, the higher the chances of him using it.

This is also a sign that he usually spends his time on a specific platform—most people disable annoying notifications from sites they rarely use.

Since we’ve already picked Instagram as our example, imagine this:

If you’re going through your husband’s phone and suddenly receive a raunchy reply to something he commented on, or a follow request from an unknown woman he recently followed, then that’s suspicious.

I think it’s pretty clear what he’s looking at and what his intentions are—it’s possible he was attempting to cheat online.

8. Check his email app—you’ll find useful info there.

Another very productive method of seeing what your partner does online!

Since a lot of people sign up for sites using their email addresses, you’re bound to find something useful.

  • Go to the email service your s.o. uses and see if you can find any confirmation codes that hint he’s created an account—dating sites will show up too.
  • You can also check for the many notifications he should be receiving from said sites (deals, promos, offers, updates, etc).
  • You’ll see what websites he’s signed up for and what exactly he looks at while surfing the web; you might even find out if he’s being unfaithful in any way.

And an extra tip: check the Bin and see if he’s deleted any suspicious emails!

9. Also, check his messages!

Also, check his Messages app

If not email addresses, people sign up using their phone numbers, which again, they should get a notification for.

While you have his phone, quickly check his default Messages app and see what he does on it!

See if you can find any confirmation codes from sites you’re definitely not okay with him using.

Also, you can see if your husband is texting someone else, or worse, sexting with them.

10. See what apps he uses the most by checking his battery usage.

If you’re curious about what social media platforms occupy most of his time, give checking his battery usage a try!

On his iPhone, go to Settings and click on Battery—there you should see all the apps he uses, and on top of them click on Show Activity.

And if he has Android, on the Battery and Device Care option, go to Battery and click on View Details.

Now you’ll be able to see what apps he uses the most, and just how long he uses them for.

11. Check his saved sites and passwords on the browser.

A lot of browsers nowadays allow users to save and manage their accounts as well as passwords.

For example, on Google’s mobile version, you simply go to Settings and then to Password Manager to view this information.

This way you’ll be able to find what websites he uses AND his accounts’ passwords—a pretty good deal.

Though it’s not guaranteed that he’s using the feature at all (or maybe he is, but only for specific sites), consider testing this method out!

12. Checking his phone gallery might also be productive!

I believe that a person’s phone gallery says a lot about them—I, for one, as a nature lover, usually save pictures of whatever beautiful scenery I come across.

And doubling down on it, I search for nature-related content as a source of entertainment too!

I’m sure you get where I’m going with this—if your partner, for example, has tons of sexually-explicit pictures, you’ll pretty much get the idea of what he usually looks at.

Another way you can use his phone’s gallery to gather information is by looking at the pictures’ info—here’s how:

On iPhone, for example, click on any picture you’re curious about, and click on the little circle icon with an “i” inside it.

This way you’ll see where it was saved from.

Also, if you know his phone’s password, you can check his Hidden folder, which I’m sure will be helpful in some way!

13. Of course, do not forget to check his social media apps!

But I think you already knew this.

Thoroughly check his social media and see for yourself how he interacts with others—is his behavior unacceptable?

See what his feed is like; a lot of social media platforms learn from their users’ interests and proceed to show them posts they think the users would like.

So, if you’re wondering how to tell what your husband is looking at on his socials, this is a pretty safe bet!

Also check his likes, comments, and followings to get an even better idea of what he typically does online.

14. If possible, check his iCloud/Google Drive for a more thorough understanding.

If possible, check his iCloud Google Drive for a more thorough understanding

If you know his iCloud or Google Drive passwords (depending on his phone), you can see all of his data.

You’ll be able to see:

  • Photos;
  • Videos;
  • Documents;
  • Apps data;
  • Contacts, etc.

Even if your husband has deleted potential suspicious activities, they’ve most likely been saved here—and that’s exactly why this method is useful!

If your reason for wanting to know your partner’s online activity is uncovering potential infidelity, know that cheaters usually delete their stuff.

However, if you’re able to log in to their cloud services, you’ll most likely find all the proof you need!

Answering the most frequent questions about a partner’s phone use!

How to track my husband’s location for free?

Shockingly, tracking a spouse’s location for free is possible, but also a bit risky!

You can use the Find My app on his iPhone and then proceed to share your husband’s location with your phone—without his knowledge.

Erase all evidence that you’ve done this, and you’re all set!

For Android, you can use Google Maps.

However, keep in mind that your spouse can find out that you’ve done this.

– How can I see what my husband looks at on Instagram?

I’m glad you asked because I got a neat method for this, however, it involves unlocking his phone.

You can see what your husband looks at on Instagram by unlocking his phone, and

  • go on the Instagram app and click on his profile icon at the bottom right of the screen;
  • then click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the screen and pick Your Activity.
  • There you’ll be able to see his likes, comments, interests, and more—the perfect way to see what he uses Instagram for!

– How can I see what apps are on my husband’s phone?

How can I see what apps are on my husband’s phone

Seeing what apps are on your husband’s phone can be done in various ways. The main requirement is for you to have full access to his phone.

  • The first way is by looking at his home screen.
  • The second way is by going to his phone’s Settings and viewing the Apps list.

If you’re looking for a way to see what apps your husband regularly uninstalls, I have a method for that too!

If he has an iPhone, you can go to the App Store and search for dating sites, for example: if there’s a cloud next to the app, it’s been previously installed.

And on Android, you need to go to Google Play > his profile icon > Manage Apps & Devices > Manage > Installed > Not Installed.

– Why did my husband delete his browsing history? Is it something to be concerned about?

Well, yes and no.

Starting from myself, a lot of people prefer deleting their history rather than letting it grow over time—it also saves space.

Your partner could have also accidentally deleted it while trying to delete some other data (cookies, cache, etc).

However, it’s very much probable that he deleted it because of a much more malicious reason—perhaps trying to hide the fact he has visited dating sites or porn sites.

Final thoughts on keeping up with a spouse’s online activities!

If we’re feeling the need to monitor a partner’s devices, then there’s a high chance we’re, on some level, doubting their loyalty.

And in all honesty, I can’t quite blame this type of thinking because of how frequent online cheating is.

If you want to see what your husband does and looks at online, luckily, there is a way—multiple ways actually, and the ones I’ve talked about get the job done!

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