The 5 best free PimEyes alternatives for finding people online by face

Everyone who has tried reverse image searching is familiar with PimEyes—one of the best tools in the market.

But, as you know, all good services come with a price, hence PimEyes is not free to use…not a selling point for a lot of people, so many will seek other options.

Yes, this service is good, there’s no denying it! 

But this doesn’t mean it’s the only good one, so let me show you all of the best, existing alternatives to the PimEyes Reverse Image Searching tool.

All about PimEyes — What is it and how does it work?

PimEyes, as we established, is a reverse image search tool and many people’s first choice when it comes to finding people online by face.

All you need to do is put the image of the person you want to find like so:

1All about PimEyes — What is it and how does it work

As you can see, I used images of our beloved Captain America and will continue doing so for the rest of the services so that you get a better idea of how they work.

After that, click on Start Search and you’re good to go.

2All about PimEyes — What is it and how does it work

PimEyes shows you the sources using this image, such as online newspapers, social media platforms, and other websites.

There are 3 plans you can choose from: Open Plus, PROtect, and Advanced which you can pay for either annually or monthly.

  • The Open Plus plan costs €28.99 for one month, and €277.50 for one year;
  • The PROtect plan costs €77.99 for one month, and €739.99 for one year;
  • The Advanced plan costs €288.99 for one month, and €2,773.50 for one year.

With Open Plus and PROtect you get 25 daily searches, whereas the Advanced plan offers unlimited searching.

Side note: you get 10 free searches when you start using PimEyes, so if that’s all you need, there’s no need to pay for the service.

This is PimEyes in a nutshell. Pretty cool, right? Now let’s look at other ways we can find people by their faces

What to use instead of PimEyes — The best, free alternatives.

Before we get into it, we first need to know what we’re looking for, that being a service that shares the same useful traits as PimEyes.

Ease of use and effectiveness.

So, we’re looking for a free service that isn’t too complicated and works in detecting people’s faces online.

1. SmallSEOTools.

This site has a lot of online tools that make your life a little bit easier, like grammar checkers, virus scanners, password generators, etc.

Reverse image checking is also a part of the SmallSEOTools family, under the “Images Editing Tools” section.

Click on Upload Image, choose the image you want to search and tap on Search Similar Images.


After doing just that, I was given the choice to pick which search engine I 

wanted my result to be based on (Google, Bing, or Yandex).

I picked Google just for the sake of demonstrating it, but you can pick any search engine. Anyway, this is what the results looked like:

2 smallseotools

That’s only a snippet of what I got and there are many more sources I could scroll through—there’s definitely more from where that came from!

2. TinEye.

TinEye is another popular pick amongst peers who have to regularly reverse search images—it is quite speedy and accurate.

It is easy to use and works just like any other reverse search service: click on the Upload button for your photo and let it do its magic.

tineye results

Bringing our favorite Marvel superhero in once again, you can see that TinEye found the image’s sources—there were two pages worth of results, by the way.

3. FaceCheckID.

FaceCheckID is a face-recognition tool that can find images based on the faces’ geometry data.

Press on Search the Internet by Face after dropping your image and wait for it to be your turn on the queue like I did:


I got my results after a short while:

2 facecheckID

You can click on the photos for more information (or related links), plus you’ll be shown the degree to which those results match the photo you used.

4. DupliChecker.

Duplichecker helps you find images through other search engines:

  • Google;
  • Bing;
  • Yandex;
  • Tineye;
  • Sogou;
  • Baidu.

In a way, it serves as a bridge between you and the easily accessible results provided by these platforms, so you’d only need to pick the engine of your choice.

You know the drill by now, but I’ll show you either way! I dropped the same image of Chris Evans and clicked on Search Similar Image.

1 duplichecker

And to switch things up, I went with Yandex—these were the results:

2 duplichecker

Yandex is my go-to when it comes to searching images online because of how thorough it gets.

You can’t see from that photo alone, but the sources were practically endless: the photo I used on DupliChecker was enough to trigger many results across the web.

5. DNSChecker.

And we finally have DNSChecker, another reverse image search site showing results from multiple search engines.

Having picked Bing this time, the results sure didn’t disappoint:


I got multiple links to sources using the same image of Chris Evans.

– You can also use Google, Bing, and Yandex to reverse image search.

If you haven’t heard, you can directly use search engines to look for someone online using their photos.

They work well for certain platforms like social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), so if you’re trying to find social media accounts, this is for you!

  • On Google, do this:

Open the Google browser on your PC or open the Google app on your phone—you should see a camera icon on the search bar like so:

1You can also use Google, Bing, and Yandex to reverse image search

Click on that icon and upload the image of your choice.

  • On Bing, do this:

Visit and upload the image by clicking on the camera button on the search bar:

2You can also use Google, Bing, and Yandex to reverse image search
  • On Yandex, do this:

In a similar fashion to Google, go to the Yandex browser (or the Yandex app on your phone) and press the camera button:

Yandex Image Search

P.S. On the browser, you need to click on Images first to access the reverse-image-search option.

Searching on dating platforms? Try the SwindlerBuster method!

Where are you searching on — social media platforms or dating apps?

If social media like Facebook and Instagram, then any of the methods mentioned above should get the job done, but finding dating profiles is a bit different.

Dating apps are very careful when it comes to hiding users’ profiles, so you’re going to have to use more complex means.

On top of name and phone searching, SwindlerBuster also offers face searching on dating platforms (e.g. Tinder).

The process is easy—go to SwindlerBuster, pick the Face option, and upload the photo:

1Searching on dating platforms Try these 2 paid methods

I picked the same photo just for the sake of consistency, though I doubt Chris Evans has a dating profile.

A Face Search on SwindlerBuster costs £4.95 (around $6) and is one of the few ways to find someone on a dating app by face.

The buzz with Reverse Image Searching.

Yes, reverse image searching IS all that, and the fact it’s an option to begin with shows just how much technology has advanced.

Being able to find someone whose name you don’t know is pretty revolutionary if I do say so myself!

For one, reverse image searching is great for catching catfishes—I can’t even imagine just how much more dangerous the online world would be without it.

If an option, always verify your match’s identity as a safety measure.

Stay safe!

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