How can you find a Tinder user’s Instagram profile?

Wanting to know more about your Tinder match is quite normal…we’ve all heard the horror stories.

If you hope to find their Instagram profile, you can use whatever information you have.

This means names, usernames, phone numbers, and images!

1. Is their IG handle on their Tinder bio?

Tinder users sometimes make their IG handle public in hopes of growing their follower base. 

So, check their Tinder bio before anything else.

2. Reverse search their Tinder images with SwindlerBuster.

Reverse search their Tinder images with

There’s a great possibility the Tinder user in question has linked their Instagram account to their Tinder profile.

And we all know that Tinder asks for permission to access your IG for your images. Meaning the images you see on their dating profile are the same as those they use on IG.

Take those images and upload them to SwindlerBuster’s Face tool to find all the sources using them (Instagram, in this case).

For $4.95, you can find their social media profiles, but really, you can’t put a price on safety when it comes to dating apps!

3. Look their name up on social media or Google.

Look their name up on social media or Google

Tinder makes it so you have to AT LEAST use your name on their platform before talking to potential matches.

I would say, unless they’re a catfish, there’s a good chance your match is using their real name—take that name and utilize it.

– Search it up on Instagram.

Search their name on Instagram and see if you find an account that is using the same images as your Tinder match: that’s most likely them.

– Do the same on Facebook.

You can’t be too safe, right? Look their name up on Facebook as well and use the search filters to narrow down the number of profiles you see.

– Use Search Engines as well.

Other than social media platforms, you can also use numerous Search Engines like Google to find their Instagram profile by typing this on the search bar: Jamie.

You can choose not to specify the platform if you want to find out more general info.

4. Utilize their phone number to find their Instagram account.

Utilize their phone number to find their Instagram account

Here’s a cool, little trick for you:

Go to Instagram and grant access to your contacts to see the IG profiles of the people from your contact list.

If, for whatever reason, you have this person’s phone number saved, this will most definitely help you in your mission.

5. Check the Instagram profiles of their interests.

This technique is free but it takes a little bit more time and effort to make it work.

If they mentioned to you that they like to go a lot to Chateau Marmont or Cha Cha Matcha then you might check their pages and check their followers.

On the other hand, if they already told you where they work then you might check their page to see their employees and followers.

In this case, I would recommend following these pages first and then trying to connect with your match.

You might use it as a reason to talk to them. E.g. “Omg, I can’t believe that you like Cha Cha Matcha too. I started following them for a while and went there. Nice place.”

Nonetheless, they work as long as you’re not being catfished!

6. How about asking for their Instagram?

Let’s face it: even if you were to find their Instagram profile, don’t you think they would be a little bit creeped out?

After all, you are a complete stranger to them.

Taking everything into consideration, I urge you to ask your Tinder match for their Instagram instead—they will appreciate this.

But only do this if you’ve known them for a while; after that, voice your reasons for wanting to leave Tinder.

If they understand, great! If not, then you have 2 options:

Find someone who’s willing to give you their socials or wait a bit longer for you to earn their trust.

And remember that just how you’re concerned about your safety, as are they!

⚠️Beware of “Tindstagramming”!⚠️

“Tindstagramming” is when you find and reach out to someone from Tinder who swiped left on you.

Picture this:

You find this person on Tinder you initially liked, but as you get to talk, you figure out maybe they’re not the person for you. They go out of their way and do something as disturbing as find your socials.

It’s quite alarming, and believe me…you don’t want to be that guy.

– The Do’s…

When finding a Tinder member’s IG profile, this is what you must do:

– Do find it they’re interested.

If you wound up finding their Instagram profile, ask yourself whether they’re interested in you.

Did they tell you they are interested and that they’re cool integrating into more conventional platforms? If so, that’s a green light.

– Do ask for their IG handle.

To avoid coming across as a “Tindstagrammer”, ask them politely if you could follow them on Instagram.

This way you’ll both be on the same page.

– Do start talking to them casually.

If you end up adding them, don’t romance them up right off the bat, especially on a platform not meant for dating—they’ll feel uncomfortable!

Ask them what their hobbies are, how they’re doing, or start with a knee-slapping joke to break the ice.

– Respect their decision.

Whether they refuse to give you their Instagram handle or reply to your messages at the speed of light, you must respect their decision.

If anything, being an understanding person is what’s going to show them you have no bad intentions.

– The Don’ts…

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here’s what you must ABSOLUTELY avoid in this situation:

– Do not pester them if they’re not interested!

Do not pressure them into giving out their socials; if they give them willingly, try not to bombard them with text messages.

Many people are looking for something casual on Tinder to begin with, so doing this will give them the ick.

– Do not attempt to re-connect if they already unmatched you.

Doing this will not only give them the heebie-jeebies, it will also ruin their opinion of you.

Unmatching you means they aren’t interested in pursuing a relationship—inside or outside of Tinder!

– Do not shame or pressure them.

Because imagine someone is pressuring you into doing something you fear will put your safety in jeopardy…it doesn’t feel too great.

Don’t undermine their feelings towards giving what is essentially a stranger their Instagram handle. They’re valid.

So, to wrap it all up!

First, you need to find out what their true feelings towards you are so that you know if you should pursue them.

After that, I advise you to just straight-up ask them for their Instagram once you’re positive you two are hitting it off.

You can choose to find their Instagram without consulting them first, but we don’t know how that would sit with them.

That’s it. Good luck!

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