5 realistic methods to find someone from Tinder on Instagram!

To find someone from Tinder on Instagram, first, you need to do thorough research on their Tinder profile.

Building a connection with them will help you a lot to find their preferences which will lead you to dig deeper and find their Instagram profile.

Other than this, through this article, you’ll learn in particular what steps to take and what apps to use to find your Tinder match on Instagram!

1. Check if they have put their Instagram link to their profile and search the details.

A certain percentage of Tinder users leave their Instagram handles on their bio but others don’t do it.

If you click on their Tinder profile and they don’t have their Instagram handle, you can check  

If they transferred their Instagram photos to Tinder when they signed up on this app, you might tell the quality of their photos.

Thus, to find someone’s Instagram on Tinder, take a screenshot of these photos and begin to search.

Don’t stress, this method requires less time and effort and it’s free.

  • Go to Google Images.
  • When you click on there you can see these options To Upload The Image or to Paste the Image Link.
  • After you upload or paste the image link, you can search for that Image.

If that Image is used as their Facebook or Instagram pic and they have a public profile, you will be able to find their socials.

As an alternative, you can also use Reversee. You might as well find something there!

2. To find someone from Tinder on Instagram you can search for their name or username on Google.

Before immediately jumping on third-party apps to find a person’s Instagram from Tinder, you might want to use a free and trusted source!

Google and Bing are what I use in such cases. Both these search engines show you different results, increasing the odds of finding this person’s Instagram profile!

  • Open Bing or Google and search for any information you’ve got on this person.
  • If you know their name and surname, that’s even better! Their college? Go ahead and add their name next to their college on the search bar!
  • Another super helpful thing to do is to search site:instagram.com name on Google.
  • For example, if this person’s name is Sam Cliff, you can search site:instagram.com sam cliff

You can also simply search their name and last name and add Instagram to it, for example, “ Sam Cliff Instagram”.

3. To find someone’s Instagram through Tinder, you can use third-party apps too.

Analyze their profile in detail

To find someone from Tinder on Instagram, you should analyze their profile and pay attention to every detail on that page.

I would recommend you to do so because later you will use that information to do a search using third-party apps.

  • Thus, if they have a certain username on Tinder and they give you another name, you can use it to search them on Social Catfish.
  • All you need to do is, to enter their name, select the country they live, their address, their username, or even their photo and just click search.
  • It will take some minutes for Social Catfish to finish the results and you’ll get them in your email.

Unfortunately, Social Catfish isn’t free so to use it (e.g for 5 days), you should pay $5.73!

Other than Social Catfish, you can also use Spokeo too.

4. To find people’s Instagram on Tinder, learn their preferences and check the followers of those places.

This technique is free but it takes a little bit more time and effort to make it work.

If they mentioned to you that they like to go a lot to Chateau Marmont or Cha Cha Matcha then you might check their pages and check their followers.

On the other hand, if they already told you where they work then you might check their page to see their employees and followers.

What I would recommend doing, in this case, is to follow these pages first and then try to connect with your match.

You might use it as a reason to talk to them. E.g. “Omg, I can’t believe that you like Cha Cha Matcha too. I started following them for a while and went there. Nice place.”

5. To find someone’s Instagram off Tinder, search their phone number.

If you’ve been talking to them for a while and you got their number, you can easily find them on Instagram.

  •  Save their number on your contacts, then open Instagram.
  • Go to your Instagram profile, then at the right side of your profile, you can see that there is an option called Discover People.
Go to your profile, then at the right side of your profile, you can see that there is an option called Discover People.
  • Then you need to click on the button See All.
Then you need to click on the button See All.

When you click on the button See All, you can now see two options:

  • Get Facebook Suggestions;
  • Connect Contacts;
  • Then you click on Connect Contacts. Now, Instagram asks you to have access to your contacts.
Then you click on Connect Contacts. Now, Instagram asks you to have access to your contacts.
  • Then click OK and Continue. The contacts’ Instagram profiles will immediately appear on your Instagram.
Then press Ok and Continue. The contacts’ Instagram profiles will immediately appear on your Instagram.

Yet, sometimes, when you click Continue it might not connect your Contacts with Instagram.

But, to fix this problem on your phone go to Settings > Instagram> Contacts > On.

6. To get someone’s Instagram from Tinder, you should share your Instagram username and ask for theirs.

The last thing that you can try to find someone from Tinder on Instagram is by sharing yours first.

You need to make them feel comfortable and let them know why you want to share your Instagram.

  • “I enjoyed talking to you on Tinder and if you feel the same, I would like to connect on Instagram if that’s okay with you. You can find me as @jamessmith06.”

By making the move first and being straightforward, you will build trust and allow them the space to share their Instagram with you as well. 

It’s better than just finding their username and following them or trying to chat with them without their permission.

Should I message someone I matched on Tinder with on Instagram?

Should I message someone I matched on Tinder with on Instagram

You should message someone you matched on Tinder with on Instagram after you have got to know one another a bit. Not right away though!

Because if you immediately add them on Instagram without talking on Tinder, it might look like you’re violating their privacy.

In other words, you can paint yourself as a creep to this person.

Someone doesn’t want to move that fast and give you their social media.

Thus, before messaging your match on Instagram, try to message them on Tinder first and build a deeper connection.

– Build a connection on Tinder, ask questions, and let them get a glimpse of your life.

To get someone’s Instagram from Tinder, you need to go easy and follow a few steps.

If you enjoy conversation with them on Tinder then you might ask them if you want to move the conversation to other apps.

If they enjoyed your conversation and want to continue talking to you and be more intimate, they will share their socials or their number.

– To find someone’s Instagram on Tinder, check how they feel toward you.

Even if you talk constantly on Tinder, it might not always mean that they are feeling the same way as you.

They might have been talking to you out of boredom or just to gain experience in online dating.

There’s no need to be pessimistic but it’s better to respect their wishes and decisions too before finding their Instagram profile

It depends on people but most of them don’t like to share their socials after matching.

They want to get to know you before being more intimate.

– If they have an Instagram handle on their bio then you should try and chat with them there.

Sometimes, when people leave their Instagram handle on their Tinder bio, they want to get to connect on other platforms too.

Yet, be careful because sometimes people are putting their Instagram profile on Tinder just to gain more followers on Insta.

Thus, when you notice that your match has its Instagram profile written on its Tinder bio, try to talk about it without being too obvious.

You might say, “I don’t know about you but it seems like Instagram has been putting some lame updates lately?”

Then you might continue the conversation and ask if you can share your Insta profiles.

– If you contact them on Instagram, try to use short and subtle open lines.

If your match agrees to give their Insta to you then try to not bomb them with a lot of questions.

Also, do not write them constantly. Try to like their pictures here and there and interact with their stories.

Let them see another side of you. Let them see your personality outside of Tinder.

What is Tindstagramming and should you use it?

Tindstagraming is called when someone immediately connects on Instagram after not matching with someone on Tinder.

They try to connect with them even if they didn’t express the desire to match or talk outside of Tinder.

Most people want to get to know one another on Tinder before talking or connecting on other apps. But, not all Tinder users have the same preferences.

Thus, even if you find their Instagram profile, make sure to talk to them priorly on Tinder before creeping them out on Instagram.

Respect their boundaries and even if they don’t want to connect with you on Instagram respect their choice!

To define it all: How to find an Instagram account from Tinder?

To find people’s Instagram from Tinder, you need to use every little detail that you see on their bio and search on the web.

If you don’t find any good results then you should try some other methods.

Start by searching for their phone number on Instagram (if you already have their number).

If you don’t have their contacts and their Tinder bio is empty then you can use the only way you have, their Tinder profile pic.

You can do the Google reverse image search or you can use a third-party app such as SocialCatfish to gain more detailed results.

Remember, sometimes their Tinder profile can be hidden or their Instagram profile is private and their username is complicated.

But, never give up. Use the methods mentioned above so you can easily find your match’s Instagram profile and connect with them.

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