How to use Social Catfish for free?

If you’re afraid of being scammed romantically and want to date safely, but you don’t know if Social Catfish is free, you’re on the right side of the internet.

To be frank, you can have access to limited features and information if you use an unpaid version of Social Catfish.

One of the services you can use for free is doing a reverse image search and checking how many similar profiles you may find.

Yet, you cannot have full access to the images without paying.

If you’re curious to know more about the free and paid services of Social Catfish, please keep scrolling down:

1. The free version of Social Catfish.

The free version of Social Catfish.

There is no free version of Social Catfish that offers you unlimited search and excessive information.

Yet, still, you can get a glimpse of your online date if you’re doing a background check.

What is the free version and how do you use it?

  • For free you can do a Reverse Image Search and get limited information on how many pictures or profiles.
  • You can see how many other profiles or matches are similar to that photo that you have uploaded but without paying, you won’t be able to see the photos.
  • With the free version of Social Catfish, you can search for a username or their name and surname and then click search.
  • You’ll get access to information like their gender, age, possible location, the language they speak, possible associates and family members.

Despite this, for free Social Catfish offers helpful content and material to define a catfish and protect yourself from one.

Social Catfish offers free YouTube videos, articles, and TikTok videos where you can get more informed about catfishing in online dating.

2. The paid version of Social Catfish.

If you use the paid version of Social Catfish then you can receive detailed information.

E.g. If you want to do a username search, you don’t get only details like their age or location. 

  • You get detailed and accurate results of their dating apps, social media, personal relationships, and criminal records.
  • Other than this, what makes the paid version of Social Catfish outstanding is the extra information regarding IP and location that they can offer.
  • Also, the full rapport includes job information, full address history, online connections, and forgotten profiles.

It takes o few minutes so this app can gather the needed information.

Thus, they will request your email to receive the results, but first, you need to make your payment and choose if you want to pay via Paypal or with your Card.

Social Catfish’s subscriptions are explained in detail!

Social Catfish’s subscriptions are explained in detail!

Social Catfish has offered three different plans of membership.

~The first one is Unlimited Social Search. 

  • Through this type of membership, you can make an unlimited search of names, emails, and phone numbers.
  • Despite this, if you pay for Unlimited Social Search, this app will make sure to keep a history of your searches to make the research process easier for you.
  • The last benefit this type of subscription offers is access to the support group on Facebook.

To use this kind of subscription for three days, you need to pay $5.73.

Hence, if you want to use it for one month then you need to pay $28.94.

~The second one is Unlimited Image Search.

If you have chosen to pay for Unlimited Image Search then you can only research a reversed Image.

Other than this, you can have access to other benefits as mentioned before.

These benefits are keeping the history of your searches and becoming a member of their Facebook support group.

If you want to use this service for three days then you need to pay $6.87 but if  you want to use it for a month then you should pay $28.97.

If you’re using Social Catfish for the first time then don’t worry. 

Here is a tutorial on how to do a reverse image search on SocialCatfish by SwindlerBuster:

~The third one is to Hire A Search Specialist.

To find a catfish or to catch a cheater, you need extra help. Thus, you don’t need digital help only but you need human help and empathy too.

This third option or subscription is something different and that makes Social Catfish reliable and unique.

You can hire a specialist who will help you to investigate whatever you’ve been chasing or dealing with.

  • The benefits that this type of subscription offers are a more thorough investigation and information.
  • The way of getting the information is the same as with using other types of memberships.
  • You provide them with any type of information such as the phone number, address, name, or surname of the person you’re investigating.

To hire a Search Specialist, you need to pay a fee which is around $397 and this sum includes a one-time service.

How reliable is SocialCatfish? Why you should or shouldn’t use Social Catfish?

How reliable is SocialCatfish Why you should or shouldn’t use Social Catfish

I have started using Social Catfish out of curiosity and the first thing I tried was to search for myself so I could make sure the results are accurate.

In my case, the results were accurate and I got my answer.

But, there might be some cases where you won’t get the results or the answer that you want but that depends on what you search and the privacy of the other person.

You can also download the app or check the reviews that are given by people who used it and make your decision.

~You might not have a very good experience in this case.

If they are careful what they put on the internet and all their accounts are very private, it’s hard to have access to their profile.

So, if they are using Tinder or Bumble but they are using the invisible mode then even Social Catfish might not find their profile.

In this case, you won’t get the results you wanted but this doesn’t mean that the Social Catfish isn’t reliable.

If this doesn’t work, you can try Social Catfish free alternatives to find their hidden dating apps.

In this case, you can try to enter their reversed email address on Epieos or you can try to sign in on those dating apps with their email.

If they are already on Tinder for example, and you enter their email, they will get an email when you click on Forgot My Password.

Now, I would advise you to click on this video and check the steps you need to take in this case.

Is there any Social Catfish free alternative?

Yes, there are Social Catfish alternatives but my advice is that you need to combine a few good alternatives to get the wanted results.

You might have noticed or heard that Social Catfish offers a variety of information and offers the chance to make different types of searches.

You can enter their name, phone number, email address, and so on.

Here are three quick and free alternatives where you can get slightly similar information as when you’re using Social Catfish.

  • Google Lens where you can upload an image you’re looking for.
  • Another Social Catfish free alternative is Court Search.
  • Social Searcher, Spokeo, Beenverified, CoCoFinder, Truthfinder

Lastly, you can decide which one you’ll use to get the results that you are presuming.

The Conclusion: Is Social Catfish free and legit?

Yes, to some extent Social Catfish is free.

The free version allows you to just search their name, username, and if there are similar profiles or photos to the one you upload.

Thus, the free version of Social Catfish might allow you to get a scoop on who someone is in reality or what have they been doing behind your back.

The paid version allows you to get more detailed information such as their last relationship, job position, or criminal record.

In general, we would recommend using this app or website if you’ve just started online dating or want to date exclusively with someone you met online.

In the end, you should choose and reflect if this app can help and fit your situation.

All the best!

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