Best 8 ways to track your boyfriend’s location secretly: free vs. paid!

It’s very hard to keep tabs on a partner’s whereabouts all the time, but don’t you think it would make exposing cheaters easier?

Locations are rather sensitive information, though, so knowing your boyfriend’s location for free must be tough…right?

For this very reason, I have gathered the most useful and practical (free) tips to help you keep track of your boyfriend’s location:

Is there a way to track a partner’s phone location for free?

Of course! I’m sure you already know that, as with many other things, you can pay to achieve the desired results (spying apps, for example).

However, they tend to be costly, risky, or even illegal in some countries.

And if we think about it, trying out free methods will decrease the risk factor; if one of them happens to not work, we won’t have made a rash investment.

Catching a cheater on a budget — these are the free alternatives for tracking your boyfriend’s location:

1. Share his location on your phone using the Find My app on iPhone.

Share his location on your phone using the Find My app on iPhone

This is a great trick to catch cheaters on iPhone: go to the Find My app, the People tab, and click on the plus sign.

Select Share My Location, enter your contact name or phone number, and choose Send.

You can choose the option of how long you want to know your boyfriend’s location:

  • One Hour;
  • Until End of Day, and;
  • Share Indefinitely.

I recommend sharing his location until the end of the day if you’re sure he’s ready to cheat on one specific day (this also lowers the risk of your boyfriend finding out).

However, keep in mind that he might notice if he simply opens the Find My app!

2. See your boyfriend’s location on Android with Google Maps if he uses it.

See your boyfriend’s location on Android with Google Maps if he uses it

For this method, both you and your partner need to be using Google Maps!

  • You also need physical access to your partner’s phone to follow the steps and delete any notifications.

On your phone, go to Google Maps (install the app and make an account if you don’t have one), and click on your profile picture.

Tap on your boyfriend’s contact, and click on Request; then grab his phone to accept the request, and you’re good to go—you will now be updated on his location.

But just like the method above, you run the risk of your boyfriend finding out.

Can I track his location without him knowing?

If we share a partner’s location with us or inspect their phone, we’re at risk of being found out—which begs the question:

“Can I track my boyfriend’s location without him knowing?”

The answer is…yes! But the only way is to use spying apps, which may cost you a buck or two!

Other than his location, you’ll see his text messages, media files, social media activity, and browsing history in real-time.

  • The installation and set-up are fairly easy—the trickiest part is getting your partner’s phone and installing the spying app after making an account and choosing a subscription.

Once that is done, you only need to follow the instructions.

These are 5 practical examples of apps you can use to find out if your boyfriend is cheating:

  • 1. Eyezy, which costs $27.99 for 3 months;
  • 2. iKeyMonitor, depending on the plan you pick, it will cost $10-$16.66 per month.
  • 3. ClevGuard with a 3-month plan costing $19.99.
  • 4. FlexiSPY, which starts at $29.95/mo.
  • 5. Mspy, which you can purchase for $27.99 for 3 months.

5 ways to track your boyfriend’s phone activity without being found out — Do it undercover!

I find it very common for people to ask this—after all, 40% of unmarried couples experience cheating, according to Smith Investigation Agency.

Phone affairs are among the most popular forms of cheating (this includes dating site usage, sexting another person, and the list goes on).

Read his text messages, see if he’s using dating sites, and find out if he’s cheating! These are the 5 ways to secretly track your boyfriend’s phone for free:

1. Link your boyfriend’s phone number to your iPhone.

Link your boyfriend’s phone number to your iPhone

Go to your iPhone’s Settings and tap on your Apple ID; go to Name, Phone Numbers, and Email, and edit your Reachable at info.

Click on Add Email or Phone Number, select Add a Phone Number, and write down your boyfriend’s phone number.

Click on Next and type the confirmation code sent to his phone (delete it from his Notification Center after you’re done).

If he’s talking to other women, you will now receive all of the text messages he sends and receives on his iPhone.

2. Check his phone entirely, including apps and media files.

Check his phone entirely! Including apps and media files

There isn’t a better way to check what your boyfriend is doing on his phone for free than thoroughly investigating it.

First start with checking all of the apps on his phone—go to his App Library in Settings in case your boyfriend is hiding any dating apps.

If not, check his social media apps (Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook) for any incriminating messages!

After that, I recommend checking his gallery and emails.

Most forms of cheating are initiated and maintained with the help of mobile phones—since they’re fast and secure, your boyfriend could be cheating on his phone.

You don’t need me telling you checking his phone is wrong, though! You already know how people who do this are viewed in the dating world.

Please, proceed with caution.

3. View your boyfriend’s browsing history (if it’s still there) on his phone and PC.

View your boyfriend’s browsing history (if it’s still there) on his phone and PC

A pretty obvious one, and probably our initial thought: check his phone’s browsing history.

Go to his browser’s Settings on his phone or PC—on Microsoft Edge, for instance, go to the triple-dot Menu at the top and click on History.

If you see his social media activity still there, click the tabs as you might gain access to his social media accounts; if you see an empty browsing history, it is a sign he’s cheating.

4. Check his battery usage on Android and iOS.

Check his battery usage on Android and iOS

If you want to see what apps he uses the most, say dating ones, you can see that information in his Settings.

Grab his phone, go to Battery, and look for the Battery Usage options.

See which apps he predominantly uses on his phone and for how long; doing this might sound pointless, but ask yourself:

“Is that a suspicious amount of time?”

  • For example, if you see that he spends most of his time on Instagram, but he doesn’t respond to your text messages or has his activity status disabled, then yeah, that is very suspicious.

This is a sign that he’s talking to somebody else on Instagram (and other social media platforms).

5. Access his info in the “Password Manager” feature on Google.

Access his info in the “Password Manager” feature on Google

Google has a feature called Password Manager which allows us to save sites, passwords, and log-in info for easier access.

And if your partner uses that feature, it’s a win-win situation:

On his phone or PC, go to his browser’s Settings (e.g. Google) and click on Autofill and Passwords—there you’ll see all his saved sites and passwords.

See if there are any dating sites that you don’t approve of; look for social platforms as well and access them once you have their passwords (this is how you can find out who he’s talking to on social media apps).

Which methods are best for tracking your boyfriend’s location without him knowing?

Okay, so we have secret location-sharing (free) and spying apps (paid)—which one truly lets you see your boyfriend’s location without him knowing?

Let me lay out some pros & cons and you decide!

Paid vs. freeProsCons

1. Spying apps (paid)
– Undetectable
– Plenty of features
– Real-time updates
– Useful in catching cheaters
– Fairly easy and quick to set up
– Great deals
– Not free
– Requires physical access to your boyfriend’s phone

2. Location-sharing (free)
– Free to use
– Easy to do
– The time in which the location is being shared can be set up accordingly (1 hour, 1 day, etc.)
– Easy to detect
– Requires physical access to your boyfriend’s phone
– Shows only location

After calculating everything, spying apps are a bit more useful in catching your boyfriend cheating on his phone.

On top of location, you’ll also see who he messages and what he searches for online—this being said, if you consider the pay-to-use factor a dealbreaker, go with location-sharing.

Although it’s a bit more on the riskier side, you can specify the time in which you have access to your partner’s location.

When should I start worrying about my boyfriend cheating on his phone?

The start-point of such concerns, for most people, is a partner’s weird behavior.

  • A partner who lies, is secretive, spends too much time on his phone, stops spending time with you, and isn’t affectionate.

If your boyfriend is giving you a reason to doubt him, then checking his phone activity might be of help (it should contain enough evidence).

Maybe spying on his phone might not be the best idea as it might break your boyfriend’s trust; for any baseless worries, prioritize communicating with him.

What does the desire to spy on a significant other’s phone mean?

At the end of the day, monitoring a partner’s phone is pricey and difficult, but with the many methods I’ve provided, you are sure to find your solution.

Even so, I can’t help but mention that the need to spy on a partner’s electronics indicates an issue present in the relationship.

It means that you don’t trust your partner, or rather, your partner is making you feel paranoid with something they are doing.

I recommend thinking of a (healthy) method to fix this predicament!

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