How to Spot a Tinder Catfish? Experts show you the easiest and fastest way!

Are you eager to try Tinder dating but you’re afraid of getting catfished?

No worries, because it’s pretty normal to be skeptical while online dating and to spot a Tinder Catfish isn’t always easy.

Their photos, profile, and interaction might be the best but when you meet their personality, they match with their online personality.

To get a better grip on this situation, here are 10 crucial signs/ways to spot a Tinder Catfish:

1. A Tinder catfish asks you to move the conversation to other apps right off the bat.

A Tinder Catfish asks to switch to other platforms immediately

One of the most obvious signs that help you to spot a Tinder catfish is the way they want to interact on other platforms without chatting much on Tinder.

There’s nothing wrong with switching up to other platforms but if that happens immediately when you just match, that’s odd.

You can sense that they will put tons of pressure to switch the conversation to different platforms.

If you’re not ready to do that and refuse to do so, they will trick you into thinking that you’re the problem.

Take a careful look at what they say after you refuse to do so.

They might be passive-aggressive and play the victim mentality. If you notice this, step back and draw the line.

2. They find excuses and talk to you on the phone based only on their schedule.

If you have seen the movie “Love Hard” on Netflix, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The character named Josh calls Natalie only during the nighttime.

He was a smart guy and has studied every action that a catfish does.

Thus, if it happens that you sense that their profile is good to be true, ask for a video call.

I’m not implying that you should judge them but if they refuse to video call or Facetime constantly, they might be catfishing.

3. They have no more than a few body photos.

Their Tinder photos are only about their body pics or those pics aren’t clear enough.

To be more clear, their Tinder profile consists only of far-away photos or unrealistic body pics.

Thus, online dating has created many unrealistic expectations.

To prevent disappointment and catfishing, you should ask them to send you any type of photos that claim that they’re real.

For example: To avoid asking creepy questions, you can say right now I am drinking iced coffee, and take a selfie with it.

Then you might ask them to do the same thing with what they’re drinking or eating.

It’s more practical and less creepy.

4. They ignore the questions that you make or choose to answer something completely different.

To spot a Tinder catfish, you should pay attention to the information they give and how they react to your questions.

If they become immediately defensive, contradictory, or twist the conversation, then they’re lying about who they’re.

  • For example: If you ask them if it looks very sunny in your photos, do you live constantly in Florida?

They might share a story that you can’t follow up on, where they leave out important details such as which side of Florida they live, and so on.

To spot a Tinder Catfish, in this situation, you should be well-informed regarding Florida or any place that they live so they can’t fool you.

If you have been talking for a while and never met but you don’t feel like going further, you can decide to end the relationship.

5. They seem extra adventurous and living on the edge.

Spotting a catfish on Tinder takes time and effort. This depends on how good they are at lying and manipulating.

Hence, you should always keep your eyes open for the first online dating red flags.

When I say that you should be cautious when it comes to interacting with the alpha man or woman who seems way too adventurous, people might take it wrong.

But, what I mean is that if a person seems to have every aspect of their life on the line and is the richest person on earth, take a step back.

  • Don’t immediately agree to do crazy things with them. 

Remember the story of Tinder Swindler when Simon asked one of his dates to go on a trip with his private jet hours after meeting her?

She agreed to do it for the plot but then this caused her to lose way too much money and get her heartbroken.

She didn’t even have enough proof to sue him because he was a pro at catfishing and not getting caught.

6. They don’t like to send pictures when you ask them.

They don’t like to send pictures when you ask them

Before spotting a catfish on Tinder, try to reflect on different aspects of someone’s personality.

Sometimes, some people don’t feel comfortable sharing their pictures with a stranger on Tinder.

Or, on the other hand, some people ask for nudes and send nudes immediately after matching with you on Tinder.

But, you’re like, how can I spot a Tinder catfish then?

You can do it by taking it slowly.

  • Try to create a bond with them.
  • Connect with them emotionally.
  • Then you can send a random pic of you and ask them to do the same.

You don’t need to invest too much time in their conversations if you feel like you’re wasting time.

7. They insist on getting certain personal information.

Sometimes, to spot a Tinder catfish, you’ll only need to check how they interact with you.

If they are constantly interested in asking personal questions such as your address, salary, bank details, and social media then they might be a catfish.

Sometimes, they might not be so direct with their questions and might find other ways to manipulate you and get the needed information.

Not a long time passes, and they ask for your address to send you “a gift”. They do this just to learn where you live and use it as a tool of manipulation.

The ones who start to proceed with things fast on dating sites are also married men who chose to cheat using Tinder.

Besides, notice how they interact with you. Have they started love-bombing you way too early or were they way too invested in you?

If yes then try to disconnect from them and set your boundaries.

8. They don’t have a bio or their bio has odd information.

The profiles that don’t have a bio or any type of information on their Tinder profile might be bots or catfishers.

They might have their Instagram linked but their Instagram has very few followers and there are no photos.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the Tinder profiles who don’t have a bio are catfishes.

Hence, you notice that their photo might be professionally done but their bio doesn’t match their photos.

This means they have photos as a professor in one of the top universities but their bio has many grammatical mistakes.

9. Check if their Tinder has a blue check.

Look for details in their profile. Look for the blue check on Tinder.

The profiles that have the blue check on Tinder are the profiles of the people who have been photo-verified on Tinder.

This feature was added by Tinder to make the community safer and to know more about who you’re interacting with.

Yet, one cannot say that it’s impossible for someone with a blue check to be a catfish.

Their photos might be alright, and they might look like in their photos but they might catfish you with their personality.

They might not know that much about a certain topic or they might not be as funny as they were online.

10. Something about their story slips and things don’t add up.

Every time that you ask about what they do or what they did in the past, the answer changes.

Their answer slightly changes and there is a lack of reliable information.

For example: If they said that they have a car business and you start asking how they build up their business, they will give you an uncertain answer.

Every time that you ask, they might change the details.

Thus, it’s better to ask more questions while you talk on Tinder and ask their phone number before meeting.

If you notice something suspicious, you’ll cut them off.

How prevalent is catfishing on Tinder?

According to statistics, catfishing in general is quite prevalent.

It is estimated that $547 million was given to scammers who catfished people online through dating.

Even though Tinder uses Image recognition, account verification, and other methods to prevent catfishing, it doesn’t seem to be enough to stop catfishing.

The catfish will find a way to lie and manipulate and get their way around the app despite the precautions.

As soon as people started to use the internet there was always the tendency to fool others online.

Many people find it as a form of escapism or want to gain something from you.

Thus, catfishing is evident on Tinder too but if you notice any fake profile on this app, try to report it.

What to do to avoid being catfished on Tinder (or any other dating app)?

As soon as you start talking with someone on Tinder, you need to ask many questions about them and their life.

To conduct decent dating profile search, you need to go through their background.

  • Check if their stories lack consistency or if they’re highly exaggerated to the point where they don’t feel real.
  • Verify their identity by doing a background check on them.

    You can search for them on SocialCatfish or you can use Google Search Image to search their image.
  • Know how to be open with them but not share too much personal information.
  • Avoid telling them about your home address, your work address, your bank information, or any other personal detail.
  • Require to talk with them on the phone before you meet up
  • If you doubt that they’re catfishing you, try to have the first date in an open and public area.

According to the YouTuber and mentor TodddV when you speak on the phone with someone there’s a certain mannerism when you can notice whether their personality is real or not.

If you ever get catfished on Tinder what should your next move be?

If you ever get catfished you should recollect yourself and ask for help.

The main thing is to ask for help immediately, especially if that experience hurt your emotional, mental, physical, or financial state.

  • Cut contact with them;
  • Take screenshots of conversations and/or transactions so that you have evidence if you file for this person;
  • If they have your address, ask for the police’s help;
  • Report their profile on Tinder;
  • If needed, change your personal information, such as phone number or address;
  • Learn more about online dating red flags and how to date safely.

Taking everything into account: How to spot a catfish on Tinder?

To spot a catfish on Tinder, you just need to carefully observe their profile and how they interact with you.

Mostly, you should take things one step at a time. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and try to define their dating intentions.

In general, you’ll notice that Tinder Catfish has manipulative behavior, no matter how subtle and welcoming it might seem.

You will feel uncertain and you’ll feel it in your gut that they’re so good to be true or there are some details about them that you find odd.

So, online dating can be a scary journey but you should always be cautious and get more information about safe online dating.

Good luck and be safe out there!

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