12 main signs she’s cheating over text: From a woman’s insight!

The signs that she’s cheating over text can be quite confusing but what can help you define the situation is reflecting on her consistency.

If she is constantly distracted using her phone, not giving you the right attention, and not being physical with you, she’s likely up to something suspicious.

Keep in mind that many of these signs might look like she has lost interest in you and nothing more.

Hence, these signs are related a lot to cheating and are very ambiguous.

So here are 12 signs to clear the smoke:

1. She is doing a lot of late-night texting.

She is doing a lot of late-night texting

If she is cheating on you over text, she will stay up late texting and gets random texts past 12.

Usually, the guys that women cheat on aren’t looking for something serious, and they only communicate late at night.

A booty call is their specialty and that particular guy will send her erotic and kinky text messages to quench his desires. 

You’ll notice that she’ll have some difficulties standing still, she will giggle and even blush.

She might even get away with it by telling multiple other lies. 

According to Dr. Pscual-Ezama, lying and cheating are embodied in someone since childhood and are carried throughout one’s childhood.

2. She changes the way she communicates with you over text.

Cheating is quietly interlinked with loss of interest.

And if she starts to be inferior to you and more invested in her phone then you should start to worry.

The texts that she sends to you are dry and short, and the tone is cold.

You will notice that with others she uses more welcoming language.

Despite this, you’ll notice the pattern of the text that she will use more explicit emojis with others that she doesn’t use with you.

3. She gets multiple texts all the time.

She gets multiple texts all the time

Her phone is blowing up with text messages and she is getting very pressured to interact with these texts.

You can notice that she gets tense whenever she receives these types of texts.

At this moment you can ask her a few questions just to make sure that nothing is going on.

  • On the other hand, she might turn the phone upside down when she gets these types of texts or she will not answer them right away.
  • You’ll notice that she might even do something out of her character just to distract you from this situation.
  • She might ask you suddenly to plan a date or go somewhere or ask you to dance there. It can be anything.

4. She is very anxious when you get to use her phone.

If you grab her phone to use it then she will be pretty mad, yell or be very anxious.

She will stop showing you things on her phone and even when she has to show you something, she is very anxious.

She might be worried that she will get a sudden notification from them and she gets frustrated if you keep her phone for a longer period.

To erase all your doubts, you need to check if she constantly gets her phone everywhere she goes.

Which means that she doesn’t leave it never unattended. If she does this then she might be cheating over text.

5. She smiles and giggles a lot when she gets a text message.

If she is heating over text and didn’t meet this person that means that she’s in that phase where she is emotionally connecting with him.

Thus, she will feel all flirty and over the moon when she receives a text from him.

She might get those freaky text messages and might act all excited.

If you ask her any type of question or what she is laughing at then she will just drop a random name or ignore your question.

In this case, you might subtly ask to see it because that laugh or the wide smile of hers made you wonder what’s that funny.

6. She encrypts her text messages or uses a new password for her phone and apps.

One of the signs that she’s cheating you over text is when she suddenly decides to use a new password for her phone or encrypts her text messages.

Also, if she is an iPhone user then she might use the option to blur her messages so you cannot see them even if they’re there.

I suggest you do not grab her phone when she’s not looking or using spying apps to track her phone.

Instead, you can ask for her phone when she might be using it or not and just ask to send a text from her phone.

If she tries to delete anything on her phone or refuses to give you the phone then this could be a sign that she is cheating over text.

7. Her text messages box is always empty.

She constantly deletes her text messages.

If you suddenly use her phone and want to send a text message, you will notice that she doesn’t have any text messages saved.

She doesn’t have even a random text message from you or any other family member.

I’m not implying that deleting messages is a weird thing because someone might delete them even when they’re not cheating.

Yet, what I want to imply is that if she’s been the type to keep her messages and all of a sudden started deleting them, there is room for suspicion.

8. You notice a contact that is saved two times differently.

To know if your girlfriend is cheating on you over text, you need to get a sneak peek of her contacts.

If she is talking to someone else and you’re not being paranoid, you’ll come across a weird contact that will catch your eye.

A cheater will save her lover’s name as her cousin, hairdresser, nail tech, or something like this.

  • Check these names on her text messages and see what type of conversations they might be having.
  • If you don’t find anything, you can ask her and say “Hey, I thought that you mentioned cousin Tom yesterday. Does he want to come here to NYC?”

9. She seems distracted whenever you talk and is constantly peeking at her phone.

A cheater can be quite good at hiding their feelings and emotions but sometimes the anxiety that they go through cannot be hidden.

They’re anxious for a couple of reasons.

Let me tell you when I dealt with a cheater. Just like any woman, he as a man was anxious because was afraid I would find out and was overwhelmed.

He was overwhelmed because he was experiencing these things with this woman.

So whenever we were talking about our relationship, his mind was wandering.

He was thinking about her and romanticizing their moments while hoping she would text.

10. She is using hidden apps.

To tell if your girlfriend is cheating over text, you need to know whether she is using hidden apps to text such as Telegram and Signal.

If she wants to hide it from you then she won’t only text through iMessages.

She can hide these apps in her phone in different folders and not leave them on display.

Thus, to know whether she is texting someone else secretly, you need to play a little game.

Because looking at her phone while she’s not there will break her trust and things might get worse.

  • Thus, start randomly to ask questions about these apps and check if she has knowledge about them.
  • Know that this might not give you straight and fast results because she can pretend like she doesn’t know a thing about these apps.

11. She is more active on social media and the number of followers increases.

When you get that gut feeling that your girlfriend is cheating over text but you have no proof, take a look at her social media.

If she does a total makeover to it and random people that you don’t know are following her now, then she might be cheating.

Because these might be the people that she’s texting with behind your back.

When she is cheating it doesn’t always mean that she is unavailable for you.

She might be cheating over text even when she’s not around you and she makes a certain plan with her other lover.

12. She always texts the same person over and over again.

She always texts the same person over and over again

iMessages can be a great factor to know if your girlfriend is cheating over text.

Go to Imessage and on the search bar write a letter.

If you doubt someone that you know then you can write their first letter and even if the conversations are deleted, you’ll be able to check how often they have communicated.

Even though the conversations are deleted, you can see their name and the dates when they communicated with one another.

If she constantly texts him then you can take it as proof and investigate it even more.

Other red flags that are correlated with cheating over text that you should keep an eye on!

What complements cheating over text are other signs of cheating.

Thus, to complete the picture and get evidence and not just be paranoid, you need to reflect on her behavior too.

  • If she has been having less sex with you and feels more disconnected from you emotionally and gets late-night texts, this might be a sign of cheating.
  • She requires more space and suddenly becomes more mysterious when you want to hang out together or plan a date.
  • She stops telling you who she’s hanging out and you see her friends a lot less.
  • She might be very secretive on social media and you’ll notice that she is barely posting or she posts only certain things different than before.
  • She becomes unavailable and engages less in your relationship.

It is understandable when one of you cannot commit once to a plan that you made.

Yet, if she makes constant changes and bails you at the last minute then she might be cheating or developing an interest for someone else.

In the end: How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating over text?

To tell if your girlfriend is cheating over text you need to reflect also on her interaction with you.

You cannot define cheating over text just by seeing her smile or laugh at her texts.

But, what you can do is keep track of her behavior in general and communicate with her.

It doesn’t mean that she will admit it even if she is cheating on you.

Yet, you should let her know about your boundaries and ask for the help of a professional so they can help you to pin down her behavior.

Good luck.

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