21 telling signs he’s seeing someone else!

An unloyal partner will continue to drop hints during the term of their affairs—all we need to know is what to look out for!

It’s nearly impossible for a person to act normally while knowing they’re ultimately disrespecting their significant other.

Whether they’re aware of it or not, their body language and behavior will shift, gradually exposing their true nature.

Your partner may have already started letting on by mistake—observe him closely, and see if he does these things:

1. He has turned into a very secretive person.

He has turned into a very secretive person.

If your partner has started being low-key in more ways than one, he could be seeing someone else!

  • He doesn’t give you his phone;
  • He doesn’t tell you who he communicates with;
  • He doesn’t tell you where he was or what he did;
  • He’s extremely vague with details;
  • And he doesn’t bother reassuring you.

Cheaters lean towards a more secretive life as a safety measure—to not risk having their partner find out they’ve been cheating, they stop being as open.

2. You notice he’s been having frequent mood swings!

Mood swings are one of the things I mean when I say that cheaters unknowingly expose their secrets!

If your man is happy one second, and angry the other (and he’s really sensitive with certain topics), he could be cheating.

Constant arguing is a strong indication as well—cheaters find any reason to make themselves feel better about what they’re doing.

3. He’s distant in more ways than physical.

A partner suddenly losing their sex drive is concerning; it’s also a sign they’ve been sleeping with other people!

Aside from physical space, emotional space is also indicative, for instance:

You two no longer have deep, meaningful conversations—you attempt to, but he shuts your attempts down.

He stopped joking, teasing, and flirting with you!

No kisses and hugs; if he no longer says “I love you”  or gives you compliments, then consider that a sign too.

4. It seems like the only thing he’s interested in is sex lately.

This is usually what happens with an emotionally detached, yet sex-driven cheater.

Your partner doing this is the equivalent of him waving a red flag—he smooth-talks you to get in his bed, and after that, he doesn’t care much.

He goes back to being his usual cold, unloving self.

5. Or he feels the need to buy you lavish gifts all the time!

Or he feels the need to buy you lavish gifts all the time

Cheaters are very complex, in a way.

Some completely distance themselves from their s.o., and some overcompensate.

If your partner has suddenly started spoiling you for no reason whatsoever, know that his guilt is pushing him.

Not that his guilt-ridden self makes anything better, but it’ll come in handy knowing how he’s coping with the situation!

6. He lies to you a lot about different things!

It’s difficult to tell if someone’s lying unless you’ve debunked their lies—if you have, do not take his dishonesty lightly!

Unfaithful people need to lie in order not to get found out.

They lie about the places they go to and the things they do, but most importantly, about the people they keep in touch with.

Your partner most commonly makes up excuses:

“ ’m going out with friends, so I won’t be able to pick up the phone!”

“I’ll be working late again tonight, don’t wait for me.”

7. If your partner stops showing you off on social media, he could be seeing someone else.

This includes abruptly stopping it and deleting all previous posts.

By this point, it’s crystal clear—your guy doesn’t want people to know he’s unavailable.

So he thinks removing all evidence of being in a relationship will increase his chances of finding somebody else.

Or maybe he already has found someone else.

8. He may have removed or limited you from his social media!

This is another cue that your s.o. is seeing someone else and being careful so that you and that person don’t meet on social media.

If he’s cheating or looking for the opportunity to cheat, he probably decided it’d be easier if he just unadded or somehow restricted you.

Don’t fall for his excuses! No matter how much he claims it is, it’s not normal to unfriend your partner on social media.

9. But he still spends a big chunk of his time on his phone.

People communicate with their affair partners through text messages—it’s easier and safer that way.

If your partner has been spending the majority of his time talking to someone—more than you—on his phone, he may very well be talking to the one he’s cheating with.

This and the fact that he’s super possessive over his phone makes the picture pretty clear!

10. He stops texting, calling, and generally spending time with you.

He stops texting, calling, and generally spending time with you

To narrow it down, a cheater will stop reaching out.

They won’t call or text back—they will also no longer be excited to spend more time with their significant other.

When people cheat, one of their excuses is that they no longer have feelings for the person they’re in a relationship with, which is directly followed by them not going out of their way to spend more quality time with their partner.

11. He’s getting all dolled up.

People who have affairs will continue taking better care of themselves (appearance and hygiene).

The honeymoon phase of their affair is what makes them want to leave as good of an impression as possible!

It’s going to be a bit harder to notice if your partner always takes care of his appearance, so try to figure out if he’s doing it for you or other people.

Let me give you an example! If he doesn’t try getting all dolled up when going out with you (only other people), then that’s your sign.

12. This one girl and he spend too much time together!

Probably a “girl best friend” or a “co-worker”—whatever his excuse about her is, you’re not comfortable with how often they are together.

They talk and hang out almost every day; even their attitude towards each other is too suspicious.

It’s like they flirt a lot and are so close to each other.

If he’s seeing anyone, this girl would be the #1 suspect!

13. Some days, you don’t hear from him at all.

If he has a habit of being unreachable at times, that’s him being with his affair partner.

You can’t get a hold of him because he either ignores your calls or his cell is turned off—occasionally, you don’t hear from him the whole night.

And even more worrying is if he comes home late at night, after not having answered your calls and text messages!

14. There are new inconsistencies in his schedule!

It seems like his routine changes often—he *says* he does certain stuff, but you’re sure he doesn’t.

For example, he says that he’s been busy with work and nothing else the entire day (but he works fixed hours) and that’s why he didn’t answer the phone.

He says he has been too busy to do anything, but something isn’t adding up.

Another example would be him constantly changing his story about what he was doing the whole day.

Watch out for such inconsistencies! They will lead you to the truth.

15. You haven’t hung out with his family and friends at all for a while.

You haven’t hung out with his family and friends at all for a while

But only because he insists you don’t.

Someone might let the cat out of the bag —even if they were to not say anything, you would still pick up on the stiff, awkward air.

Also, if he’s cheating and his people know about it (or even don’t), would he really have the face to show up to social gatherings with you while being fully aware of the damage he’s causing?

16. He has stopped referring to you as his girlfriend.

Or even worse, he doesn’t refer to you as his girlfriend only in front of specific people (other women).

We all know what this represents: misleading others and making them think he’s single and ready to mingle.

It sounds like your guy doesn’t want to ruin any chances he might have with his so-called “friends”.

17. He is a flirty man!

I don’t know what’s more concerning: a partner being flirty with multiple people, or just one specific person.

Whichever it is, if yours never shies away from flirting with other women, then it wouldn’t be too surprising if he’s being unfaithful.

Flirting with someone who’s not you is cheating in itself—if he says otherwise, keep in mind that he may be trying to manipulate you.

If your doubts are constant, have a look on dating apps. Is he using them? Well, all it takes is a search to find out!

18. If he thinks you’re onto him, two things will happen:

  • He’ll try to distract you from your initial suspicions;
  • He’ll get either mad or anxious!

By “distraction” I mean that whenever you express your concerns, he tries his best to throw you off his tracks—he changes the topic, dismisses you, or insults the other woman.

If he’s not too good under pressure, he might get angry that you’re questioning his loyalty; he might even get anxious because he knows you’re onto him.

Stay alert for any:

  • Blame-shifting;
  • Gaslighting and lies;
  • Unwillingness to answer any questions;
  • Typical, physical signs of guilty people (flushing, worried facial expression, ignoring eye contact, hand-gesturing).

19. Your plans to hang out together are often canceled by him!

I mentioned that cheaters may stop spending as much time with their significant others—because of this, they have a habit of often canceling plans.

Take this as a sign of him potentially seeing another person, especially if he cancels on you too often.

20. He’s seen with other women.

Since it’s a bit too obvious that seeing him with another woman for yourself will make you doubt his loyalty, don’t take other people’s words lightly either!

If people tell you they’ve been seeing him around town with another woman, then they might just be telling the truth.

But be careful! Only trust the people you know are truthful and only have your best interest in mind.

21. He’s reluctant to accept any favors from you.

He’s reluctant to accept any favors from you.

This only happens if your partner is feeling remorseful, otherwise, don’t count on this happening!

If he refuses gifts from you, or kind gestures (such as dates and dinners), he could be doing it because he feels guilty for cheating on you.

Is he already in a relationship with someone else? These 15 signs prove he’s attempting to make you the other woman!

Not a lot of people feel okay with being the third wheel in somebody’s relationship, I mean, why do something to someone that you wouldn’t want happening to you?

Not everybody shares the same principles, though—some people enjoy having options and don’t mind who they hurt in the process.

Even then, cheaters can’t mask their intentions! Here are the signs that the man you’re with is already dating someone else:

  • You have never visited his place: he refuses to bring you home.
  • He refuses to introduce you to his friends.
  • The few friends of his you have met have been awkward around you.
  • He does not give you his social media handles (he might even claim he has none).
  • He doesn’t post or talk about you on social media.
  • His attitude changes entirely when other people are present—if you give him a call and he’s not alone, he’s indifferent.
  • He keeps a lot of secrets about his life, such as what he does for a living, where he studies, where he lives, etc.
  • Most of the time he doesn’t answer your calls and doesn’t text you back.
  • He dreads talking about future plans with you.
  • One specific woman is very close to her, and you suspect that’s his partner.
  • He doesn’t call you his “girlfriend”—not in public, at least.
  • You two only ever get to meet up where he wants to, and when he wants to.
  • After you get done having sex, he usually ghosts you.
  • He unexpectedly bails on you or cancels plans.
  • You usually see him with the same woman.

Is he seeing someone else? Be perceptive, just in case.

Perceptiveness is what helps us bust cheaters—we mustn’t be blind to changes, no matter how subtle.

Cheaters undeniably changing for the sake of their affairs isn’t an exaggeration: this is one of the few factors that will aid us.

If your boyfriend or spouse has suddenly turned into a secretive and distant person (just an example), then that’s a lead.

If these doubts are making their way into your relationship, they need to be explored!

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