POF profile search: 4 main ways to make the process easier!

Aren’t we all searching to find love and find the best match on a dating app?

Unlike Tinder, the dating app Plenty of Fish allows you to search for a profile (without paying for it).

The search feature is available for all types of memberships. BUT you can search by their username only if you have the Premium membership.

Yet, if you want to search for a profile on POF for free, you can use the filters this app offers or use search engines that will give you broad results!

Here are 4 main ways to do a POF profile search:

1. To search a profile on POF you can do it via the Search Feature.

To search a profile on POF can do it via the Search Feature

The dating app Plenty of Fish provides you with the option of searching for profiles on this app without having to pay anything extra.

You need to pay extra (you need to have a Premium Membership) only if you want to search for someone by username.

But, when you’re not searching a profile/person by username, you can do a few searches:

  • Basic Search. While you do the basic search, you will add elements such as your gender, age, intent, education, sign, state, and so on.

Then you click on Go Fishing. After you click on it you will get profiles that are adjusted to your information.

  • Advanced Search. On the advanced search, you can use other filters like your height, your religion, height, weight, if you want children, and so on.

2. Check out the “Meet singles just like you in your city or other cities” option.

Check out the Meet singles just like you in your city or other dates option

To find a POF profile, you can also choose only the location that you are or you’re interested in.

  • You just select one of the locations that is provided to you and you end up stumbling over the profiles that live in that particular location.
  • You can also activate your location.
  • Go to the search bar that is located on the left side of your profile on POF.
  • Under the search bar, you can select the city, zip code, and distance you want to choose.

3. Use third-party dating apps or search engines.

To do a POF profile search, you can also use third-party apps such as Social Catfish or Spokeo.

Third-party apps unlike search engines will give you more detailed results.

  • All you need to do is to go to SocialCatfish.com and write any details regarding them or post a picture of them.
  • You can also write the state they live in and just click on search.
  • You will get results within minutes.

The best of these apps is that you can post a reverse name, email, or photo and you’ll get good results.

Yet, you should know that sometimes third-party apps cannot detect dating hidden profiles.

Because, if a profile on Plenty of Fish makes the images private, you cannot access these specific photos or information.

4. You can also join the Facebook Group called “Plenty of Fish- Online Dating Service”

A final “tool” that might help you to do a POF profile search is to join a private group on Facebook regarding this app.

Just like searching their POF profile on Google or Bing, searching their profile through this group requires more time and effort.

  • All you need to do is to join this group because it’s a private group.
  • Then you can search for their name on this page and check if they posted their POF profile trying to ask for recommendations.

Many people who don’t have a Plenty of Fish profile or already have one, post questions to spice up or structure their profile.

Can someone see if I viewed their profile on POF?

Can someone see if I viewed their POF profile

Yes, they can check who viewed their profile if they have a Premium membership.

The person whom you viewed your profile, can see your name under the section Interested in Me.

If they have already paid membership, they can see the whole list of who has seen their profile on this app.

Still, you can also enable the option so they cannot see who viewed their profile.

  • Click on Edit Profile;
  • Go to Mail Settings;
  • When you click there, you can see a section called Allow A User To See That I Viewed Their Profile.
  • Right there, you should click on option NO,

If this feature is not visible to you, all you need to do is click on the right part of the mouse.

If this feature is not visible to you all you need to do is click on the right part of the mouse
  • Right-click, then click Inspect.
  • The HTML and the Inspection page will open.
  • You down the page where it says Input Name Viewed.
  • Replace the word None to Block and the option No will appear on the Website.

Conclusion: How do I find a specific person on POF?

You can find a specific person on POF with or without signing up on this app.

Start by doing a simple search on Google, Binge, or other search engines.

You can add their name and surname and the name of the app.

If their profile or photos are hidden then it’s a bit more challenging to find their profile.

Yet, to get accurate results you need to become a part of this app, where you can search for free or use the Premium Membership.

Either way, searching for a POF profile isn’t impossible.

Wish you a happy and fruitful search on this app!

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