Plenty of Fish profile search: 5 ways to find someone on the platform.

Going fishing on this platform? What if I were to tell you that Plenty of Fish *actually* enables profile-searching?

Other platforms like Tinder and Bumble, for example, try their hardest not to give people a way to find users’ profiles.

Aside from the indirect ways of finding someone on POF, we can access a search bar that allows us to search by username—we’ll get into this in a bit.

Finding a profile on POF — is it feasible?

On the “finding-dating-app-profiles scale of frustration”, POF profiles would be right there at the bottom when compared to other existing platforms.

If you’re looking for a specific person on Plenty of Fish, whether it be a cheater or a lost profile, then this is for you!

This is what you can do to achieve your goal:

1. Get Plenty of Fish Premium.

Get Plenty of Fish Premium

Like with many other dating platforms, Plenty of Fish also rolled out subscriptions a while back: POF Plus and POF Premium.

One of POF Premium’s perks is Username Search. Yes, you heard it. Username searching on a dating app.

With POF Premium, you’ll get the Username option in Search and this is where you’ll need to write the username of that person (if you know it).

But this, of course, isn’t free.

A Plenty of Fish subscription costs $20 a month if you go with the 3-month plan. You can also choose the 6-month or 12-month plans for $15/mo and $10/mo respectively.

2. Sign up for a Plenty of Fish account and join the platform.

Sign up for a Plenty of Fish account and join the platform.

To make the most out of this dating app’s search feature, you need to make an account first, either through the POF app or website.

Press on Sign up and carry on with entering your email and phone number.

I recommend you use a fake name if you want to find your partner on Plenty of Fish; if not, it’s your call what name you want to pick.

After that, you want your Dating Preferences to resemble the person you’re looking for as much as possible in regard to their gender, physical attributes, distance from you, etc.

For example, if the person you’re looking for is a man ages 30-34 who smokes, make sure to set your preferences accordingly.

The algorithm is what’s going to help you get closer to them because, as we all know, dating apps recommend matches they think you’re going to like.

3. Use the many search filters on POF and be as specific as possible.

search filters on POF and be as specific as possible.

One of the most impressive things about Plenty of Fish is the number of filters available for searching…you can get down to the very nitty-gritty with them.

On your account, go to the Search tab on your feed and you should see the Filter & Sort section on your right.

There you’ll be given the option to filter your searches by:

  • Personal details (age, gender, etc.);
  • Location;
  • Bio;
  • Background;
  • Lifestyle, etc.

The premise is the same: set your preferences according to the characteristics of the person you want to find on Plenty of Fish.

And unless they’re catfishing, their profile will be recommended to you.

4. You can try Plenty of Fish’s “Dating in Your City” if you’re looking for someone who lives nearby.

try Plenty of Fish’s “Dating in Your City”

The Plenty of Fish platform recognizes that the majority of people are looking for people who don’t live across the world, so why not try the “Dating in Your City” feature?

If the person whose profile you’re searching for lives in your city, all you need to do is pick the state and city before signing up.

Then, sign up as usual and you’ll be shown singles living in your area who use Plenty of Fish.

5. Browse the Meet Me tab to find profiles.

The Meet Me tab is the place where you find people who might possibly catch your eye—you might find that specific profile here, but you’re going to have to look hard.

It only makes sense to check this after adjusting your Dating Preferences and Search Filters, though, because that’s when the algorithm is most likely to put that person on your feed.

Otherwise, you might have to scroll endlessly without a chance of succeeding!

You can also check the Interested in Me section if you’re a paying member (which is located at the bottom of your screen) and Mutual Matches.

If you want to find profiles without registering on POF…

Then I recommend you give SocialCatfish, Spokeo, or TruthFinder a go—or similar sites, like:

These services are known to find hidden dating profiles on popular platforms (Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and you guessed it, POF).

Since POF requires an email address and phone number, pick the Phone and Email search options and put the person’s details down.

Searching for POF profiles this way is effective but not free—aside from SocialCatfish, which requires us to pay a fee of either $5.73 or $6.87 depending on your search, most services work on memberships (usually over 15 bucks a month).

But all in all, they will help you find POF profiles in a timely manner.

Search for Plenty of Fish profiles free of cost — Is there a free way?

Yes! The only thing that would require you to open your wallet is paying for POF Premium or third-party sources—the other entries in this list are free.

Creating a POF account and tweaking the preference settings is a great way to *indirectly* search for a profile, but there are other ways:

  • Check Plenty of Fish Facebook Groups (e.g. this one) to see if that specific person is active.
  • Try free sites like UserSearch—not guaranteed to work all the time, but there’s no harm in trying.

Oh, and before I go…

Before you continue with your search, I recommend you first have an idea as to what the circumstances are.

Are you suspecting your partner of cheating? In this case, they could be using an entirely different identity to carry out their POF cheating activities.

Or are you looking for someone you met at some point on the platform? You should be able to find them in Interested in Me or Mutual Matches.

Regardless, you’re playing on maximum difficulty if you’re searching for someone whose profile you’re not sure exists.

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