22 physical and non-physical signs your boyfriend is cheating on you.

If you hope to learn what your boyfriend does behind your back, look no further than his body language!

Cheaters may tell lies, but their bodies are always honest—from head to toe, there has to be some clue that suggests they’re cheating.

These clues are fairly noticeable and require no effort on your part (other than opening your eyes, of course) but are excellent indicators nonetheless.

– What is the body language of a cheating boyfriend?

Yes, bodies are honest, and because of that, you can easily tell when you’re boyfriend is acting weird as a result of his affair.

I’ll be showing you how a cheater, thinks, speaks, and acts! His body mannerism is what’s going to show you the most clues, so let’s start with that.

Studying a cheater’s body language! Find out if your boyfriend is cheating through these 9 physical signs:

1. He turns away when you lean in to hug or kiss him.

He turns away when you lean in to hug or kiss him

Rejecting a significant other’s affection is never a good sign and it suggests an underlying issue—this is how a remorseful cheater acts.

Your boyfriend might be rejecting PDA (or even affection behind closed doors) because he regrets cheating on you to some degree.

Or, he might’ve mentally checked out of your relationship long ago and can’t bring himself to behave affectionately because of his affair.

2. His body never faces yours.

Cheaters turn their bodies away for two reasons:

They’re hiding themselves.

When people lie, they instinctively point their bodies away from you to prevent being analyzed and eventually found out.

For example, if your boyfriend points his body away from you whenever he’s using his phone, he doesn’t want you to see him texting his lover!

They aren’t tuned in.

Cheaters who have fallen out of love with their partner and in love with somebody else will not be as tuned in during dates and conversations, so they turn away.

3. He can’t keep eye contact, presumably out of shame.

Eyes are the window to the soul, so it’s not a surprise when cheaters can’t maintain eye contact; they don’t want you to see the guilt in their eyes.

People often look away when lying, and if your boyfriend has a habit of doing it whenever you ask him a serious question, now you know why!

The next time you suspect he just slept with his lover, ask him where he was and keep your gaze fixated on him—does he look anywhere but at you?

4. He aggressively snatches his phone away from your hands.

He aggressively snatches his phone away from your hands

Has it ever happened for your phone to run out of battery and grab his to check something on it? If so, did he panic when he saw you?

Many cheaters use their phones for their affairs, so he might not have wanted you to see the text messages between him and his side piece.

5. He doesn’t greet you when he comes home—he goes straight for the shower.

This sign suggests your partner came home straight from his affair!

He doesn’t greet, hug, or kiss you, but instead goes straight for the shower in order to remove all traces (the smell and makeup of the other woman).

Pay attention to this sign if your boyfriend was never the type to ignore you when he came home as it might mean he *recently* started cheating.

6. He started working out.

There’s nothing too suspicious with people wanting to feel and look their best, however, if your partner suddenly started paying heed to his looks, another woman might be involved.

You know the early stages of a relationship where you want to leave as good of an impression as possible on your s.o.? This is exactly what your boyfriend is experiencing.

7. He shows you new sex moves in bed!

Cheaters learn a lot from their affair partners and go ahead to show the same moves to their significant other—think of it as seeing results after practice.

If your boyfriend’s sex moves have, completely out of the blue, changed, then he could be physically cheating on you.

Just think of the things he does that are completely out of character for him.

8. He has anxious body language.

Cheaters are constantly anxious because they’re afraid of being found out.

They’re anxious when you confront them about your suspicions, when you’re out in public, or just in general.

If you feel as if your boyfriend is always on guard with you, this is how an anxious cheater behaves:

  • They fidget a lot;
  • They don’t maintain eye contact;
  • Their breathing picks up;
  • Their face blushes;
  • They tremble.

9. Take a look at his facial expressions.

Take a look at his facial expressions

Cheaters have two prominent facial expressions: fear and anger.

Try asking him if he’s cheating on you and analyze his facial expressions—if he has been, his face should show fear.

  • Agape mouth, widened eyes, rounded eyebrows, and pursed lips.

Feel free to study his face while he’s up and about as well; if he looks bored, disinterested, and angry while you two hang out, he could also be cheating.

13 additional, weird signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

We talked about cheaters’ physical signs, but, what about the way they speak, think, and other external factors?

Well, let me tell you that they’re just as important! These are some weird signs he’s cheating that you would have never guessed:

1. He withholds details from you but slips out later.

If your boyfriend has been keeping secrets from you (mostly about his whereabouts), then it’s time to start questioning his loyalty.

For instance, if you ask him where he was the whole night and he lies, he will backtrack once you reveal you know the truth.

“Oh, yeah! I was at [the actual place] not [the place he lied about]. My bad, I forgot.”

It’s sort of a game you can play with the cheater to put him on the spot! Don’t stop asking him questions until you’re certain he’s finally telling the truth.

2. His secrecy extends to his phone.

If your boyfriend is cheating, then he must be protecting his phone with all his will.

  • Your request to go through, view, use, or as much as glance at it is turned down almost instantly.

Furthermore, if you “defy” his strict wishes, he flips out.

3. New clothes, new cologne!

Who doesn’t love shopping? If your boyfriend doesn’t, yet he suddenly became a fashionista, he could be seeing someone on the side.

His affair is pushing him to want to look good and smell the part, hence he’s been going on a shopping spree.

4. You have been finding women’s belongings in his car and house.

You have been finding women’s belongings in his care and house

Now, this wouldn’t be too weird if he lives with family, but him living alone? That’s at least questionable.

He is probably telling you that his mother, cousin, or friend left something behind; that might be true, but if you’ve been having these doubts, don’t be too quick to trust him.

5. You’re the one initiating and planning your dates.

If lately, it seems as if you’re the only one asking him on dates, then his reluctance to invite you out could mean he’s seeing someone else.

This is your boyfriend’s way of implying that he’s not interested in enriching the relationship, or he has given up completely.

6. Look out for his irritability and mood swings.

Your boyfriend’s mood immediately changes when you ask him anything related to cheating (he gets anxious or angry).

This behavior isn’t only related to the topic of cheating though, as cheaters have a lot of mood swings in general.

Recent affairs cause men to act in bizarre ways—one second they’re happy and jolly, and the other one they’re mad at you.

7. He is spending a lot of time at “work”.

In the cheating world, when people suddenly start liking going to work, they’re either using it as an excuse to cheat or crushing on a colleague.

If the same is happening to your boyfriend, then one of these two things is possibly happening—to see if he’s lying, you can ask his co-workers if he’s actually overworking himself.

8. Your boyfriend hates being asked stuff.

Your boyfriend hates being asked stuff.

He gets overwhelmed whenever you ask him questions such as “Where are you?”, “Who are you with?”, and “What are you doing?”.

Because he’s constantly anxious about you finding out he has been cheating, he’ll view these questions as threats.

9. He’s been seeing a “friend” quite often lately.

Excuse my excessive use of quotation marks, but I need to make certain things clear since people lie about cheating!

For example, your boyfriend might be going out with their side piece under the pretense they’re just a “friend”—he says this to make you less suspicious of him.

Or he could just be using the classic trick of telling you he’s going out with a bunch of friends when he’s really meeting up with somebody else!

10. Watch out for verbal clues, e.g. cold language.

If his language towards you is “cold” and unloving, I mean!

  • He doesn’t tell you he loves you, compliment you, call you pet names, or crack jokes to see you laugh.

All he can give you is lackluster replies, e.g. “OK.” or “Cool.”—another weird sign of cheating is low-quality conversations (when a partner talks only about superficial stuff and doesn’t pay heed to what you’re saying).

11. His friends’ vibes are off.

One of the biggest errors a cheater makes is telling his friends he’s cheating and forgetting the fact that not everybody is cool with it.

I doubt you’d be here if one of his friends told you flat-out your boyfriend is cheating, however, you can still analyze their behavior.

If they’re silent, awkward, and exchange glances with each other while you’re present, that means they’re trying to cover up for your boyfriend.

12. His stories have a lot of inconsistencies.

E.g. he tells you he’s going to pick something up nearby but ends up being gone the whole night while also not answering your calls.

When you question him about something, he often gets important details mixed up (such as what he did the night before), which leads you to believe he lied.

13. Someone else has his attention.

Someone else has his attention.

Whether it’s his friend, co-worker, or a mysterious person on his phone—if he’s paying more attention to them rather than you (his partner), then he’s most likely cheating with them.

Let’s take his hypothetical co-worker crush as an example! 

If your boyfriend is cheating with a co-worker, he’ll start picking up more shifts, texting them more often, and mentioning them every time you talk!

Why can’t I brush off the feeling he’s cheating?

If your gut feeling is going crazy and you can no longer brush it off, there might be something going on.

  • Your boyfriend is cheating.

Don’t underestimate your intuition, as it’s oftentimes correct—your emotions, past experiences, and observations are creating this reaction.

It’s not a “baseless” feeling (it’s far from that, actually), but if you’re having this strong of a reaction, your boyfriend might actually be cheating.

  • Insecurity.

Whether it’s insecurity as a result of your partner’s behavior or something you’ve been struggling with even in past relationships.

  • He has cheated in the past.

If your boyfriend has cheated in the past, it’s normal to think he might cheat again—his affair is not something that can and should be forgotten.

ChoosingTherapy says that this is a rather common occurrence! The cheatee may be subjected to overthinking and self-esteem issues.

  • Your boyfriend is behaving how a cheater would.

If your boyfriend is hiding his phone from you, keeping secrets, getting close to somebody else, etc., then why you’re having these doubts isn’t shocking.

Physical clues are all you need.

Cheaters may lie and keep secrets, but they can’t manipulate their bodies into hiding the fact they’re seeing other people.

Unless your partner is that remorseless, he’ll unconsciously drop physical hints (e.g. reduced PDA and eye contact) after having cheated.

All that’s left is for you to keep your eyes peeled for when he starts showing said hints.

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