How to tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy? 7 signs to pay attention to!

When your girlfriend is being very protective of her phone and constantly leaves it on airplane mode, you tend to think that she is texting another guy.

In fact, a girl who constantly hides her phone but doesn’t communicate her needs and boundaries with you could be texting someone else.

The moment she doesn’t bother to work on the relationship and understand her and your needs, she isn’t interested that much in the relationship.

Thus, to define whether your girlfriend is texting another guy, try to reflect mostly on her behavior and on her text patterns and style.

To know what to expect and how to deal with this topic, check these 7 signs that your girlfriend is texting another guy:

1. She barely initiates conversations with you anymore.

She barely initiates conversations with you anymore

To tell that your girlfriend is texting another guy, check her texting patterns and habits.

If they have suddenly changed and she seems more distant, she might be texting another guy.

  • Her replies are short and cold and she is barely texting first anymore.
  • Now, her focus must be on the other person.

You need to try and text her first and give her space for some days, don’t text first.

Check whether she will do it or not.

2. She delays your messages or doesn’t answer at all.

The moment your girlfriend starts to delay messages or barely even replies, you need to reflect.

Many of us went through similar experiences. I’d recommend reflecting on it pragmatically, without judgment, and always having context.

If she is going through a rough time or is stressed, you shouldn’t immediately jump to a conclusion.

  • First, talk to her and check how she is feeling or what she is going through.
  • Then reflect on your behavior towards her too. Maybe you have been distant or unattentive and she became distant.

If she doesn’t cooperate and refuses to talk and suddenly changes appearance then it means that she is texting another guy.

3. She is always using her phone.

It feels like she is glued to the phone all the time, on all occasions.

Even if you’re having a date or an intimate moment, she will always check her phone.

  • You will notice that she takes a lot of pics and when you ask her who she is sending to she may say to her friends or family.
  • Even when you’re telling her something important about yourself, she might be distracted from her phone while she smirks.

You can feel it in your gut that something isn’t right when you start asking her questions and she becomes very defensive and sensitive about this topic.

4. She becomes very paranoid and aggressive when you touch or use her phone.

She becomes very paranoid and aggressive when you touch or use her phone

One main sign that your girlfriend is texting another guy is when she suddenly sets boundaries and rules regarding her phone.

I’m not implying that you should touch your girlfriend’s phone without her permission or cross her boundaries.

  • But, if she suddenly becomes protective of her phone and she doesn’t communicate these changes with you, she might be cheating.
  • You will notice that if someone calls or texts her and you bring her phone to her, she will get very mad and frustrated.

You’ll notice that she won’t like you to touch her phone even to just look at the clock.

5. She starts to use a burner phone.

To tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy, try to check if she got a second phone.

I’m not implying that having a second phone is always the wrong thing.

But it is the wrong thing to do when she doesn’t give you a particular reason for using a second phone.

  • To be more specific, she might not tell you that she has a burner phone.
  • She might camouflage it while telling you a lie when you catch her using it.

6. She changes the password to her phone and other joint accounts.

Out of the blue, she might change the password of her phone and her accounts.

When you come across this, you’ll be surprised that she didn’t tell you anything.

Indeed, in the relationship, there should be mutual communication but boundaries too.

If you used to share passwords and have joint accounts but suddenly she changes them and doesn’t communicate with you, she might be hiding something.

  • Make sure to also check how she interacts with you.
  • Does she refuse to hug, kiss or even have sex with you?

7. She goes through a rollercoaster of emotions after receiving that one text.

Whenever she receives a text and immediately her mood changes and she doesn’t want to talk about it she might be texting another guy.

I am talking about the change of mood that is constant and happens always when she receives THAT text and refuses to talk about it.

You might indeed get frustrated, mad, or happy from whatever text.

Yet, if she goes from happy to mad to frustrated and all giggly then your girlfriend might be texting another guy.

What to do if your girlfriend is texting another guy?

What to do if your girlfriend is texting another guy

If your girlfriend is texting another guy, you shouldn’t overreact, instead, you should remind her about your boundaries.

If the relationship aims to change or she loses interest in you, it’s better to communicate this issue earlier with you because you risk ending up more distant.

– Choose the right time to deal with the issue. Make sure to not prolong it.

Talking about this issue doesn’t make you immature or insecure.

Thus, when you find a proper moment to talk about your relationship with your girlfriend, try to talk about this calmly.

Let her know how you’re feeling and how you think her actions are impacting you.

Have a subtle approach and unravel the topic step by step without accusing her directly.

– Check on what priorities your relationship was based on.

If you agreed to be in a committed and exclusive relationship then you should remind your girlfriend about this part.

If at this moment she isn’t feeling fulfilled in the relationship or is craving to have an open relationship then it’s better for her and you to deal with this sooner than later.

Thus, if she is crossing your boundaries and you’re feeling insecure or maybe uncomfortable, let her know about this.

– Listen to her perspective too.

It’s important to check what she has to say too.

Sometimes when you get overwhelmed or you deal with low self-esteem, you might see things from a different point of view.

Thus, if you read about these signs from your position, you might not decide fairly.

Ask her to talk to you, and listen to what she has to say too. Ask questions that might help you to understand why she’s acting like this.

Maybe there is a chance for you to reflect on your actions too and find a middle way.

– Decide whether you can and want to restore the relationship.

If after all this reflection, you still have your doubts and she isn’t trying to work on the relationship, you need to take a step back.

If you already caught her cheating and texting another guy, you should decide for yourself whether this relationship is worth it.

You can leave the cheating partner the moment that you feel hollow and not appreciated in that relationship.

Evaluate your relationship and if you see yourself in the future with her.

Is my girlfriend right if she talks to other boys behind my back and expects me to trust her?

In a healthy relationship, there should be mutual and open communication.

The moment that your girlfriend is doing things behind your back and crossing your boundaries is the moment that things turn unhealthy.

But, if you talked earlier on about this topic and agreed to have an open relationship then that’s another thing.

You cannot accuse her of talking to other guys when you agreed to give her and yourself this type of freedom.

On the other side, if she is doing this while being in a committed relationship or dating exclusively then you shouldn’t trust her that much.

Talking to other guys within borders – e.g. male friends – isn’t wrong but if she is flirting with them then she’s crossing boundaries.

To prevent this you need to talk with your girlfriend and let her know about your boundaries. 

If she doesn’t respect your relationship aim and vision then you should reflect on whether you should continue the relationship or not.

To expose a cheater you should think as one because she can camouflage it by acting innocent and clueless too.

The End!

To tell if your girlfriend is texting another guy then you need to be realistic and not focus on unimportant details that might make you paranoid.

The first thing that you should do is to observe her behavior towards you as you continue the relationship as before.

If you continue to give her the same attention and put in the same effort but you notice that she isn’t doing the same anymore.

Then you can slowly reflect on how she replies to your texts or how often she keeps the phone away from you.

Still, instead of jumping to conclusions, try to approach your girlfriend and ask her for the truth.

If then she doesn’t want to cooperate, this might be a sign that she might be texting another guy.

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