15 clever tricks to get your girlfriend to admit she cheated!

You just can’t seem to shake the feeling that your girlfriend is cheating on you—you can feel it in your gut.

On top of that, you also have proof or a good reason to doubt her loyalty!

All that’s left is to get her to admit she is, in fact, cheating—how do we do this, though?

Before we point fingers and accuse a partner of cheating, the wisest thing would be to see if they admit it first.

How can we get a partner to admit they cheated? Is it possible? The answer is yes! I’m going to show you 15 clever tricks that’ll aid you in your mission.

Before you take any more steps, you first need to have good evidence as well as a reason.

Make sure you’re not going out on a limb here!

Start small by looking her up on dating apps first. You can search her name, phone number, or email on Swindlerbuster. Here:

I don’t recommend trying out these methods if your girlfriend has given you no reason to doubt her, or if you have no evidence of her cheating.

This would be extremely toxic, not to mention unfair to your otherwise decent, potentially innocent partner.

Only proceed if you’re certain your girlfriend is acting the same way a cheater would, otherwise, you’re at risk of ruining your relationship!

Now that we got this out of the way, let’s proceed with ways you can get your cheating s.o. to confess:

1. To get a partner to admit they cheated, you need to be cool and collected.

To get a partner to admit they cheated, you need to be cool and collected

If you want to increase the chances of your girlfriend confessing, I don’t recommend being accusatory—as hard as it is.

This will only make her further deny your accusations and possibly leave before you have the chance to express yourself.

  • The calmer we act in this situation, the more compelled the other person will be to admit that they cheated.
  • Their guilt paired with our calm, comforting stance will urge them to open up about their cheating—if that’s the case.

In this situation, your girlfriend will feel more comfortable admitting she cheated; do not berate her or anything of the sort.

2. Tell her that you know about everything that she’s done—even if you don’t for sure.

This one’s a classic method to get your partner to admit they cheated, it’s more of a mind game if anything.

  • Tell your girlfriend you know about her cheating, her affair partner, and everything else that she’s been hiding.
  • You can pick the way you found out, however, the important thing is selling your lie.

    “I know that you’ve been cheating on me. I can’t believe it. I’m speechless. You need to just come clean.”

If you want to, give her the option to come clean if there’s any hope of fixing the relationship; truly sound hurt.

Pretend you know everything, and this might just trick your girlfriend into giving up and admitting that she’s been cheating.

If she believes you, she won’t see the point in keeping it a secret anymore.

3. You can also use tricky questions to get her to confess!

Tricky questions are another clever way to get your girlfriend to admit to being unfaithful.

Questions that reveal her true personality, evoke reactions, and/or pry into her lies will be very useful in this situation.

  • “I know about everything. You surely know what I mean, right?”
  • “What are your thoughts on cheating? Should cheaters be forgiven?”
  • “This guy kept calling you. Who is he?”
  • “Why were you calling this guy’s name in your sleep?”

When asking such questions, pay close attention to her reactions—if she:

panics; gets defensive; gets aggressive; somehow makes it all about you; tries to desperately change the subject, etc, then there’s a high chance that she is cheating.

These questions have made her suspect that you’re onto her, and as a result, she will panic and react intensely.

4. Going in a different, toxic direction: make her jealous.

Now, this is undoubtedly unhealthy—hear me out.

When narcissists (or people with similar personalities) feel jealous, they feel the urge to show their partner they too have options.

Meaning that if you play your cards right, your girlfriend will out herself; first, make sure that you making her jealous will anger her.

  • Get extremely close to a friend who knows your plan, and spend more time with them without telling your girlfriend.
  • Make sure you leave enough evidence so that she knows you’re potentially giving attention to another person.
  • Sooner or later, she will confront you and hopefully reveal the truth:

    “I don’t care if you get close to her. I’ve been cheating on you with [guy’s name]!”

Her rage will get the best of her and she’ll try to get back at you by telling you that she herself hasn’t been all that faithful.

5. When you think she’s lying to you, do not react to her lame excuses.

When you think she’s lying to you, do not react to her lame excuses

Simply nod and let her know you don’t believe a word she just said—let me demonstrate what I mean:

When people cheat, they usually come up with excuses and lie about what they did the night they met up with an affair partner.

For example, if you suspect your girlfriend came home after a night of cheating, act as if you don’t believe her.

Cheaters overshare when they lie, quietly listen to her excuses while nodding and having a serious facial expression:

  • Her: “I was just out with my friends. We went out to a restaurant and after that, we went to karaoke. It was so much fun! I wish you would’ve been there!”

    You: “Hm, is that so?”
  • She will suspect that you know something and will react in a very specific way.

Depending, she will continue to tell more lies so that her story sounds believable, panic and get defensive, or will break down and admit what she actually was doing.

6. Whenever you suspect she’s telling you a fake story, ask her questions about it.

Nitpick her stories!

As we know, when cheaters go out to cheat, they need an excuse so that their partner doesn’t suspect them, so they lie about where they go and with who.

In this case, your girlfriend most definitely lied, and those lies are exactly what will help us!

Ask her questions whenever you suspect she’s telling you a faux story:

  • “What did you do?”
  • “Where did you all go? Tell me all about it!”
  • “How’s [the friend she claimed she was hanging out with] doing?”

Liars will eventually slip up and reveal information they didn’t mean to because they lose track of their lies.

If your partner was out cheating, she will mix her story up or even forget what exactly it was that she lied about.

7. Pro tip: occasionally get her story wrong on purpose.

Cheaters lie—no surprise here.

And because they lie so much, they’re bound to mess their own story up!

  • When she comes home (and you’re sure she was just with her affair partner) ask her how her night went.
  • Listen to her—potential—lies and occasionally get one wrong.

    For example, she might’ve told you she went out to a specific café, and after a while into the story, you say, “So what did you get at [different name café]?”.

If your girlfriend was lying about where she was and what she did, there’s a good chance that she won’t correct you, as she randomly picked a place.

8. While you’re at it, find out if her story is credible by asking the people involved in it.

If your significant other claims she was hanging out with specific friends, ask said friends about it—but do it in a way they don’t catch on.

  • For example, if your girlfriend said that she was going to take care of her sick friend; hit up that friend and see if they’re going better.
  • Or if she said she was grabbing a quick bite with them, ask her friend how lunch was!

    If they’re not in on it, they’ll be confused and tell you that they weren’t spending time with your girlfriend—this is really suspicious.

Keep in mind though, that it’s probable that her friends know she’s cheating and are covering up for her, which is usually the case.

9. If you’re certain you know the guy she’s with, talk to him.

And on the off chance that he doesn’t know she was already in a relationship, he might help you out.

  • If you’re suspecting she’s hooking up with her friend, co-worker, or acquaintance, reach out to him.

In my personal experience, the person my partner was seeing helped me get through this whole fiasco, so the same might happen to you!

Your girlfriend’s affair partner might be a down-to-earth guy who genuinely didn’t know she was two-timing him.

But just because my experience was positive, I can’t guarantee yours will be too—your partner’s side piece could very well be a cheater himself who couldn’t care less if she was in a relationship or not!

10. To get her to reveal the truth, express the desire to take your relationship to the next level.

To get her to reveal the truth, express the desire to take your relationship to the next level

Nothing scares unserious cheaters more than the relationship moving quickly.

  • Tell your girlfriend that you’re thinking of taking the big next step in your relationship and talk about the possibility of commitment.

    If she’s not serious about you (and cheating), she will be against the idea of committing to you and will come up with excuses.

And depending on her character, she might give up and admit to cheating on you—as slim as the chances are of this happening though, it’s worth a shot!

11. Lie about going through her phone—she’ll know what that means.

Don’t think of it as a “lie”—think of it as a “trick” that will help you know whether you’re wasting your time with this person.

  • Tell your girlfriend that you checked her phone, or that you somehow saw something that proves she’s cheating on you.
  • Observe her reactions.
  • In this case, she’ll most likely drop the act and admit that she was cheating—you saw her phone, so what’s the point in lying?

She might also try to blame you or lie about what you apparently saw, which again, she’ll reveal what she did that might be perceived as unfaithful.

12. Gather all the evidence you need so that she won’t be able to lie her way out of it.

Evidence is crucial when confronting a cheater; having credible proof will make us sure of what we’re doing, and will prevent the cheater from lying.

It can be:

  • Pictures of her with her lover;
  • Screenshots;
  • Her steamy text messages with another person;
  • Her browser history;
  • Her bank statement;
  • Her affair partner coming out and admitting it, or whatever else helps prove your point.

When presented with sure proof, she’ll have no other choice but admit she’s been cheating—she will have nothing else to say about herself.

13. See if you can guilt-trip her into admitting she cheated on you.

It’s a long shot, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

  • Be extra sweet to your girlfriend—spoil and compliment her even more than usual.
  • Occasionally talk about how great and “loyal” she is, and how loyalty is so rare nowadays.

And if your girlfriend feels even a little bit of guilt and empathy, she will come clean about her cheating.

14. If you’re not completely sure whether she’s cheating or not, present her with an ultimatum.

“I already know everything, I just need to hear it from you. If you’re hoping for any chance of reconciliation, tell me everything.”

  • Urge her to tell you the truth, but do so calmly—it may seem unlikely, but she might agree to it.
  • She’ll admit to cheating on you if she’s regretted doing it and has strong feelings for you.
  • If she’s hoping to have a future with you, she might take you up on your offer and start revealing everything she’s done.

Whether you decide to give her a second chance and forgive her, that’s completely up to you.

15. Or, simply have a conversation with her where you ask her about it.

Or, simply have a conversation with her where you ask her about it

Because of cheaters’ lying natures, I’m only including this method for the sake of having mentioned them all!

  • Yes, you can choose to ask your girlfriend if she’s been cheating on you—with enough luck, remorse might just push her to admit she’s been cheating.

    Though, I highly doubt it.
  • Try this method out if you appreciate communication and are looking to take the healthiest route possible.

You can encourage her to tell you the truth and work things out; tell her that you care for her and are making sure you two are on the same page.

Figuring out if your girlfriend is unfaithful in a different way: 10 guaranteed signs of cheating!

If you want to have more insight into whether your girlfriend is as faithful as she claims to be, why not pay attention to the signs?

Believe it or not, even the most skillful cheater has to leave some sort of trace behind that says it all—so is the case with your girlfriend.

If she’s truly cheating (and hopefully she isn’t), she will behave in a very peculiar way:

– She claims she and her friends went out, but none of them posted anything about it!

When the majority of cheaters go out to cheat, they usually use going out with their friends as an excuse.

But something’s odd: she and her friends are very active on social media, yet they didn’t post anything about their great night.

Your girlfriend lying about going out with her friends is very much possible.

– She’s noticeably different nowadays—she’s distant and cold.

She used to be more affectionate before, but now not so much—I’m sure you don’t want to hear this, but someone else could have gotten her attention.

When people cheat, they do so when losing feelings, and when a partner loses feelings, they’ll act cold and distant.

– She used to love spending time with you, but now everything has changed.

She doesn’t like spending time with you and doesn’t initiate hanging out together anymore.

A pretty concerning sign, for sure, also correlated to cheating—once a partner spends less time with us, it’s safe to assume they’re spending it with someone else.

– Whenever you accidentally peek at her phone, you always see the same guy!

Whenever you accidentally peek at her phone, you always see the same guy

Whenever you catch a glimpse, she’s always either a) texting the same guy, or b) receiving notifications from him.

She’s always giggling while she’s talking to him but insists he’s just a friend.

It’s always the guy she tells you not to worry about!

– She comes home smelling of men’s cologne.

I’m sure this is an obvious one: if your girlfriend regularly comes home smelling of another man’s cologne, then chances are she’s cheating.

She always insists she was hanging out with a male friend/relative, but what are the chances? Slim to none.

– She’s oddly secretive with her phone.

And this would make anybody suspicious!

This is a classic trick in the cheaters’ book; they cheat online, hence trying their hardest to not let their partner touch it.

– People are always flirting with her on her social media—and she flirts back.

She’s always “innocently” flirting with specific people who flirtingly comment under her pictures.

Even though she claims she’s just flirty by nature, this is certainly not something to be ignored.

– Your sex life has changed as well.

Do keep in mind that a person not being intimate with you isn’t necessarily a result of them cheating on you—there are other reasons why people stop having intercourse with their significant other.

Otherwise, if a partner stops intercourse it could be because they’re seeing other people.

– She starts arguments for no reason and uses them as excuses to get out of the house.

A very subtle sign, but cheaters usually start arguments over the most trivial matters and rush out of the house.

They use this behavior as an excuse to go out and cheat, while also guilt-tripping you.

– She is uncomfortable whenever the topic of cheating is brought up.

If, say, you casually start talking about how a friend of yours got cheated on, your girlfriend is visibly uncomfortable.

She tries to change the subject and might even start questioning you about why you brought the topic up.

A cheater doesn’t respect you, there’s no more to it.

If you’re 100% sure that your girlfriend is being unfaithful and you have evidence to prove it, that’s honestly all you need.

Ask yourself, “Why am I with someone who actively hurts me? Is it worth it?”

I know that letting go of someone is a hard thing to do, but keep in mind that cheaters have no consideration and respect for their partner.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have done what they did.

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