7 ways to find someone on Snapchat even without a username — Exhausting every single possibility!

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms—millions of users use this app every day to socialize!

However, one way Snapchat differs from platforms like Facebook and Instagram is that it is very secretive.

This app’s users don’t have profiles (not very descriptive ones at least) and have a hard time finding fellow users on the platform.

Finding friends on Snapchat has been a long-time problem for many of us, something we’ll be putting an end to today!

– Why is finding someone on Snapchat so difficult?

Snapchat is different from other social media platforms in the sense that it gives users the possibility to hide themselves from the public.

Users can choose to hide their profile from Quick Add and make it impossible for people to find them using phone numbers.

Next, Snapchat profiles aren’t the most standard (like Facebook profiles, for example, in which people post selfies, details, etc.).

Even if you do happen to know somebody’s name, you might still not be able to find their account due to a plethora of users who have the same name.

7 ways you can find a specific user on Snapchat.

To find a Snapchat cheater or simply a friend, you have to exhaust every possibility and use all available information.

Below you’ll see 7 different methods of finding someone on Snapchat—feel free to go with whichever suits you best!

1. Search for their name in the “Add Friends” section on Snapchat.

Search for their name in the “Add Friends” section on Snapchat

Open your Snapchat app, go to Chats (the second icon on the icon bar at the bottom), and click on the Add Friend icon (top right) which will take you to the search bar!

If you know this person’s name, write it down—their first name, last name, or both should be enough.

  • Attempt to find them with old usernames as well (usernames on other social media apps or previous Snap usernames).

In case your person’s name is common, multiple users should come up, and to find them, you will need to scroll through the results.

2. If something links you to this person, browse the “Quick Add” tab.

If something links you to this person, browse the “Quick Add” tab

The Quick Add tab on Snapchat is where people you *might* know are located—friends of friends, people in the same groups, etc.

You can view this list of people in the Add Friends section.

The list of Snapchat users in Quick Add is quite long, but don’t lose hope! If you and this person have a lot of friends in common, they’re bound to show up sooner or later. 

3. Upload your contacts to Snapchat.

Upload your contacts to Snapchat

Try this if you have the number of the person you want to find saved to your contacts:

1. On your phone’s Settings, go to your apps, find the Snapchat app, and grant permission to Contacts

2. Launch Snapchat, click on your profile at the top left, click the cog icon (Snapchat Settings), then scroll down to enable Contacts.

You’re basically permitting Snapchat to suggest your contacts and vice versa—if you don’t want others to find you, go to Mobile Number in Settings and toggle it off.

4. Find and look at their other social media profiles.

Find and look at their other social media profiles

Numerous people link their social media handles across their social media accounts in order to expand their social circle, and your acquaintance could be doing the same thing.

Find their other social media accounts—it should be easier on Facebook with Search Filters.

Once you’ve identified their social profiles, simply view their bios and “About Info” to see if they’ve linked their Snap username.

5. Stay ready for when one of their friends tags them on their Snap story.

If you happen to have their friends added on Snapchat but not the person themselves, regularly view the friends’ stories in case they tag them!

This might not work if you don’t know the friends this person usually hangs out with, but there’s no harm in keeping an eye out.

6. Find their Snapchat account with the help of online services like Spokeo.

Find their Snapchat account with the help of online services

If you’re against asking this person straight-up for their Snapchat account, then you can find it with the help of third-party services.

You will still need their first/last name, phone number, or email address, though!

Let me demonstrate how to find someone with Spokeo, a popular people-searching, online service.

You will first need to sign up and make an account—this can be done through the Spokeo page > Sign Up.

There you can pick your preferred plan (a 1-month membership for $19.95/mo or a 3-month membership for $14.95/mo).

Now that you have a Spokeo account, you may enter anybody’s name, email, or phone number to find out what social media accounts are linked to their identity.

7. Ask the person or other people they know.

However, I believe you should ask the person for their Snapchat account—if you’re trying to avoid this by any means necessary, just hear me out.

Asking them doesn’t have to be awkward; you can do this quite casually without the person thinking much of it.

While you two are talking, you can say something along the lines of, “I have to go now, but I’d like to continue this conversation later! What’s your Snap?”

You can also ask their friends for it under the pretense that you need help with something, but ultimately, asking the person is the superior choice!

How do I find someone on Snapchat without them knowing?

Technically speaking, finding somebody’s account but not adding it will not alert them, however, if you do add it, the other person will know.

Snapchat also tells users how they were added (through username search or Quick Add), so pick whichever looks best to you.

If you want to make it seem as if you accidentally came across their account, I recommend using the Quick Add tab, and if you don’t mind, anything goes!

How to find someone on Snapchat by location?

You can find Snapchat users on the Snap Map (the first icon on the icon bar).

You will need to enable your location on Snapchat to see friends and users nearby—you can do this through the app or your phone’s Settings.

After everything is set up, you can zoom in and out of your area to find users (if people you aren’t friends with have posted in “Our Story”, you might see their story).

How can I find someone’s Snapchat account without a username?

Finding someone on any social media platform without a name is quite tricky, but I have a couple of solutions!

  • Upload your contacts to Snapchat;
  • Find them through Quick Add;
  • See if they’ve linked their Snap handle on other social media profiles.

None of these methods require a username, however, you will need to have their phone number saved, friends in common, or their other accounts added.

How to find someone on Snapchat by email?

Snapchat does not allow users to find other users by email because of privacy reasons, so you can’t use it inside the app.

This is where third-party services (like Spokeo) come in handy! You can enter the person’s email address on the site and find all their social media accounts.

This also works for finding dating profiles!

Why can’t I find someone on Snapchat?

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t find the person you’re looking for on Snapchat, then these are the only 2 reasons:

1. That person has blocked you, or;

2. That person does not have a Snapchat account.

If you know for a fact this person has a Snapchat account but can’t locate it for dear life, they have either deleted it entirely or blocked you.

The grand finale: Is it possible to find someone on Snapchat?

Yes! Unless that person doesn’t have an account, you’ll probably find them sooner or later.

Even if you have been blocked by, say, a cheating partner who doesn’t want you to find their second profile, you can still make a new Snapchat account.

But to find someone on this platform you will need patience—if you have time and patience, consider trying out these 7 methods.

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