14 Ways to Find out If Your Partner Is Online Cheating Through Social Media

Many people look online to cheat on their partners, thinking they won’t get caught.

I have always thought throwing away one’s relationship just for online strangers is outrageous.

Some believe it’s impossible to catch online cheaters or finding them out.

But that’s not true—if you want to see if your partner is cheating online, here’s how you can do it:

1. You can find out your partner is cheating online with SocialCatfish!

You can find this out with SocialCatfish

SocialCatfish makes this otherwise really difficult task relatively easy—it’s one of the best in the market.

What it does is that, with the help of their information (names, phone numbers, and such), it helps locate people on the web.

This means that it’s able to discover their accounts—social and dating ones!

If you want to see all the accounts linked to your partner’s identity, you would have to put down one of the following details:

  • Their name;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address;
  • Username;
  • Address;
  • Or picture.

The prices range from $5 to $397! But this of course depends on the type of search you’re looking to conduct.

The Unlimited Social Search plan, for example, costs $5.37 for 3 days—it includes name, emails, phone numbers, and username searches (along with other useful perks);

The Unlimited Image Search plan only includes reverse image searching and it costs $6.87 (again, for 3 days);

And you can even hire a Search Specialist who will give you an in-depth report on your partner—this costs $397 and it’s a one-time fee.

2. PeopleLooker is another outstanding alternative.

You can also find your significant other’s *potential* dating profiles with PeopleLooker using their name, phone number, and/or email address!

With the People Search option, you’re on your way to finding anybody’s social media and dating accounts.

It is speedy and reliable—to have access to PeopleLooker’s hefty database, you need an account.

These types of services aren’t free, but good deals can be found:

You can choose to pay for a 1-month membership which runs 100 reports per month ($23.99/mo)—the other choice is a 3-month membership which comes with a discount (it costs $19.19/month and also runs 100 reports per month).

3. The Spokeo people-intelligence service.

The Spokeo people-intelligence service

Spokeo constructs its industry-leading reports from a range of useful, available data.

A person’s:

  • Contact info;
  • Criminal records;
  • Personal details;
  • Social media accounts and more will be available to you.

So, if you want to uncover your partner’s dating accounts, it’s possible with Spokeo.

To have access to such information, you first need to sign up for a Spokeo account—after that, you can pick a membership plan that works for you.

You can go with a 3-month membership plan ($14.95/mo) or a 1-month one ($19.95/mo).

Fill in the boxes with your partner’s info and brace yourself for the results!

4. TruthFinder is another exceptional people search tool.

By now you can tell that people search tools are the most reliable way to catch cheaters!

They have a good amount of available records ready to be delivered to us, but this of course only works if your partner has a dating account.

TruthFinder is another trustworthy option—it aggregates public records from different sources, all in a flash.

You can get a report on your significant other by putting down their first/last name and address (a reverse phone lookup is also possible).

TruthFinder costs $28.05/mo for 1 month of unlimited reports—or you can pick the 2-month, $23.28/month option.

5. SwindlerBuster will help you find your partner’s Tinder account!

There will always be more reliable options when it comes to a more narrowed-down search such as finding a partner on Tinder and Bumble!

Tinder needs absolutely no introduction—it’s the it dating platform!

But sadly, it’s where cheaters thrive.

This is where SwindlerBuster comes to our rescue: with only your partner’s phone number or name, you can find their Tinder account (if they have one, naturally).

Simply fill in the blanks, click on Search Tinder, and receive the results.

6. For Tinder, you can also use CheaterBuster—this is how:

Visit the main page, and put down your partner’s first name, age, gender, address, and picture for maximum accuracy.

Enter your email address, and that’s about it! You’re all set and good to go.

If you’re sure your s.o. is 100% using Tinder, then Tinder-specific search tools are the way to go.

7. If your significant other is on Bumble, BuzzHumble will assist you!

If your significant other is on Bumble, BuzzHumble will assist you

Just like Tinder, there are methods to search on Bumble as well, such as BuzzHumble.

On BuzzHumble, once again write down the person’s details, click on Search Now, and review the results.

Since it specializes in finding Bumble cheaters, you are sure to find your partner’s profile.

Alternative techniques—How to find out if your partner is cheating online for free?

Sure, there are apps that can give you a direct answer to your doubts. They’re reliable, but they’re also costly.

If you’re trying to keep it simple and cheap – if not entirely free – then you’ve got options! Here:

– Use reverse image search tools on them!

By using reverse image search tools on them

There are other alternatives to exposing an online cheater, and one of them is reverse image searching.

With tools like SmallSEOTools, TinEye, PimEyes, etc., you can track down your partner’s dating profile—assuming they have any.

Pick one of their selfies and run it through the tool!

Just let me warn you real quick: this method doesn’t work for most dating sites as they do not index their users’ profiles; your partner may be catfishing on dating sites too.

– With Google’s search bar.

Just know that any method relying on search engines gives limited (and oftentimes unreliable) results.

You can use Google to locate your partner’s dating profiles in these ways:

  • By typing in your partner’s phone number in the search bar (if your partner has mentioned their number on their profiles, they will show up);
  • By typing their name in the search bar (e.g. tinder.com will);
  • Using Google Lens for reverse image searching.

Once again the issue with only certain dating platforms working stands! 

– By attempting to log in using their phone number.

So, we all understand that, because of bot issues and other identity-verifying reasons, most dating platforms require a phone number upon signing up.

And if not a number, then an email address.

This essentially tells users, “Hey, if you want to log in, you’re going to have to do so by punching in your phone number every time.”!

Do just that, but with your partner’s phone number: go to the dating site you’re sure they’re using, and try to log in using their phone number and a randomized password.

If your partner doesn’t use the platform, something like “An account with this number doesn’t exist.” should show up.

But if they do, you’ll be told that your password is incorrect!

– Reach out to them from a fake account—this is a fantastic way to see how your partner typically acts with other people.

Create a false account and text your significant other with it—just make sure it looks legit.

Reach out to them and pretend you found their profile by accident and became interested.

Don’t come off too strong or it’ll look suspicious! Be subtle, yet flirty!

If your partner returns the same energy (or doesn’t even do anything to stop you) then know they most likely behave this way with others.

– By sneaking inside their phone!

Checking your partner’s phone is bound to give you a lead—if they’re online cheating, something has got to be there.

  • Start off by going to Settings, and seeing if there are any dating apps installed.
  • Then, check all of their apps—if your partner is logged out, see if you can find any saved passwords on password-managing apps, or on browsers’ password-saving features (e.g. Google Password Manager).
  • Aside from social media, check all of the instant messaging apps on their phone.
  • On the default messaging apps on your partner’s phone, search for certain keywords (for instance, see if the words “sex”, “date”, “meet up”, “cheat” and other sexual phrases are being used with other people).
  • If it hasn’t been removed, look at your significant other’s browser history.
  • Look for any people with weird names on your partner’s contacts (such as a name you don’t recognize, or an emoji).
  • On iPhone, if you go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data, you will see your partner’s all-time Safari history.

Going through a partner’s devices may not be the best idea, but it certainly gives the best results! 

You can ask for their permission or look through it while they’re not present—I’ll leave that up to you.

– If your partner is an honest person, you can find out by talking to them, but only after verifying that everything is okay.

I’m saying this because most of the time, we start suspecting our partners of infidelity due to a change in their behavior.

And even though I understand where such concerns come from, we first need to make sure that there isn’t something else bugging them

They could be going through a tough time that eventually made them grow more distant—if this is it, then they need our support!

However, if nothing else has provoked this change in their attitude, cheating could be the case.

Whatever it is, communicate with your partner; encourage them to open up to you.

It’s certainly better than tricking them into admitting it!

– Their actions will say it all! Look at the way they behave to get a better understanding.

As I was saying, those suspicions are usually born because of a significant other changing.

Usually, the gut feeling in situations like these comes out victorious.

If your partner acts cold, distant, and unloving then they may be a cheater—but it goes deeper than just that.

Some people are able to hide their affairs pretty well to the point they behave as they always have with their s.o.—quite disturbing, if you ask me.

To go into more detail, here are the standard signs of online cheating:

To go into more detail, here are the standard signs of online cheating

A cold, distant manner.

Both online and offline cheaters share some traits: they stop being loving with their partners.

They stop communicating with them and acting like they once did.

They may either stop wanting to have sex or have an excessive sex drive!

Basically, all major changes in your intimate life could be linked to cheating.

On one hand, cheaters might put a stop to all physical acts of affection—on the other hand, their libido could increase because of the excitement their affair provides.

Also, if your partner is performing differently in bed, it could be the work of another person—be cautious!

Unusual habits with their phone—secrecy and selfishness.

Online cheaters keep their phones away from their partners; they resist giving their phones up.

They hide it when they’re not around, and they always keep their screen facing away from you—in extreme cases, they might change their phone passcode.

If they have to respond to someone, they wait until you’re not looking (or leave altogether).

They’re usually found typing on their phone.

Not only do online cheaters spend most of their time on their phones, but they also spend it texting other people.

It’s not too difficult to tell if your partner is texting another person and smiling about it! It’s a world-class pet peeve for many of us.

They follow strangers on social media platforms regularly.

This could be just my personal opinion, but I don’t trust people who friend strangers on social media.

Granted, some people are simply friendly—investigate what type of accounts your s.o. follows.

Are they mainly strangers of the gender they’re interested in? If so, it’s very possible for your partner to be texting other people.

Also, if you told them that makes you feel uncomfortable but they still carry on, then there’s truly no excuse.

Having dating apps installed on their phone (despite their excuses).

They’re called dating apps for a reason—people use them to date and any other reason is impossible to believe.

If your special someone is a member of a dating app, there’s a good chance they still use it.

Their phone is on silent mode and their notifications are disabled.

Online cheaters’ phones get spammed with notifications, and that’s why they have to silence them!

Two phones and/or SIM Cards.

Because it’s too risky to go about their fishy business on their everyday phone, cheaters may or may not use another one.

A second SIM Card could mean the same thing!

Is your partner cheating online? 

It’s a bit more complicated than a yes or no!

Unless you see it with your own eyes, there’s no way of being 100% sure.

These methods will help you a great deal—having no concrete evidence in this situation means that we’re basing our assumptions solely on our gut.

Which isn’t too bad of an idea because you can often spot a cheater from far away!

Good luck with your search.

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