10 Surefire Ways to Find Out if Someone Is Using Facebook Dating: Showing you the best methods!

Facebook Dating is yet another fine addition to the already full pool of online dating platforms, and this time the giant Facebook has chipped in!

It has everything online daters have been looking for and more—privacy included.

This is why searching for someone specific on the app (e.g. a friend, partner, crush) is way too tricky.

– Why is finding someone on Facebook Dating so challenging?

Because finding hidden dating profiles is problematic, and Facebook Dating is as private as it gets.

Dating is simply an extension of Facebook, which means that its users’ activities aren’t indexed in search engines like Google.

  • FB Dating users are grouped with Facebook users in the online world—unlike Tinder which is a platform of its own.

This means that we can’t use third-party apps (e.g. SocialCatfish, BeenVerified, Spokeo) to find others as we will most likely be shown their regular Facebook profiles.

Facebook Dating does not suggest Facebook friends to users, making it very difficult for acquaintances to come across each other.

There aren’t any clues that indicate someone is on Facebook Dating is what I’m trying to say! This is where the problem lies.

Don’t give up just yet because there are workarounds to this problem—here are the most effective ways to find out if someone is on Facebook Dating:

1. Create a Facebook Dating profile from your account’s Settings.

Create a Facebook Dating profile from your account’s Settings.

Log into your Facebook account, go to Menu, choose the Dating shortcut, and click “Get Started” once you’re in.

After that, you know the drill—fill out your details (decide if you want a fake profile), choose your preferences, and tweak the settings.

Having a Facebook Dating account is the first step to finding the person you’re looking for, so make sure you have one before proceeding!

2. Pick the preferences according to your person’s appearance and personality.

After that, pick the preferences according to your person’s appearance and personality.

Like other dating apps, Facebook Dating requires you to describe your dream match—do this by going to Settings and tapping on Ideal Match.

  • Here you should fix your match preferences (e.g. age, appearance, gender, lifestyle, distance) according to the user you want to find.

For instance, if he’s a 5’9 man who’s in his 30s and resides in the U.S., fix the Age Range, Height, and Distance options accordingly. 

Facebook Dating will suggest all people who fit the description to you.

3. Become a part of the same groups and events on Facebook Dating!

Become a part of the same groups and events on Facebook Dating!

If you and someone are in the same groups or events, Facebook Dating gives you the chance to match them.

You can toggle this feature in the More to Explore section.

For Events, go to More to Explore and pick Events in Common—here you’ll see Facebook Dating users who have signed up for future events (e.g. concerts).

For Groups, on More to Explore click on Groups in Common to get matched with people who are part of the same Facebook groups as you.

This is an excellent method of finding people you’re interested in on Facebook Dating, but you only know them based on certain groups and events.

And do you want me to give you a pro tip? If you know what this person is interested in something, let’s say a genre of music, join groups and events on Facebook having to do with it so that you can find them on Facebook Dating.

4. Enable the “Friends of Friends” feature.

Enable the “Friends of Friends” feature.

If your friends know this person, you can find their Facebook Dating profile by enabling the “Friends of Friends” feature.

  • Go to your Dating profile’s Settings, Privacy Settings, and turn on “Friends of Friends”.

However, this is the easy way.

If your friends don’t have the person friended on Facebook, you can:

1. Add one of their friends on Facebook and then enable the feature, or;

2. Use the feature after asking one of your trustworthy friends to add that person to their regular Facebook account.

5. Have your friends who also use Facebook Dating tell you if they see them.

Ask for your friends’ help if they ever stumble across your person on Facebook Dating—have them notify you somehow.

  • Ask them to take a screenshot or screen recording as proof that they (your partner or crush, for example) use Facebook Dating.

Recruit as many of your closest buddies as possible for your mission. Remember, there is strength in numbers!

6. If you’re looking for someone you passed on, view the “Second Look” option.

If you’re looking for someone you passed on, view the “Second Look” option.

If you regret having passed on a particular Facebook Dating user, then take a deep breath…you can find them again.

On the More to Explore section, click on “Second Look”—this is where the suggested matches that you’ve rejected are located.

7. Opt into the “Secret Crush” feature on Facebook Dating.

Opt into the “Secret Crush” feature on Facebook Dating.

Personally, the “Secret Crush “ feature is one of the best ideas on Facebook Dating—it’s a great way to find out if someone likes you!

  • You can add your Facebook and Instagram friends as “secret crushes” on FB Dating and if you’re theirs too, you’ll get matched—this is the only way to match with someone from your friend list.

Go to the Facebook app, click on Dating from the Menu, and scroll down to Secret Crush (add the person you’re looking for on Facebook Dating).

After exhausting the algorithm (choosing your preferences carefully and picking the same interests), doing this will further increase your chances of finding them.

How to find out if your partner is on Facebook Dating?

Speaking from experience, trying to find out if the person you’re in a relationship with is on Facebook Dating is much harder than finding a random person.

This is because you’re most likely in their friend list, which automatically eliminates you as a possible match.

If they’re hoping to cheat on you, you’re also not on their “Secret Crush” list.

They have probably disabled the “Friends of Friends” option and are walking on eggshells with the groups and events they’re joining.

So, the odds are clearly not in our favor…how can we check if a partner uses Facebook Dating?

1. Check their Facebook notifications.

Facebook Dating is incorporated into Facebook and not an entity of its own, so the notifications are blended together.

  • If your partner has their Facebook notifications enabled, go through them whenever they receive one from the site—or check the Notification Center on their phone.

Facebook Dating users can choose to receive notifications about new likes, messages, and secret crushes so if your s.o. hasn’t disabled them, you’ll be able to find out if they’re on the platform.

2. Spy on their phone and Facebook account.

This is quite a toxic measure that’s not recommended, but I’m sure that many people who are dating players would understand.

  • If your partner’s phone isn’t passcode-protected (or if you know the password), unlock it and go to the Facebook app.

Go to the Menu, and click on Dating to see if they have a Facebook Dating profile.

It’s your choice if you want to investigate further to see if they’re cheating by interacting with other users—if you consider a dating profile alone cheating, this is all you need.

3. Have a sincere discussion with your partner.

Concerns of cheating could be what’s pushing you to look for your partner’s Dating profile, or maybe you saw something suspicious on their phone (e.g. a notification).

Have a genuine conversation with them where you ask if they’re using Facebook Dating or other dating platforms.

Try saying something such as “Hey, I want your full honesty about something. Our relationship lately has been a bit rocky and I saw a notification on your phone from Facebook Dating. Are you using it?”

Your partner might start lying and having outbursts, or they might grasp the opportunity to open up about something that’s been bugging them.

– Can you find someone on Facebook Dating with third-party apps (e.g. SocialCatfish, Spokeo, PeopleFinder)?

You can try if you’re already subscribed to these sites, but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a subscription just for Facebook Dating.

Facebook Dating is, technically, just Facebook—this means that third-party apps might not be able to distinguish Dating users from Facebook ones. 

  • Think of it as being part of a club in your school. Most of the time, you’re going to figure as a student of that school, not the club.

You can only access the Dating feature as an extension on Facebook, so even if your person is using it, third-party apps may only tell you they have a regular Facebook account.

Which of these methods gives the most accurate results in finding someone on Facebook Dating?

I’m sure we can all guess that going through a partner’s phone gives the best results; you’ll find out if they’re on dating sites, however, you need physical access and their password if they’re using one.

As for an acquaintance, I will be eliminating the “Second Look” method because I’m assuming they’re not someone whose profile you verified exists!

1. Creating a Dating profile on a fake Facebook account The only way to find someone you know on Facebook DatingIt might take a while to find them
2. Fixing your preferences based on themThe best method to manipulate the algorithm into suggesting a userIt won’t work if they’re on your friend list
3. Joining their groups and events on FacebookIf you know their interests, this will help youYou need to know the specific groups and events
Won’t work if they’re on your friend list
4. Enabling “Friends of Friends”If your friends know this person, using this feature will help you come across themThe person you’re looking for needs to have enabled the feature as well
5. Asking for your friends’ help if they also use FB DatingThe more friends you ask, the higher the chances of finding themWon’t work if the user has your friends added on Facebook. 
If they don’t, they need to at least be using the “Friends of Friends” feature
6. Using the “Secret Crush” featureThe only way to match with someone from your friend listIt only works if you’re also their “secret crush”
7. Using third-party appsWell-known for finding people’s dating profilesMay not work for Facebook Dating specifically

Ultimately, creating a fake account and choosing your preferences carefully will give the most accurate results for someone on your friend list (a cheating partner or friend, for example).

For better results, make sure to join the same groups and events as that person (if you know them).

– What is the most interesting thing about Facebook Dating?

Facebook and Facebook Dating profiles are two different things and never overlap—your Facebook friends won’t see you’re using Dating and vice versa.

And if you so desire, not even your friends’ friends will see your profile (just turn off the “Friends of Friends” option in the Settings).

Facebook Dating has a variety of unique features such as “Secret Crushes” which we already talked about, different ways of meeting matches (events and groups), and flexibility with preferences.

The platform gets the job done for sure! Just like regular Facebook, Facebook Dating helps people connect with others, but in a romantic sense.

Facebook Dating Q&A:

Can you see if your friends are on Facebook Dating?

Nope! You can’t see which of your Facebook friends are using Dating, but don’t worry as they can’t see you either.

Facebook Dating makes sure to eliminate the awkwardness of coming across friends and family members on the platform.

Can you search for a Facebook Dating user by name?

You can’t search for someone on Facebook Dating at all, and this includes username searches.

Name-searching is unavailable in order to protect users’ privacy (similar to Tinder, Bumble, Hunge, etc).

Can you see if someone is online on Facebook Dating?

Only people you interact with on Facebook Dating can see your activity status regarding the platform!

Your regular Facebook friends won’t find out you’re using Dating (hence you won’t be shown as active on Messenger).

You can’t see if your friends are online on Facebook Dating either—unless you see a status on your feed saying “Recently Used Dating” which indicates someone on your friend list is using it.

So, taking things into account, can you find someone on Facebook Dating?

You’ll have a heck of a hard time, but yes! You can find out if someone uses Facebook Dating with the proper methods.

You will need to create a—fake—Dating profile if you’re looking for your significant other or friend (since you have them on Facebook).

Win the algorithm over by tweaking your preferences as well as fixing your account’s settings and you’ll find someone on Facebook Dating in no time.

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