How to find out if someone is married? 4 ways to verify their relationship status online

Information on marriages is tricky to obtain, so figuring out someone’s marital status might seem impossible at first.

But, all hail technology! You can find out if a person is married online, which will be way less awkward than asking them upfront.

But before I show you where to look, let’s first look at signs that a person might be lying about their marital status:

What clues suggest that somebody is lying about being married?

When someone is curious about a person’s marital status, that person is usually someone they’re dating but feel as if they’re hiding something. 

And because we don’t live in an ideal world, that happens; people somehow get away with hiding the fact that they have a whole spouse.

Learn more about their secret life by simply noticing all the red flags.

1. Look down at their hands—does their ring finger have a dent?

Look down at their hands does their ring finger have a dent

If you notice something that looks like a tan line or dent resembling a ring, they could be married.

When married cheaters go out for some fun, they usually remove their rings so as to not scare away potential mates.

2. They say they don’t use social media!

This one’s a classic cheater line: their social media has their spouse plastered all over it, so they excuse themselves by saying they don’t use social media.

Cheaters usually refuse to leave dating apps or integrate somewhere other than secretive, instant-messaging apps (e.g. Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat).

All apps that are commonly used for cheating.

3. You don’t know who they are, where they live, and what they do.

We have a case of a careful cheater, but if they’re telling you absolutely nothing about themselves, they could also be dangerous.

If they were to tell you, for example, where they work, they run the risk of you showing up to their workplace—they can’t let this happen if they’re married.

4. They pick rather…peculiar places for your dates.

They pick rather…peculiar places for your dates

It’s always something away, secluded, and intimate (like hotels or really private restaurants).

It’s easy to tell because you feel as if this person does everything they can to avoid being seen in public together.

If they’re cheating on a spouse and someone were to see them with you, it’s over for them.

5. Your partner has never invited you to their place.

This is another very common sign that your partner is married, and this time, it’s their habit of never inviting you over.

Unless they’re hiding something, say, a spouse or secret family, I don’t see why a long-term partner wouldn’t invite you to spend the night.

6. There’s a set timetable in which you’re allowed to talk and go out.

Cheaters calculate their every step—one wrong move and they’re out!

You two are only able to text/call occasionally (not every day) and at night, which suggests their schedule is based on their partner’s schedule.

If you express the desire to meet up or talk outside of this short window of opportunity, they either ignore you or come up with excuses.

7. The next time they receive a call, watch closely—do they not pick it up?

What I’ve noticed with cheaters is that they’re really careful once they’re out with their lovers, because quite frankly, that’s a dangerous situation.

They’re constantly thinking, “What if I somehow get found out?!”, so their reaction? They never answer their spouses’ calls.

I’m sure that your partner lied to them about what they were doing.

8. They flirt with you online but act indifferent offline.

They flirt with you online but act indifferent offline.

The online world (social media and texting apps) is where cheaters feel the most comfortable because it reduces the risk of their s.o. finding out.

This is why this person acts like a knight in shining armor while you two are texting, but acts as if they don’t know you once you’re near them.

9. Their love life is a no-no topic!

Okay, so picture this:

You’re talking to this person you like and enjoying the conversation thus far. You want to have a chance with them because you’re so compatible, but the problem is that you’re already married. They ask you if you’re seeing anyone, but you don’t want to tell them the truth.

When a person answers vaguely to your questions or changes the course of the conversation, this is usually what’s happening.

A married person is into you!

10. You have never been invited by this person to social events.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even know their friends because your partner doesn’t want to introduce you all.

Whenever they have plans with friends or family, you’re left behind—something not normal for couples.

If they don’t want to welcome you to their private life, they might already have a family.

Where to check somebody’s marriage status online? 4 ways to find out if they’re married!

There are two places you can look in when trying to figure out if a person is married: the online and offline world.

This is what you can do in regards to checking somebody’s marriage status online:

1. The most reliable source: checking social media for clues.

The most reliable source checking social media for clues

Your first stop should be that person’s social media accounts—unless they’re married but hiding it, you will find out what their marriage status really is.

On most social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, users state whether they’re married or engaged on their profiles (relationship statuses are located in the About Info).

For platforms like Instagram, check out bios; married Instagram users sometimes put the date of their marriage, the handle of their spouse, and/or a ring emoji on their bio!

Next, we have images—see if you can find any photos of that person with their spouse (even if they don’t specify who they are, it should be fairly easy to tell).

  • And some extra advice from me: view their following list and investigate all users with the same last names (one of them might be the spouse).

2. Look their name up!

Look their name up on Bing, Google, Yandex, etc. if you don’t know any of their social media accounts.

Search engines work in a way that they pull all relevant information from the web; if you have the correct name, it’s going to be a piece of cake.

Once you’re quite sure you’ve pinpointed their socials, start your investigation (check their bio, About Info, friend list, and more).

3. Look at online marriage records.

Some states (but not all) make marriage and divorce records public online, like Florida and Texas.

You can try your luck with sites like FamilySearch (after choosing the state the person lives in).

The publicity of marriage records online depends on the people involved in the marriage, the place they got married, and the marriage’s longevity!

One small issue though! Only the people involved in the marriage may request a copy of their own marriage record.

If you’re thinking, “Screw it, I’m trying this!”, CDC will tell you what you need to be doing and where to be looking for marriage records based on your state.

4. Turn to third-party services online for help!

Turn to third-party services online for help

If none of the methods above work for you, then don’t worry—there is one more method you can try to check somebody’s marriage status online.

And that is to pick a trustworthy third-party service that gathers online data on people.

Alongside social media profiles, personal deets, and court records, you’ll also find out if they’re married or not with the help of:

You will need to know their first and last name, or at least an email address or phone number.

Upon registration, you will be required to pick what type of search you’re conducting (in SocialCatfish prices are around $6 per search) or a membership ($15 and up).

A poll by YouGov reveals that around 7% of people on dating apps have a partner, so if you met this person online and want to know more about them, using people search services is a great idea!

– Some additional advice that might help you find out if they are married.

Looking somebody up online will give you enough information as is, but it’s not a foolproof method.

1. Don’t take the clues with a grain of salt.

A dent in their ring finger, never introducing you to their family and friends, their secret identity…if they act like a cheater, they are one.

If you’re serious about this person, observe them before making any definite decision regarding your relationship.

If they end up being married, it will make things very complicated.

2. Ask anyone who might know them.

It’s normal nowadays for somebody to ask other people about a person they’re interested in—word spreads like wildfire, after all, and someone should know who your person is.

Even better if you work together or live in the same city; ask your neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, etc.

3. Ask the person.

Not everybody is out there to get us, and this person might not even be trying to keep their marriage a secret (you just haven’t had the chance to talk about it).

If you two are dating and they’re married, then yes, they’re 100% trying to hide it, but not so much if you two barely know each other.

If you’re crushing on them, just casually ask them about their relationship status! 

The person I’m dating turned out to be married. What do I do?

A break-up should be in the making!

Not only did this person lie to you about something very important, but they also hurt their family.

You deserve someone honest and loving towards you, someone who you can have a genuine, fun relationship with.

Trust me, you’re not going to miss sneaking around with them—you might love them a lot, but self-love always comes first.

  • Set up a meeting with them and explain your point of view to the cheater (I recommend picking a public place and having someone with you).

Cut ties with them for good and rely on your friends for moral support; remember that if this person did this to their spouse, they’re open to doing it to you in the future.

Sooner or later, we all deal with a cheater.

No matter in which position we’re in, the cheatee or the lover, we’ll always be receiving the short end of the stick when getting tangled up with a cheater.

It’s not your fault if you didn’t know they were married, and as guilty as you might feel, please don’t punish yourself for the cheater’s fault.

After finding out the person you’re with is married, please, look after yourself as well!

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