12 methods to find out if someone has an OnlyFans account (with and without a username)!

I can’t decide what’s more hurtful—unknowingly dating an OnlyFans creator while they keep it a secret, or a subscriber of said content.

Everyone has their boundaries, so this might not apply to every single one of you, but in case it does, you and your partner need to set the record straight!

– What exactly do people use OnlyFans for?

What exactly do people use OnlyFans for

OnlyFans is a content-creating platform that first launched in 2016, based in London.

Social media constantly slaps us with the fact that this platform is mainly used by creators who make sexual content, and, well…their subscribers.

Believe it or not, however, the platform wasn’t created with this concept in mind and there are users who make different content, e.g. music, tutorials, etc. 

But, yes. Sexual content is OnlyFans’s sustenance (e.g. nude pictures and pornography), and that’s what most people visit the platform for.

“Is my partner automatically cheating if they’re on OnlyFans?”

That depends on your definition of cheating and your partner’s role in the platform, whether they’re a creator or a subscriber.

If you feel uncomfortable with your partner paying to see people’s sexual videos or posting some themselves, then they are cheating.

  • It’s worth noting that, although a small group, some people don’t post lewd content on OF, so your partner may not be interested in the sexual aspect of it all!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell what your s.o. is using OF for except to take matters into your own hands.

8 ways to find out if someone has an OnlyFans account and make content on it.

Finding out if someone is creating content on OF is relatively easier than finding someone lying dormant!

Creators’ profiles are indexed in search engines, meaning that their profiles aren’t hidden from non-users—this will help us a great deal with our search.

1. Search their OnlyFans account within the platform.

Search their OnlyFans account within the platform

You can’t search for someone on the site by their name alone, however, you can try your luck with certain keywords or usernames.

For example, type the country your person has recently traveled to in case they posted about it on their OnlyFans account.

People rarely use their full, government names online, so searching by it may be futile (but it doesn’t hurt to try)—they might be using nicknames as well.

  • You have a better shot of finding their profile if they’re using a nickname deriving from their actual name, e.g. “Kate” for “Katherine”.

To try this out, log into your own OnlyFans account (make one if necessary) and click on the magnifying glass on the top right; you’ll find posts containing the words you’ve searched for.

2. Investigate their social media bios—find them if you haven’t!

Investigate their social media bios find them if you haven’t

One of the best ways to find someone’s social media profiles is through other social media platforms!

If your person is trying to grow their OnlyFans audience, they’re most likely linking their OF profile across social media platforms, e.g. their Instagram bio.

This happens quite often with models, which is why I recommend you prioritize finding their other social media profiles if you haven’t already.

  • You shouldn’t have too much trouble if you know their real name or if you have some friends in common.

Unless they’re deliberately trying to hide that part of their life, this method should work.

3. Google any potential usernames.

Google any potential usernames.

It should look something like this: OnlyFans.com [username].

The platform indexes users’ info as far as I can tell, so if your person is posting content on the platform, Google and other search engines should dig out their profile.

This method is great if you already know what they go by on the platform!

Regardless if you do or not, you can try using their actual name or any usernames that you know of, even ones they use on other platforms.

4. Use reverse image searching to find an OnlyFans account.

Use reverse image searching to find an OnlyFans account.

There are two ways you can reverse image search for free:

Through search engines:

You can surf the web and find social accounts with an image using Google or Bing.

Just click on the little camera on the search bar and upload the picture of the person whose profile you want to find on OnlyFans.

Through image-search services:

There are specific tools that conduct this type of search in order to find these accounts, and since OnlyFans indexes users, it’s worth giving it a shot.

Pick a service (e.g. DupliChecker, TinEye, etc.), put the person’s image, and click on the search button!

Note that if they don’t post images of themselves on the platform, you won’t find their account regardless if they have one or not.

5. Try out OnlyFans searcher sites!

Try out OnlyFans searcher sites!

Another way you can search on OnlyFans without an account is with OnlyFans searcher sites:

You can search for users by name, username, location, ethnicity, etc.

The more you know about the person, the better! If you don’t have a lot of details about them, then this method ensures you make the most out of the information you already have.

6. Find out if someone has an OnlyFans account by email.

Find out if someone has an OnlyFans account by email.

This won’t help you locate their profile, however, you will learn if someone has an OnlyFans account for free, which should suffice if you want to find out if they’re cheating.

Go to OnlyFans and sign up using your partner’s email address—if you get a text saying that an account with that email already exists, then they are using the service.

  • If an account under that email doesn’t exist, keep in mind that your significant other might have used another email address to sign up for OnlyFans.

7. Find an OnlyFans account with a name, phone number, or email on SocialCatfish.

SocialCatfish is a paid service that finds people’s whereabouts online—dating accounts, social profiles, and contact information.

If you know somebody’s name, phone number, or email, you can put it on SocialCatfish’s engine (the Name, Phone, or Email option respectively).

For this, you’d have to sign up for the service and purchase the Unlimited Social Search plan, which costs $6.48 for 3 days and $28.94/mo.

  • Using people-search sites won’t work if they don’t have an OnlyFans account or if they’re using a different identity.

8. Ask a friend who uses OnlyFans if they know the person.

If one of your friends is an OnlyFans connoisseur, ask if they know the person you’re trying to find.

Tell them a name, a description of how they look, their ethnicity, and everything that helps make the picture clearer!

You can also try asking an acquaintance of the person, but I doubt they’d say anything; besides, they’ll likely notify the person you’re searching for their OF.

How to find out if a partner is viewing content on OnlyFans?

People are torn between OnlyFans being cheating or no big deal—it’s technically viewing “pornography”.

Still, if you don’t feel comfortable with your partner paying to see strangers’ nudes, I’m with you on this one.

1. Find all of their accounts with Spokeo.

Spokeo is a fine alternative to SocialCatfish, and its premise is more or less the same—find people’s accounts through limited information.

Similar to SocialCatfish, you will need to create a Spokeo account and pick a membership plan ($19.95/mo for 1 month or $14.95/mo for 3 months).

After this, you may begin your search! Pick the search you’re going for: Name, Phone, or Email.

2. Check your Wi-Fi history.

You can find out if your spouse (or the partner you’re living with) is cheating on dating sites or sexual platforms like OnlyFans by checking your Wi-Fi history.

You can do this by calling your network provider’s support team and asking for a copy of the sites that have been visited using your network connection.

3. Spy on your partner’s browsing history.

Spying on their devices isn’t exactly the healthiest choice considering you’re going behind their back, but it will show you if they’ve visited OnlyFans.

Since OnlyFans doesn’t have an app, you can snoop around their phone’s and/or PC’s browsing history by going to History on your partner’s browser Settings.

4. Use spying apps on their devices.

Spying apps will help you find out what they’re searching for—if they’re an avid OnlyFans user, you will remotely tell.

And by “remotely” I mean that, aside from the 5 minutes you will need to install the app on your partner’s phone, everything else is done from a distance.

  • Text messages;
  • Social media platforms;
  • Calls;
  • Location—you will practically be kept up-to-date with everything your partner is doing on their phone.

One of the two most popular spying apps, Eyezy, costs $27.99/mo for 3 months, and ClevGuard, costs $19.99/mo for 3 months.

After you’re done setting up the app (which turns invisible on your partner’s device), you can monitor their online activity from your own account!

– How to find someone on OnlyFans without a username?

If you don’t know the username of the person on OF (which I’m assuming is the case), then try these methods out instead:

1. Use third-party apps like SocialCatfish, Spokeo, BeenVerified, etc.;

2. Reverse search someone’s picture with the search engine of your choice (aside from Google and Bing, Yandex works too);

3. Check the “Suggestions” tab on OnlyFans;

4. And see if they’ve put their OF link on social media platforms (Instagram, X, etc.).

Yeah, having a username makes everything easier, but don’t lose hope without trying out these alternatives!

If your boundaries are being disrespected, don’t hesitate to speak up.

No matter how much your partner tries to gaslight you into believing that spending money on platforms like OnlyFans is no big deal, stick to your beliefs.

When we talk about having to sacrifice in a relationship, we don’t mean tolerating disrespect—if anything, it’s more reasonable for your partner to give up micro-cheating.

You have every right to bring this to your partner’s attention, and I recommend you do so!

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