8 proven methods to find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder!

If you suspect that your girlfriend is using Tinder, your gut might not lie to you.

According to this research done by Global Web Index (GWI), 30% of Tinder users are married and 12% of them are in a relationship.

And to clean the air, you don’t need to just monitor her online activity constantly to find it out.

All you need is these 8 proven methods to find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder:

1. Check her notifications (including her email).

When users are matched, Tinder will send notifications to its users’ phones and emails.

If she is registered or signed up on Tinder with that email then she’ll get notifications.

And if you use the same laptop or if you have a conjoint email then you might check her emails.

Yet, be aware that she might delete emails received from Tinder or might turn off notifications only for Tinder.

No matter what, don’t try to hack her email if you don’t have access to it.

Use this method only if you already have access to her email or she has left her email open.

On the other hand, taking a peek at her phone notification can be done without having access to her password.

If it’s a Tinder notification, your girlfriend is using Tinder!

2. Make the process easier by using SwindlerBuster.

Tinder has a lot of users even if you create an account and start to swipe left and right, you might not immediately find her.

To make this process shorter, you can use Swindlerbuster. One search is all it takes!

Where you can see if your girlfriend or wife is on Tinder. The procedure goes like this:

  • Go to SwindlerBuster.com,
  • Search by the standard info such as name, age, and address or by email or phone number,
  • Tap or click on Search Tinder,
  • Get your results!

Other than SwindlerBuster, you might use other web pages to search their Tinder username or profile:

3. You can use search engines to search her Tinder username.

You can use search engines to search their Tinder username

It’s important to use different search engines to find her Tinder profile because Google and Binge will give you different results.

This method is less time-consuming and is free.

All you need to do is to go to one of these pages, go to the search bar, and then type tinder.com/@username

For example, tinder.com/@artur

E.g. “tinder.com@artur

On the other hand, another option you can try out is searching site:tinder.com name

For example, site:tinder.com arthur


If she’s using Tinder with her real name, she’s likely to show on the Google results.

Make sure you check each page of Google that contains results regarding your search.

Also, don’t forget to check the search results on Google Images! You might as well find something there!

4. Search on Google by uploading her recent photos used in her social media.

If you want to check if your girlfriend or wife is on Tinder and active then try to search on Google or Pimeyes by uploading her recent photos.

This will help you get better results because if she is active on Tinder then she will keep refreshing and uploading new photos.

  • Save her recent photo from Facebook or Instagram.
  • I’d recommend you give it a try with pictures she sent you as well since she might use those too for her Tinder account.
  • Go to Google.com.
  • Then click on the Google lens;
  • Upload the photo and click search;
  • If she used the same photos on Tinder then it might easily direct you to their Tinder profile.

If you find her Tinder by using this method then you can use this as proof to confront her.

Say that you were just casually searching for photos of her to edit and her new Facebook profile pic redirected you to Tinder.

She might say that she was playing Tinder for whatever reason or might act defensive.

If she does that then you’ll get your answer. She might be using Tinder to cheat or maybe her greater ego won’t let her discuss this issue as two adults.

5. Create a Tinder burner account.

To create a Tinder burner account you need to use a secondary phone number or email.

Then set the preferences that match your girlfriend. For example, if she’s into reading and dancing, set your interests so.

That will help the Tinder algorithm detect that there’s a compatibility between you and her, hence showing her in your swiping feed a lot sooner.

The other step is to start swiping right. If she hasn’t hidden her profile and is active from time to time, her profile will show up.

If she has hidden her profile from you then you should ask your friends who she doesn’t know to check for her profile.

6. Track her transactions or PayPal payments.

You can find out if your wife is on Tinder by tracking their transactions or PayPay payments.

This is possible only if she paid for Tinder using these accounts and only if she has authorized you for these accounts.

If you have a joint PayPal account then you can track her payments and her activity.

To track payments done from her bank account is impossible unless you share responsibilities for the same account.

Also, if she paid for Tinder discreetly then it might not be possible for you to track her activity and find her Tinder profile.

7. Check her browsing history through the WIFI router.

Check her browsing history through WIFI router

You can find out if your girlfriend is on Tinder if you check her browsing history through WIFI.

But if she uses an encrypted version or searches for Tinder. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can help you out with this.

A simple request to see what sites have been used with your WIFI will get you to see whether Tinder has been used with your WIFI.

This will result in success even if she uses Tinder in Incognito Mode!

This method is often used by parents who want to monitor their children’s activity on the Internet, or business owners who want to be in charge of their workers’ productivity during working hours.

It’s easily accessible.

Even better, if you have a friend who’s knowledgeable in the IT area, then they can help you as well. If not, simply reach out to your ISP!

8. Try to ask for help and try Interpersonal Therapy or Couple Therapy.

A method that you can use to find out if your wife is on Tinder then you should try Couple Therapy or Interpersonal Therapy.

You might say but how does this help me to find  my girlfriend’s or my wife’s Tinder account?”

Well, let me explain it. Interpersonal Psychotherapy is a therapy to allow one to know themself and improve interpersonal functioning.

Instead of asking immediately her if she has a Tinder account, you can try to pin down what’s not functioning in your relationship.

If you find the reason for not trusting her then you might find out whether she is using Tinder or not.

I found my girlfriend with a recent profile pic. Does this mean that she is still active on Tinder?

The Tinder algorithm tends to show you as top matches only the profiles that are recently active.

If she hasn’t been using her account then her account would be at the bottom of your swiping feed.

This doesn’t mean that Tinder would never show her profile to you but the chances of Tinder showing an inactive profile are lower.

Thus, if she has updated her profile pic and used a recent or special photo then that means that she is still active on Tinder.

If you decide to confront her then she might ask you how you saw it and what you’re doing on Tinder.

It’s better to be straightforward with her but if you know that she might lie or overreact then you might say that a friend of yours found her profile.

~Other than this try to check other signs too. 

If she acts weirdly and starts to create an emotional and physical distancing with you it means that she might use her profile for cheating.

Otherwise, if she deactivated her account but for some reason, Tinder shows her account without any change, she might try to figure it out together with you.

I found my girlfriend’s profile on Tinder. Now what?

When you catch your girlfriend on Tinder, you can go through a roller coaster of emotions. Many of us who have been there know the feeling.

Anger, sadness, rage, and everything in between fill your mind and soul while you try to reflect on why she did it.

You might feel even more stressed when she becomes defensive if you confront her.

Here’s what you can do if you find your girlfriend on Tinder:

– Don’t act impulsively.

The moment that you find out that your girlfriend or wife is on Tinder, it looks like you’re stuck and want to take immediate revenge.

Indeed, this isn’t a pleasant situation but if you act having a revenge mindset, then you’ll get only negative results.

You’ll start to notice signs that maybe aren’t accurate at all.

Thus, let some time pass. Don’t have the talk until you process your feelings.

– Try to approach the situation subtly and find the reason why she joined Tinder.

She might have joined Tinder for different reasons and if she did it to cheat, she will act defensive when you bring out this topic.

Discuss this calmly, listen to her reasons if she has any, and see how rational her excuses are. 

Give it the benefit of the doubt, and talk about this calmly as a team.

– Let her know about your boundaries.

If you have talked earlier on about ditching dating apps and she never did, it’s time to let her know that you don’t agree with it.

She might swear that she wasn’t using it but now it’s time for you to detach from her a bit so you can reflect clearly.

Give her time to show herself and whether she would change or not.

– If she doesn’t cooperate to work on the relationship, try to focus on yourself more.

If you are constantly in fear that she will continue online dating and not focus on you then it’s better for you to focus on yourself.

Set your boundaries, communicate them to her, and try working this out together.

On the other hand, if you feel that her actions violated your boundaries harshly, you have every right to end the relationship with her.

If you’re infused with toxicity and you feel better on your own then try to focus on that. No relationship is worth destroying yourself for it.

To get extra advice from a male’s perspective, you should check out this video:

I Caught My Girlfriend on Tinder. What now?

What you need to keep in mind!

To know if your girlfriend or wife is on Tinder, you need to either use Search Engines, or third-party apps or have joint accounts.

Either way, if you try all of these but she is good at hiding her profile or paying cash for Tinder then you might try to ask for help or confront her.

You might ask your friends from the same area as her (friends that she doesn’t know) to search for her account on Tinder.

They might come across her account if they set or adjust the location, distance, and age to them.

In the end, if you still have your doubts but couldn’t get any proof, this means your relationship needs reconsideration.

State what you are feeling and what is making you doubt that she’s on Tinder.

Work on your trust, and see if the relationship is worth continuing.

Best of luck!

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