6 ways to catch someone cheating on Snapchat — Exposing Snapchat cheaters’ tricks!

Many people find it easier to use Snapchat for cheating rather than any other social media platform.

So Snapchat has turned into a popular hotspot for cheaters who want to sext and chat with other people without their partners batting an eye.

And, we need to realize just how dangerous a partner who has been cheating for an inexplicably long time and getting away with it is!

– Why do so many people use Snapchat to cheat?

Snapchat is a discreet social media platform in which people can secretly speak with whomever they desire.

It has many features that make it an adequate platform for cheating, however, the most important one is your Snapchat friends not being able to view your friend list.

This means that a cheater’s partner won’t see who they’re talking to and the same goes for their lover.

All in all, the risk is notably smaller.

– What do people on Snapchat do to hide their affairs?

Before showing you how to catch a Snapchat cheater, I need to show you ways they hide their affairs on the platform.

While getting on with your mission, don’t forget that your partner might be doing this:

  • Switching between two Snapchat accounts.

Snapchat makes it easy for users to switch between profiles, so your partner might be conducting their affairs on their second account.

When trying to catch them cheating on Snapchat, keep in mind that their second account will make this harder and more complicated!

  • Keeping their Snapchat notifications off.

In order not to alarm you by the frequency of their Snapchat notifications, a cheater will disable them (only on Snapchat) or enable Silent Mode.

  • Changing the nicknames of the people they’re cheating with.

People often do this on social media so that receiving text messages and calls from an affair partner doesn’t look as suspicious.

  • Made it so their chats are deleted right after viewing.

On Snapchat, you can choose for your messages to be deleted either after 24 hours or right after viewing.

The second option is much more appealing to cheaters as it saves them in case their partners decide to check their phones.

With this in mind, these are the 6 ways of catching someone cheating on Snapchat:

1. Text your partner from a (fake) Snapchat account.

Text your partner from a (fake) Snapchat account

For this, you can either make a fake Snapchat account using a different email address or ask someone he has never met to do it.

Have an acquaintance text your partner or create a fake account—make sure your bitmoji and info are different from your actual ones!

And, not simply “text” them; you need to flirt with your partner, but not come off too strong to see if they are OK with chatting a stranger up

  • When adding your partner to your fake Snapchat account, how you found them will be revealed (Quick Add or username).

Managing to find your partner on Quick Add is the ideal outcome, but if you can’t, you can simply tell them you were looking for a specific person but they caught your attention instead.

2. Keep tabs on their Snapchat score.

Keep tabs on their Snapchat score

Your Snap score increases for each Snap you send and receive—this will be important later on!

Keeping tabs on a significant other’s Snapchat score is something people usually do to catch them cheating on the platform:

For instance, if your partner’s score gets remarkably higher with each passing day (despite them denying using it), they might be using Snapchat for cheating.

3. View the Quick Add section—who do you see there?

View the Quick Add section—who do you see there

In “Quick Add” you’ll be shown people you might know on Snapchat, aka people your partner knows and interacts with on their account.

If—and this is only an example—you see their exes in the “Quick Add” section then it’s very probable that your only link to them is your partner.

Keep in mind that it’s tough to tell by this alone if you have a lot of friends on Snapchat, but I have a trick for this as well.

Make a fake Snapchat account and add only your significant other—most of the people shown on your “Quick Add” tab are their Snapchat friends.

4. Keep watch when they use Snapchat near you.

Keep watch when they use Snapchat near you

Even though I doubt your cheating partner will open the app while you’re close, in case they do, keep your eyes peeled!

When you see them typing on the platform with someone else, steal a quick glance; also look at their friends if you’re given the option.

It’s quick, simple, and safe—plus I doubt your partner will keep their guard up 24/7, so they may use the platform even with you around.

5. Get on your partner’s phone and check the Snapchat app!

Ask your partner if you could have their phone real quick to make a quick phone call, Google something, etc. (how you obtain it is your choice)!

Once you’re in, check their Snapchat account by launching the app and investigating your partner’s account.

  • In case they have more than one account and you don’t find anything suspicious in the main one, log out, go to the log-in screen, and use the saved info to gain access to the second account.

Check all of your partner’s messages (if they’re still there) and friend list.

6. Use a message-spying app, such as Mspy.

Use a message-spying app, such as Mspy

I’m not going to say that installing spying apps is the right choice here, because it’s obviously not, but it’s the only way to catch a clever cheater.

However, do proceed with caution as this method requires a lot of stealth on your part.

For starters, you’re going to need to create an account on Mspy and pick the plan that suits your needs (one that includes text-spying, in this case).

The Premium Package does this—you can choose to pay $48.99/mo for 1 month, $27.99/mo for 3 months, or $11.66/mo for 1 year!

Once you have your account, you will need to install it on your partner’s phone and log in while they’re not looking.

The installation doesn’t take more than 10 minutes and the app operates on background mode, which means your partner won’t figure out they’re being spied on.

What are the most definitive signs that your partner is Snapchat cheating?

Many signs may hint at your partner’s emotional and/or physical infidelity, but Snapchat cheating is a bit different, hence why specific signs pertain!

These 5 signs will help you spot Snapchat cheating:

1. They link their Snapchat account on their social media.

Since this app is infamously used for cheating, many cheaters will put their Snapchat handle on their Instagram bio (and other platforms).

This is an attempt to make more Snapchat friends and get to talk with as many people as possible—romantically or sexually.

This alone isn’t enough to confirm your partner is cheating, though, so make sure to take other signs into account as well!

2. They spend a lot of time sending Snaps.

Unless you know every single one of their Snapchat friends, it’s quite suspicious for your partner to be sending a lot of Snaps to strangers.

On top of everything, a large amount of time spent on Snapchat is also a bit dubious, especially if your partner was never one to use this platform before.

3. You’re not your partner’s #1 Snapchat BFF.

Snapchat BFFs are the people you communicate with the most on the app, so it’s a bit questionable if an ex or someone suspicious has snatched that place.

It means your s.o. exchanges a lot of messages and pictures with this person, and your partner directing their attention elsewhere is not something you want happening in a relationship!

4. They randomly go Ghost Mode.

In order not to have their location seen on the Snap Map, cheaters enable “Ghost Mode” on their Snapchat Settings.

A lot of users do this, so be alarmed only if your partner turns their location off at random times!

5. Your partner quickly exits the app when you get close.

This usually indicates one thing: they were texting their affair partner on Snapchat and had to instantly exit the app so you would not see anything.

You might have also noticed your partner angling their phone away from you whenever they’re on Snapchat; it’s a bad sign if they turn their phone screen off too.

When should you approach your partner about their Snapchat behavior?

If your partner’s Snapchat habits are making you uncomfortable, then I recommend asking for clarity!

Confront them about the reason they’re being so secretive with the platform and why their personality has changed lately.

I doubt they’ll just come out and admit they’re being disloyal, but communication will go a long way in terms of a healthy relationship.

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