How to catch a cheating husband? 10 trustworthy ways to catch him red-handed!

Catching your husband cheating doesn’t mean that you should do illegal stuff.

You can catch him red-handed without getting arrested. So, just focus on three things:

  • Time Invested;
  • Money Spent;
  • His Behavior;

To cheat he needs to invest time in the other person and ends up spending less time with you.

He invests more money in them and slowly withdraws from you.

So here are 10 trustworthy ways to catch your husband cheating:

1. Start by asking randomly to use his phone.

Start by asking randomly to use his phone

To catch a cheating husband, you need to catch him by surprise and check his reaction.

If he has nothing to hide then he won’t overreact or quickly delete anything before he hands his phone to you.

Yet, beware, that sometimes when a cheater is confronted, he might act clueless and remain calm.

He would calmly try to distract you as he gives you his phone.

This depends on his personality and how good he is at lying. Focus more on his body language and if he will blabber or just talk normally.

2. Try to go home when he expects you the least.

If you notice that he is behaving strangely lately and you notice that he might be telling lies, just try to go home unexpectedly.

Try to catch him by surprise at any hour that he’s home.

  • You can act like you’re going on vacation for a few days and then come back as a ‘surprise’ way earlier than you told him you’d come back.

Despite this, you can also use hidden cameras and check who comes and goes into your house.

This method may be applicable only if he makes the mistake of bringing them to your house.

Most cheaters avoid meeting with their side-chick in their house to avoid being caught.

3. Check his phone bill or bank transactions.

Checking his phone bill can give you a glimpse if he is cheating on you.

As mentioned earlier on, the husband who cheats invests a lot of money on the side chick.

You might notice that he is using a lot of his phone and talking specifically to one phone number that you don’t know.

Check this number on social media or search engines and you can find who this person is.

You can use it as evidence when you confront your husband.

4. Find out if he is using Tinder or other dating apps.

Find out if he is using Tinder or other dating apps

To catch a cheating husband, you can also use third-party apps.

Just by using these apps or websites, you can find out whether he is still a part of dating apps or if he’s hiding something else.

  • The first dating app that a cheater uses is Tinder. To check whether he’s still part of this app, you can use SwindlerBuster.

By adding his phone number or name/surname on the blank spaces, and clicking Search Tinder, you will get results within minutes.

There are also a few other CheatBuster free alternatives that would help you to gather evidence and check who he might be cheating you with.

5. Ask mutual friends or your entourage if they have noticed something odd.

Let me tell you that talking about this with my friends and reflecting helped me to get to the final answer to my questions.

Yet, you need to be surrounded by good friends if you want this to work.

You need to be near someone who is and will be honest with you.

  • Get comfortable with them before opening this topic to your friends.
  • Ask questions generally about your husband. Do not jump straight into the topic of cheating.
  • I would suggest you in the meantime talk with a therapist or counselor too.

A friend’s opinion is needed but most of the time you also need a professional’s help to define his behavior lately so you can catch him cheating.

6. You can buy and install a GPS tracker.

To add a GPS tracker to his phone or car, you need to check if the laws in your country allow you to do it for different purposes.

If you are allowed to do it then you can track his car and check where he goes when he’s not with you.

  • I will warn you that this process is very hard to deal with and you’ll get frustrated and have difficulties remaining calm.
  • If you think that they might notice the GPS tracker, then you can plug it into the dashboard.

You can find different types of GPS trackers that are suitable for your situation on Amazon.

7. Check his social media followers or friends.

Social media is a great factor and helper if you want to catch a cheating husband.

I’m not implying that you’re going to have a certain or immediate answer as soon as you check his followers or friends.

  • But if you stumble upon an account that has a few followers and has no picture or bio but he follows then it might be someone to focus on.
  • Start to follow this account and check whether they accept your request and follow you back.

In most cases, a side chick will accept your request and follow back for two reasons: One because she’s curious to check your profile, and two because she wants to warn you about her presence.

8. Monitor his phone activity while analyzing his behavior.

You can monitor his phone activity even without using his phone without his consent.

Because checking his phone without his permission is a violation of privacy.

  • Thus, I recommend you reflect on his behavior towards his phone.
  • Check if he gets late-night text messages or constantly hides his phone.
  • You can also make a conversation with your husband and let him know which app you’re using mostly and ask him the same questions.

9. Ask him suddenly to go on a date and check his reaction.

Ask him suddenly to go on a date and check his reaction

The main goal is to touch certain points that will catch him off guard.

The reaction that you get from your husband will help you to catch him cheating.

If you’re doubting that he is waiting for you to go out with your friends and is somehow in a hurry, change your plan.

Decide to have a quick dinner with him.

If he constantly refuses to go on a date with you and insists on you going out with your friends, he might be cheating.

Be ready to go out but monitor where he goes and who he meets.

10. Send him an anonymous letter or add him on Snapchat.

If you want to catch your cheating husband, try to trick him to some extent.

This might not work with a cheater who has a rich past of cheating and knows everything about this and how to cheat without leaving any trace behind.

Thus, try to leave small evidence anywhere to catch him cheating.

  • Start by adding him on Snap if he is already using this app. Check if he adds you back and if he replies to you.
  • Also, leave some things in his car and ask whose things are those without making any big deal.
  • Also, write some love notes that are short and leave them somewhere he can see but do not leave where he will doubt that you’re doing it.

How to behave to a cheating husband?

How to behave to a cheating husband

Online infidelity affects relationships tremendously. Specifically, in a negative way.

One initial thing that you should do when you catch your husband cheating is to organize your thoughts and remain calm.

Don’t let your feelings and anger lead you.

– Stay calm while you respect your boundaries.

Even though it’s a hard situation when trust is broken in a relationship, you need to stay positive for yourself.

Usually, if you’re dealing with a narcissist, he can try to do so many things so he can cross your boundaries even though he knows he’s guilty.

Psychologist, Dr. Ramani, claims that a narcissist will cheat on you because he’s seeking your validation.

Thus, during this time, it’s better to use No Contact to maintain your peace.

– Don’t blame yourself for his actions.

When you get cheated on, you easily blame yourself because your self-confidence and ego are attacked.

Instead of blaming yourself, try to surround yourself with people who love you.

Only then you will reflect properly on your worth.

– Don’t try to romanticize him or the situation.

Now that your self-confidence might be destroyed, you will tend to romanticize him or the situation.

This might happen because as soon as you catch him cheating, you romanticize him to make sense of it all and nourish yourself and your broken heart.

You use it as a coping mechanism.

Instead of doing it, try to spend some time alone and write down what he has done that hurt you.

– Listen to his perspective too.

I know that is hard to do but you should listen to his perspective too.

Even though you have proof and the right to expose him, you need to have a conversation where you will listen to him too.

In this conversation, you will let him know about your boundaries too.

– Check if you can rebuild the relationship or not.

After you have the conversation with him, you can reflect if you want to leave him or rebuild the relationship.

You cannot take this decision immediately if you are still confused or have strong feelings for your husband.

Deciding to divorce him might not be an easy task so it’s better to talk to a marriage coach or a therapist to make a final decision.

One last thought on how to catch a cheating husband!

To catch a cheating husband, you need to be vigilant and know his personality to the core.

What I recommend you do is to reflect more on his behavior and track it.

Try to surprise him with some things you haven’t done before or surprise him at work or home.

If he’s cheating on you then he will either love-bomb you or will ignore your needs a lot.

In the end, it will cause you a lot of confusion, and you will feel in your gut that he’s not that into you anymore.

Cheating is a choice and no mistake, for whatever reason he chooses to do it.

Thus, spend some time on your own to know what’s your next step.

Warm hugs and keep your head up!

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