How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp? 8 quick & easy ways to do it!

You can catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp even if you don’t access his phone.

It’s better to gather evidence while you’re not invading his privacy.

You don’t need to confront him without having proper proof.

Thus, to be sure and catch your cheating husband on WhatsApp, here are 8 quick and easy ways:

1. Check what type of apps he doesn’t leave on the homepage.

Check what type of apps he doesnt leave on the homepage

To catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp, you need to peek a bit at his phone and check if he’s keeping this app on his Homepage.

You need to be more careful if he’s constantly online these days but still, there’s no trace of this app on his phone.

Yet, be aware that people don’t let a certain app on the Homepage so they won’t get distracted.

Hence, if he’s using this app constantly but hides it in his phone then he’s hiding something and maybe is in a relationship with someone else.

2. Check if he uses end-to-end encrypted backup.

You can catch him cheating on this app if you prove that he’s using end-to-end encrypted backup.

  • This means that all the information that is stored will be private.
  • He will put in a certain password so only he will have access to these messages.

To check whether he’s using this feature on WhatsApp or not, you need to ask him to use this app.

Use a pretext to use this app and check on any name that seems a bit strange to you.

You can also check all other messages on this app and if they have the encrypted sign on the top of the message, he might be cheating.

3. Check if he has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Check if he has blocked you on WhatsApp but you're not aware of it

Usually, WhatsApp doesn’t let you know when someone has blocked you.

Yet, you can find out if he has blocked you. 

If he has been using WhatsApp constantly to post or talk to you but now you notice his absence and he has no photo on his profile, he has blocked you.

  • To prove it, you can try to send him a message.
  • If the message you have sent has only one check mark and not two, this means that he has blocked you.
  • Check his status whether he’s online or not. If this feature doesn’t show up on his profile then you’re likely to be blocked.

You can also use the app ChatWatch to monitor his WhatsApp usage. 

All you need to do is download this app and check their Whatsapp history and online status.

If you’re using it on IOS then you need to pay if you use it more than two days and you can constantly monitor their activity on WhatsApp.

Yet, you should know that monitoring your husband’s phone without his consent might penalise you when you confront him.

4. Try to check if he has disabled WhatsApp Preview Messages.

Try to check if he has disabled WhatsApp Preview Messages

I have been in a long relationship with my husband and I would notice everything that went wrong with him.

So, while I was used to seeing him constantly use WhatsApp and receive notifications, he rarely got one when I was around.

Not to mention his protectiveness around his phone.

I tried to talk about this with him but he accused me that I was overreacting.

In this case, I chose to be a bit nasty and tried to trick him to prove my point.

I was aware of the feature that WhatsApp allowed, to make the messages disappear the same as Snapchat.

He can set that for 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

  • I bought a new phone number and tried to message him saying that I saw him at this particular party and caught my eye.
  • I sent him some fake pictures and started flirting. I noticed that he immediately tried to flirt back.

When I asked him to use his phone and went to his phone, he had set the timer to delete those messages.

This is one of the reasons why people use WhatsApp to cheat.

5. Learn if he suddenly stops WhatsApp from auto saving photos and media on his phone.

To prove that your husband is cheating on WhatsApp, you can send him a video or a photo and ask him if he saved it.

  • Try to do it more casually while you’re talking about a family gathering or a mutual interest.
  • Also, try to be near him so you can check whether he saves the photo manually or the app saves it automatically.

What I recommend you to do is not to cling only on this aspect and assume that he’s cheating.

Because people also disable this feature because they don’t want to overload their phones with unnecessary media.

6. Check if he suddenly starts to post stories or statuses.

Check if he suddenly starts to post stories or statuses

These two elements are two key points in whether he is cheating or not.

And to catch your cheating husband on WhatsApp, you need to focus on this major change: He starts to post on this app suddenly.

Most people try to avoid posting stories or statuses on this app since they view it more as an app to text or just communicate.

Yet, what I need you to be careful about is that he can share it only with people he wants to see it.

  • To know whether he’s using it or not, try to ask questions. You might casually ask him if he can help you post a story or status on this app.

Or, you can start to post and check if he reacts because if he is doing it for someone then he might think that you’re doing the same thing.

7. Check if he posts more stories on WhatsApp than on his other social media.

When he is more focused on one app that means that either he enjoys that app very much or he has someone he is trying to impress.

To catch him cheating on this app, you need to focus on whether he changes his profile picture a lot and tries all the new features.

As I mentioned earlier, you might not see his stories on this app if he doesn’t choose to share them with you or your mutual friends.

  • To check if he posts private stories or especially for someone create a new WhatsApp account and talk to him.

I am aware that this is an indirect way but in most of the cases it works and you can get proof.

8. Ask him to use his phone to call someone WhatsApp and check his reaction.

One of the most obvious signs that he is cheating on you on WhatsApp is when he overreacts when you use his phone.

Even if you ask him to do it, he will say a billion other things to distract you, hoping you will forget.

Or, he will just spend some more time on his phone deleting something.

Try to not be aggressive when you ask him to use it and try to not jump to a conclusion right off the bat.

I recommend you ask him from time to time to use this app on his phone.

Hence, don’t ask him very frequently because he will know and will take precautions to convince you that he is not cheating.

How to confront your husband when you catch him cheating on WhatsApp?

To confront your husband when he cheats on you on WhatsApp, you need to have proof.

The way you deliver the information is very important. You cannot face him only if you see him change his WhatsApp picture.

Make sure that you have analyzed the situation from different POVs and that you have taken professional tips from a relationship coach or a therapist.

– Don’t present to him evidence that you have gathered illegally or while invading his privacy.

When confronting him, it’s important to gather evidence that will not be confusing.

I’m not implying that he won’t gaslight you. A cheater will rarely accept the consequences of his actions.

In the meantime, you can also ask questions and provoke him to an extent that won’t drive him crazy but that his reaction will let you know about his actions.

– Express what you’re feeling and let him know how his actions are impacting you.

When you have proof, you can also let him know how this situation is making you feel.

Marriage is something sacred and if you don’t communicate how each other’s actions are making you feel, everything might crumble.

Thus, keep the sentences short and simple. Use the personal pronoun “I” because it makes the conversation more complete and prevents accusatory tones.

– Don’t let other people mingle in your business.

In this case, your family and friends will try to give you different opinions that might be irrelevant or biased.

That’s why you need to spend some time alone to process all of this and seek professional help.

I went through the same experience that’s why I advise you to reflect on this issue while consulting with a marriage or a relationship coach.

They will help you to define the signs that he might be cheating on you through WhatsApp and what you should do.

– Discuss what can be done to change the situation.

Listen to him. Even if you catch your cheating husband on WhatsApp, you need to give him a chance to explain himself.

This doesn’t mean that you need to allow him to cross your boundaries once again or allow him back into your life.

Remain calm and don’t let him manipulate your thoughts or emotions.

Know what you want from this relationship and then check if you can rebuild it after this incident.

FAQ: How can I catch my husband cheating on WhatsApp?

1. How can I monitor my cheating husband’s WhatsApp messages with my phone?

You can link their WhatsApp profile to your computer. To do it, you need to use his phone too.

You can link it through the QR Code where you can do it on your Android or Iphone.

Get his phone and

  • Download Whatsapp on your computer,
  • Go to Linked Devices on his Whatsapp (you’ll find it in the Settings),
  • Scan the QR Code on your device (preferably computer) with his phone,
  • You’re all set!

2. Why is WhatsApp used for cheating?

WhatsApp is used for cheating because just like Snapchat it offers many options to delete messages.

Yet, if he isn’t careful and constantly does things that will catch your attention, you can catch him cheating on WhatsApp.

Unlike other social media or apps that are used for texting such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp allows you to encrypt the messages.

He can put a code or a fingerprint so you cannot have access to it.

Finalizing it: How do you know who your partner is cheating on WhatsApp?

You know who your partner is cheating with on WhatsApp, only if you have slight access to his account.

Having access to his WhatsApp account doesn’t mean that you need to use his phone without his consent.

What I’m implying is you can monitor his WhatsApp account by just focusing on how he operates with this app.

Just stay focused and don’t let your negative thoughts or insecurities lead you to solve this case.

You’re capable of doing it. Good luck!

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