13 ways to catch a cheating wife — Utilizing technology the correct way!

Confirming that your wife is guilty will bring you peace of mind, whether you’re certain she’s cheating or not.

If you really want to catch a cheater, you will need to be careful and thorough! But don’t worry, I’ll be giving you some useful tips later on.

Infidelity in marriages is, sadly, more common than we’d like it to be, so your concerns are more than justifiable.

– How common are affairs in marriages?

People sometimes hesitate to create romantic connections when they remember the fact that affairs are quite ordinary in relationships.

Professor Nicholas Wolfinger over at the University of Utah says that 20%-25% of married men cheat, as for married women, 10%-15%.

Those who have been cheated on in the past (or suspect it’s happening to them in the present) know just what those numbers truly mean.

But don’t panic! Even if you really suspect her, unless you have proof, there is always a chance that your wife is being faithful.

But, just to be safe, this is how you can catch a cheating wife:

1. Go over her profiles on social media for any strangers!

Go over her profiles on social media for any strangers

Social media is, without a doubt, making the task easier for cheaters, so make sure you start off by checking your wife’s profiles.

Not every social media platform allows your friends to view your friend list (such is the case with Snapchat, for example), but for the ones that do (Facebook and Instagram), make sure to check them.

Cross out her friends, co-workers, and other acquaintances because even if your wife is cheating with them, there’s no way of telling just by looking.

Instead, see if you can find any strangers on her friend list! Someone who despite you not knowing them, still likes and comments on your wife’s posts.

Extra points if you’ve seen them flirt online or exchange flirty texts.

2. You can try texting her with a fake account, but it’s not too reliable of a method.

Doing this might sound like a good idea, but beware!

  • If your wife is cheating with a person she’s emotionally invested in, she won’t bother reciprocating with a stranger.

This method works well with serial cheaters whose goal is to have as many sexual partners as possible.

Make a fake profile on the social media app your spouse uses the most, pick different photos (either a stranger or friend), and text her.

Pretend as if her profile randomly popped up and she caught your attention—flirt with her, but don’t come off too strong!

You can also ask your friend to text her for you, but it needs to be someone you’re not following on social media and that she doesn’t know.

3. Find all of her sexual conversations with keywords.

Find all of her sexual conversations with keywords

On most iOS and Android devices’ default messaging apps, we can find our conversations by putting specific keywords in the bar.

Tell your wife that you need her phone real quick, and once you have it, go to the default Messages app and type in cheating-related words.

Try out these:

  • “Meet” ;
  • “Hotel” ;
  • “Husband” ;
  • “Not home” ;
  • “Sex” ;
  • “Date”, etc.

If your wife mentioned these words or phrases with other people from her contacts, their conversation will surface.

If you find nothing, view the deleted messages section!

4. Wire your place with security cameras.

Now we’re getting a bit more intense, but you hear stories from time to time about a person catching their cheating spouse with the help of cameras.

Not everybody installs them for the purpose of catching a cheater, though, but it doesn’t change the fact that this method works.

TikTok user Kaylie271, for instance, shared a video back in 2021 that shows her husband and his affair partner from their home camera.

Consider wiring your place with security cameras while your wife isn’t home—they will help you see if she brings anyone over.

Pick a tech brand that accompanies its cameras with a surveillance app so that you can keep watch over your home no matter where you are.

5. Read all of her text messages, call logs, and emails.

Read all of her text messages, call logs, and emails

Aka, checking her phone—yes, even emails!

If you know her phone passcode or if she’s not using one, you can get into her phone and look for tech evidence of your wife’s cheating.

First, go to messaging and social media apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, and the rest) because that’s how cheaters maintain their affairs.

Next, check call logs for any numbers of strangers, exes, or suspicious friends—inspect how often and how long those calls are.

And, surprisingly, Email apps (such as default ones or Gmail) are used by quite a large number of cheaters, so don’t overlook them.

If your wife has left her PC or Laptop on, see if she’s logged into her Email address and social media accounts. But be swift!

6. Make her believe you’re leaving town for a few days.

Tell your wife you’re going away on a trip with friends or for work and that you will be away for a couple of days.

Try to sound as believable as possible by packing a small suitcase and telling her how boring it will be (just lay the groundwork a little bit).

On the day you said you’d leave, don’t. Instead, go to a friend’s or neighbor’s house or just stay close to your place.

  • If your wife saw this trip as an opportunity to invite her lover over, you will catch her!

And if you have installed those security cameras before, check them regularly.

7. Install ClevGuard on your wife’s phone.

Install ClevGuard on your wife’s phone

ClevGuard is a parental-control spying app that people commonly use to catch cheaters effectively.

ClevGuard will give you insight regarding your wife’s:

  • Contacts;
  • Installed apps;
  • Location;
  • Photos and videos;
  • Text messages;
  • Call and browsing history, and everything else you need in order to expose her true nature.

You will need to visit ClevGuard’s site, sign up, and pick your plan (everything else will be explained by a step-by-step, on-screen tutorial).

A 1-month plan costs $39.99 and a 3-month one costs $59.99, or you can purchase a 1-year plan for $109.99.

For this method, you will need access to your wife’s phone for about 5 minutes—grab her phone, install the app, and set everything up.

And, by the way, your wife won’t be notified that you’ve done this, however, do think twice if you really want to go with something this toxic!

8. Tag along when she least expects it.

One of the most obvious signs of a cheating wife is, I would say, her spending an excessive amount of time away from home—is your wife doing the same?

She’s most likely telling you she’s going over to family, to a restaurant with friends, or catching a movie at a specific cinema.

If you ever have a persistent feeling that says, “This is it! She’s meeting up with another man!”, don’t ignore it.

Show up to where she said she’s going.

If you don’t see her there, give her a quick call saying you’re at work and checking up on her; ask her where she is, and if she sticks by her story, she’s most likely cheating.

And if she is where she said she was, you can simply tell her you had some free time and thought you’d surprise her!

9. Don’t ignore her silence—ask her questions!

Another clear sign of cheating is the silence of a partner who comes home late at night after disappearing for the whole day.

Yeah, that’s enough to make anybody overthink.

However, don’t let your wife take your mind off of her unfair behavior by throwing a fit for asking where she was as you do deserve to know the truth.

Ask her where she was, who she was with, what she did, and well, you know the drill; watch out for inconsistencies.

E.g. she tells you she was with a specific friend one time and then with another one after a while (this happens to cheaters because lies are harder to remember).

10. Keep repeating her story back to her until she eventually slips up.

I recommend doing this only if you’re certain that your wife is lying about cheating, otherwise, you would be manipulating an innocent person.

The thing about people not being able to remember false details is true, though, because real events are more memorable.

If your wife comes home late one night and acts aloof, casually ask about her night.

Take that story, and after some time has passed (30 minutes or so), repeat it back to her to see if she changes anything.

“So, how is [a different friend’s name] doing? I haven’t heard from them in a while.”

11. View her notifications.

View her notifications

I found out my ex-partner was cheating by accidentally glancing over at their phone and reading a suspicious message…”I miss you already!”.

If the notifications on your wife’s phone are enabled, you too might uncover her affair; whenever you see her phone light up, steal a quick look.

For any cryptic messages (like the one I saw) that indicate she’s seeing someone else, investigate further to find out who that “someone” is.

Find that person on your wife’s social media profiles or by spying on her phone.

And you can do a scan dating apps to find out if she has dating profiles using SwindlerBuster, you can check on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble.

12. Hiring a private detective is always a choice…just not a very healthy one.

If your wife is a clever cheater and you feel as if there’s nothing you can do about it aside from being paranoid, then I present to you, Private Investigators!

If you hire a gifted, professional private detective, they will tell you everything you need to know about your wife’s affair (or whether it’s happening or not).

However, you will need to spend quite an amount on their services! Hiring a private investigator might cost you well in the hundreds per hour.

13. Ask your wife if there’s anything she wants to share with you.

Forget spying on her or hiring a private investigator, if she’s behaving differently, ask her about it!

I know that you’re thinking about how unlikely it is for cheaters to admit to cheating on their own—and I can’t blame you because that’s exactly the case.

But if your foundation for your concerns is an out-of-place behavior (e.g. a cold shoulder or sexless marriage), I recommend asking her if everything’s okay first.

Her reason for acting this way might not even be infidelity, she could be going through hard times and unfortunately making way for misunderstandings.

Be supportive and encouraging; ask your wife how she’s been feeling lately once you two have enough privacy.

– How to track a cheating wife?

Keeping tabs on a cheater is a bit tricky, you see. They’re usually very mindful of their surroundings and do the most in hiding their tracks.

Other than that, we also can’t ignore the fact that feeling the need to know your significant other’s every move is not okay—it’s an indication of issues in a relationship.

Now that we’ve established that, we can carry on with some of the methods to keep track of a cheating wife:

1. Talk to her about sharing your locations.

If you and your wife are trying to make your marriage work out after her affair, she might understand why sharing her location will help you feel less paranoid.

This can be done through apps like Find My on iPhone or Google Maps—open this topic up for discussion and explain your reasoning.

And, as always, respect her decision!

2. Plant location trackers, like GPS, on your car.

It’s only legal if you and your wife share a car, otherwise, you’d be putting a spying device on another person’s vehicle!

3. Spying apps.

ClevGuard, Eyezy, FlexiSpy, etc.—the demand for spying apps in the market is quite high because they work for catching cheaters.

Create an account, look through what the app is all about (and if it works for you), pick a plan, and install the app on your wife’s phone.

– What to look for in a cheater’s phone? Everything they use to interact with people, basically!

This includes:

  • Emails;
  • Socializing apps (even secretive ones like Telegram and WhatsApp);
  • Messages;
  • Gallery;
  • Deleted content (e.g. the Recently Deleted folder on iPhone Photos and deleted messages);
  • Notifications, both the main notification center (which you can access from your wife’s home screen) and prompt ones;
  • Call logs and contacts.

I have noticed that a lot of people fail to learn the truth about their cheating partner due to their carelessness—don’t let this happen!

If you’re that set on exposing your cheating spouse, her phone is the only way to do it.

– What are some tech clues that suggest your wife is cheating?

You will be shocked to learn how some of the subtlest, most unnoticeable signs are the most indicative ones.

We have the obvious clues such as your wife not giving you her phone, changing her password, and deleting her messages.

Then we have the habit of your wife taking her phone with her literally everywhere she goes and hiding it when she sleeps.

  • However, does she get off her phone whenever you enter the room, get angry when you glance at her screen, and keep her phone on silent?

It sounds like she might be talking to someone.

These signs are subtler than those I mentioned in the beginning, and they tend to trick people who aren’t aware of them.

Is it possible to catch a cheating wife?

Ah, if only we had some sort of superpower that shows us if a person is faithful or not before getting into a relationship with them.

You can catch a cheater without having unnatural abilities, but you will need to be one step ahead of them at all times, or they will pull a fast one on you.

Look into methods you can use for your particular situation, and pick the best one in your opinion.

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