13 hacks to catch a cheater on iPhone in seconds.

As a fellow iOS user, I have to admit one thing: iPhones have a lot of cool, hidden features that may be used for different purposes.

If your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend uses an iPhone, there are some specific tricks you can use to see if they’re cheating.

I’ve compiled some of the coolest, most discreet tricks that will help you catch a cheater on iPhone, but first…

Where to look on iPhone for cheating?

Before you start with your investigation, let me ask you something!

Are you able to grab your partner’s iPhone and access it for at least 15 minutes?

A lot of the tricks I’m about to show you are fairly uncomplicated and require you to have access to your partner’s phone for about 5-15 minutes.

If they are cheating, you’ll have a harder time convincing them to give their phone up, but you can try asking them for it or using it while they’re away (while taking a shower, for example).

After that, these are the 3 places you need to investigate if you want to uncover your partner’s dirty secrets:

  • Their iPhone’s Settings;
  • All applications that could be used for communication; i.e., social media, Email, instant messaging or calling apps, etc.;
  • The Photos app.

1. Check every app that’s used to communicate.

Check every app that’s used to communicate

Cheaters will always find a way to cheat, so that’s why you can’t overlook any apps—if it can be used to communicate with people, it will be used to cheat.

Check as many apps as time allows it:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Snapchat;
  • Twitter (X);
  • Email;
  • The default Messages and Phone apps;
  • WhatsApp, etc.

Your partner is most likely still logged in to their accounts, so seeing who they’re texting will be a breeze.

If an option, check the social media apps’ activity (e.g. on your partner’s iPhone open the Instagram app, click their profile, open the menu on the top-right screen, and tap on Your Activity).

2. If you’re dating a cheater who deletes everything, recover the deleted text messages!

If you’re dating a cheater who deletes everything, recover the deleted text messages

Deleting text messages comes naturally to cheaters—I mean, they’re not trying to have you see them sexting another person!

However, there is a way to recover deleted messages on the Messages app on iPhone:

On your partner’s phone, launch the Messages app, click on Edit (at the top of the screen), and then on Show Recently Deleted.

If you find evidence there, great! If not, your partner might have deleted the messages from the recycle bin as well.

3. Search for specific words on the Messages app.

Search for specific words on the Messages app

iPhone has this cool feature that allows phone owners to search specific keywords on Messages—let me explain how this will be useful for you!

Go to the Messages app on the cheater’s phone and put flirty words on the search bar.

Something like, “Love”, “Meet”, “Cheat”, “Sex”, etc., and see which contacts come up.

If your significant other has sent a text saying, “Hey, my partner isn’t home. Do you want to meet up? We could go to a nice restaurant and then come back to my place for sex. Love you!”, the conversation will surface.

4. How to find inappropriate images on the Photos app?

How to find inappropriate images on the Photos app

You don’t have to scroll through the thousands of images on your partner’s gallery app to see if they have saved another person’s nudes.

This trick works like the one for the Messages app, more or less: open Photos, pick Search on the bar at the bottom and try different words.

Try the words “Bra”, “Kissing”, “Person”, “Body”, or location names (such as an ex’s or co-worker’s house).

If images fitting the description exist, they will show up first thing!

5. Check the Hidden and Deleted folders on the Photos app.

Check the Hidden and Deleted folders on the Photos app

Wait! Before you exit the Photos app, check the Hidden and Recently Deleted folders at the bottom of the screen.

  • To view the images here you’ll need their passcode, but since you’ve already unlocked the phone, I’m assuming you either know the cheater’s passcode, they don’t have one, or they gave you their phone to use.

Cheaters who save their lovers’ sexy images after sexting don’t keep them in broad daylight; they usually hide them in separate folders.

6. Conduct a broader search from the cheater’s home screen.

Conduct a broader search from the cheater’s home screen

Unlock your partner’s phone! Do you see a little button at the bottom, on the lower part of their home screen that says “Search”?

Click it!

Instead of checking the Messages and Photos apps individually on their phone, you can search for inappropriate content in one place.

You would be gathering evidence from everywhere on their phone (apps, Settings, contacts, etc.), so it’s pretty time-efficient!

Look up an ex’s name, or the name of a person you’re suspicious of—if your partner talks to them, their conversations will pop up.

Or type the names of dating apps or romantic phrases like, “I love you!”.

7. Turn on the Auto-Answer Calls feature on your partner’s Settings.

Turn on the Auto-Answer Calls feature on your partner’s Settings

Does it happen often for your s.o. to not answer your calls (or other people’s), but instead let it ring? That’s a sign of cheating.

The cheater could be at their affair partner’s place or their affair partner could be calling them at a bad time—this is why this phenomenon occurs.

So, to prevent anxiously waiting for your partner to pick their phone up, go to their iPhone’s Settings, tap Accessibility, click on Touch, and then on Call Audio Routing.

You can choose to have all of their calls answered automatically on speaker by picking the Speaker option.

After that, open Auto-Answer Calls, toggle it on, and pick the shortest time possible (it should be 3 seconds).

8. Take a look at your partner’s Network history in Settings.

Take a look at your partner’s Network history in Settings.

Open the Settings app, then go to Wi-Fi, click on Edit, and type your partner’s iPhone passcode to access their Wi-Fi history.

You might be thinking about how on Earth this could be of any help to you, and that’s more than fair!

  • If you find networks belonging to love hotels, your partner’s acquaintance’s place, and other spots your partner should not have been on, then they’re definitely cheating.

9. Similarly, you can check where they spend most of their time!

Similarly, you can check where they spend most of their time

Let’s just hope your partner has granted permission to Location Services.

Go to Settings on your cheating partner’s phone and enter Privacy & Security; tap on System Services.

Scroll down to Significant Locations, enter their password again, and see what you find in there!

If they have visited an unfamiliar place (or a place they lied about visiting), now you know.

10. Find their passwords by checking the Passwords feature.

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that iPhones have a lot of features and that the Settings app was one of the first places to look.

Your partner might be using the Passwords feature to save log-in details for different websites (go to Settings and then Passwords).

Enter your partner’s password to view this information.

11. Check the list of all installed applications in case your partner is hiding dating apps.

What I have noticed with iPhones is that it’s not too difficult to hide a certain application by long-pressing and removing it from the home screen.

To see if your partner is on dating sites, view the full list of all installed apps in these 3 ways:

1. Swipe right on the last page of the home screen so that you trigger the App Library to show up;

2. Tap the Search button at the bottom-middle part of your partner’s phone’s home screen and type dating apps’ names (e.g. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge);

3. Go to the phone’s Settings app and scroll to the very bottom where the section containing all apps is.

12. Check the Safari app’s history.

Check the Safari app’s history

We all know how to check browsing histories on search engines like Google, but we also know how cheaters never forget to delete them.

Safari’s all-time browsing history is, however, a bit more complicated to delete on iPhone because the data is stored in Settings.

Launch the Settings app, find the Safari app (right below FaceTime), and go to Advanced—there you can continue by clicking on Website Data.

If your partner or spouse is an avid Safari user, give this a try.

13. Share their location with your contact on the Find My app.

Before I show you how you can track your significant other’s location, I want you to keep in mind that they might figure out you’ve done this.

If you still want to give it a shot, this is what you do:

Go to the Find My app on your partner’s phone and choose People. Share their location with your phone number, and get on your phone to accept the request.

If you’re being physically cheated on by a partner who lies about the place they’re at, simply whip out your phone to see where they truly are.

What do I do now that I have proof of my partner cheating?

Now that the worst part is over, what’s left is to think of the next step, and sadly, there are only 2 routes you can take:

1. Confronting your partner with proof.

It’s great that you have evidence because confronting a cheater without proof is tricky—they tend to turn the tables around.

Schedule an important meeting with your significant other after you’ve taken the time to calm down and think about what’s in store for you two.

A breakup or a second chance?

Be calm and polite while confronting the cheater (as difficult as it will be) and ask for their utmost honesty.

Show them the proof and don’t let them manipulate or lie to you; at the very end, declare your decision about the future of your marriage/relationship.

2. Not doing anything about it.

Some might argue that keeping all of this inside is the best choice if you’re not planning on breaking up with the cheater.

And although I disagree, I just want you to be up-to-date with every possibility!

Some cheaters tend to storm off out of shame once they’re found out, so bringing this up to your partner might have a similar effect.

If you’re planning on hiding the fact that you know about their affairs, ask yourself this:

“Am I really okay with what has happened? Will not saying anything impact my mental health?”

iPhones are not cheater-friendly.

It’s not like it’s their slogan or anything, but there are plenty of hacks we can use to bust cheaters and their affair partners!

If you believe that you’re being cheated on by an iPhone user, I recommend carefully picking one of the methods above.

And as always, be cautious.

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