Can you find someone’s dating profile using Spokeo? Here’s the tea!

Unlike social media profiles (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), finding dating profiles is a real doozy due to how demanding it is.

You might have heard of Spokeo as one of the best solutions to finding hidden dating profiles online—how effective is it though?

What is the deal with Spokeo? Does it work in finding dating profiles and if so, how exactly? Let’s talk all about it!

– What is Spokeo?

What is Spokeo

Spokeo is a people-search service that provides users with accurate reports regarding the person of their choice—for a price.

It was launched in 2006 and remained a stronghold in the community of online search sites!

  • Spokeo gets its information from numerous sources like government databases, social media platforms, and other online sources.

This means that if your person uses dating sites under their real identity, Spokeo will show you their profiles—as long as they’re a U.S. resident.

– Does Spokeo show dating profiles? Which dating platforms does it scan?

Spokeo show dating profiles

I might be going out on a limb here, but I’m assuming you want to find out if your partner is cheating on you.

In this case, yes! Spokeo is able to find dating profiles (and fairly easy, might I add)—it shows you Tinder, Match, and OK Cupid profiles.

Aside from dating ones, it also scans social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for hidden profiles.

  • If your partner has been lying about not having secondary social media accounts—which is a sign of cheating—you can use their name, phone number, or email to find them without delay.

Spokeo is an excellent tool for catching cheaters, and it doesn’t shy away from letting people know; its advanced technology pinpoints cheaters’ online activities.

– Showing you how Spokeo works: This is how you can find online dating profiles using the service.

Okay, we know it works, but how does it work? There are 3 ways to find someone’s dating profile using Spokeo:

  • By name;
  • By email;
  • By phone number

Let me demonstrate.

1. Finding dating profiles with Spokeo Name Search.

Finding dating profiles with Spokeo Name Search

Usernames are most commonly used to find profiles on dating apps, and Spokeo Name Search will reveal everything you need to know.

Go to and click the Name option on the front page!

Write down your person’s name and tap Search—wait for a little bit while Spokeo does its thing and after a brief wait, your report will be ready.

If they have a common name, you will be shown different people; find your person from the list and unlock their report.

  • A Name Search reveals that person’s phone number, email, address, social media profiles, court records, and of course, dating profiles.

2. Using an email address to find dating profiles with Spokeo.

email address to find dating profiles with Spokeo

On, pick the Email option (next to Name) and write down somebody’s email address on the bar—hit the Search button.

Though it’s harder to obtain than a first and last name, an email search will tell you the owner’s dating profiles alongside their:

  • Social media accounts;
  • Full name;
  • Age;
  • Phone number;
  • Location, etc.

If you’re trying to find their dating accounts but only know their email address, this is the best solution.

3. Use their phone number on Spokeo’s Reverse Phone Lookup tool.

phone number on Spokeo’s Reverse Phone Lookup tool

You can also use their phone number as a means to find dating profiles (and since most dating profiles require phone numbers, this might work)!

Visit once again, pick the Phone tab, write down the phone number of the person whose dating profile you want to find, and—like always—click the Search button.

Wait for the results and unlock the details (the owner’s full details, dating and social media accounts, etc.).

4. Or use Spokeo Advanced Search to cut down on time!

use Spokeo Advanced Search

If you have all the details of the person you’re investigating, I recommend using Advanced Search for more accurate results.

Here you can use all the information (first/middle/last name, age, state, city, phone number, and address) as opposed to using them one by one.

Go to Spokeo’s About section, click on the search bar, tap on Show Advanced Search, and click on the Search button after filling out the form.

It’s quick and not time-consuming—this type of search works amazingly if you’re searching for a person you know well (such as a spouse).

Will a person know I’ve looked them up on Spokeo?

The beautiful thing about Spokeo, aside from the detailed reports and easy-to-use functions, is that it doesn’t notify people you’ve looked them up.

Spokeo compiles data from public, online sources; online profiles are considered public data, which means that *technically* internet users can’t hide them from the public eye!

– How much does searching for dating profiles on Spokeo cost?

You may choose to purchase a 3-month Spokeo membership which costs $14.95/mo or a 1-month membership which costs $19.95/mo.

Both of these membership include only available information:

  • Email address;
  • Address;
  • Digital footprint (dating and social media profiles);
  • Criminal records;
  • Personal details (first and last name);
  • Other contact info.

If you’re interested in signing up for Spokeo, you can read about all of the billing details as well as what’s included by visiting and clicking on Sign up (upper-right corner).

Just keep in mind that Spokeo digs up only information that exists, so if someone isn’t using dating sites, your report will be dry!

– Who can you look up using Spokeo?

You can use it for anyone, really! However, Spokeo encourages users to not make any definite decisions based on what they find using the service.

1. You may use Spokeo to catch a cheating partner.

Spokeo will help you find out if your partner is on dating apps and if they have secret social media profiles that you never knew of.

2. Spokeo is great for background checks.

If you want to confirm you’re not talking to a catfish, using third-party services like Spokeo is recommended.

Look up their name, phone number, and email address, especially if you met them on an online dating platform.

3. You can find lost connections’ social media profiles.

If there is a person you truly cared for in the past but eventually went your own separate paths and lost contact since, Spokeo will help you two reconnect.

Use the Name Search on Spokeo to find their social media profiles.

4. You can look yourself and your family up.

It’s interesting knowing what information of ours is available online and whether it’s correct or not!

– What are some Spokeo alternatives? Exploring different ways you can find someone’s dating profiles!

Spokeo isn’t the only site that offers these types of services, so it’s great knowing we’re not running out of options anytime soon.

If, for any reason, you don’t feel like Spokeo is the right choice, do consider:

  • SocialCatfish (prices ranging from $5.73 to $6.87 for 3 days);
  • TruthFinder (1 month costs $28.05)
  • BeenVerified (a 1-month plan consisting of 100 reports costs $29.99 and a 2-month one costs $19.49).

And if you’re looking to find a Tinder profile, you can use SwindlerBuster (you’ll need a first name or phone number) or CheaterBuster!

Spokeo: is it the answer?

Considering the multi-functionality of the site and how hassle-free it is, we can confidently say that Spokeo is an adequate solution for finding dating profiles!

You’ll just need one of the following: a name, a phone number, or an email address.

And not to sound like a broken record, but if that information exists online, Spokeo will include it in your report.

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