Best 11 apps (plus additional methods) to catch a cheater!

Most cheaters are very good at what they do: they can keep their secret while going about their days as usual.

And although some attempts are in vain, we certainly don’t lack the technology to find out if someone is unfaithful!

Applications are an excellent example: you can use different spying apps to catch a cheater, namely:

1. uMobix.


If you want to catch a cheater, looking into what they do on their phone every day will help: spying apps are the solution.

uMobix is a good example of a spying app that will help you find information you never thought was possible.

  • Call history;
  • Text messages;
  • Social media apps;
  • Location—these (and more) you’ll have access to!

And if your partner has a habit of deleting their text messages to other people, don’t worry. You’ll be able to read them too.

You simply need to create an account, install it on your partner’s phone, pick a plan that fits, and you’re all set.

2. mSpy.

mSpy is another well-known cell phone tracker in the world of doubtful partners: it’s productive and trustworthy.

It’s another paid method that will show you your partner’s:

  • Texts;
  • Contacts;
  • Photos and videos;
  • Social networks;
  • Location, etc.

The setup is quite similar! After picking your plan, you need to install the app on your spouse’s phone.

You’ll learn in no time If your partner is active on dating sites.

3. Famisafe.

This app allows us to spy on devices safely from a distance; it has a fairly easy installation and an even better control panel. 

Some of the perks you can get when using Spyera are:

  • Live call recording/listening;
  • Social media tracking;
  • Call log access;
  • Text message access;
  • Location tracking, and too many more features to count!

You can use the Spyera app on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

It’s a popular pick that will show you if your partner engages in infidelity online—everything you need to know is there!

4. Eyezy.


Eyezy is a powerful phone-monitoring app frequently used to bust cheaters! Let’s face it—sooner or later they have to use their phones for their affairs.

And with this app, you’ll know exactly what they’re doing;

  • Whom they text and call;
  • Their social media activity;
  • Where they are;
  • What they save in their phone’s gallery, etc.

On top of this, you are able to track everything they type on their keyboard.

5. Spyic.

Spyic lets you track your partner’s SMS, call history, location, camera, social media platforms (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.), and more stuff.

All in all, it’s going to be impossible for them to get away with any cheating!

Signing up is free, however, depending on the number of devices you’re planning to use it on (as well as the purposes), the prices vary.

Just like with every other spyware, you’re going to need physical possession of your significant other’s phone—once you’re in, follow the set-up steps.

6. It’s possible to catch cheaters by using third-party apps, such as SwindlerBuster!

Another way you can catch a cheating partner is by seeing if they’re online cheating:

Dating sites especially: a scary number of people (who are already in relationships) visit dating platforms.

And since Tinder is the most popular dating app, SwindlerBuster was created to bust cheaters.

You can find every Tinder profile by using somebody’s name or phone number.

7. BeenVerified.


On BeenVerified, you can look people up by their:

  • Phone number;
  • Email;
  • First/last name;
  • Address;
  • And even vehicles.

By writing down their information, you’re on your way to learning useful info about your s.o.

For $29.99 a month, you’ll see all of their social/dating profiles (even ones you never knew about)—if they’re catfishing you in any way, you’ll instantly know.

8. TruthFinder.

This site searches public records and digs up beneficial info: social media, police records, contact info, etc.

With TruthFinder, we can even run background checks—a great move to get rid of any safety concerns.

You can choose the search method of your choice (by name or phone number)—after a short wait (and getting a 1-month membership), you will receive your results.

9. Spokeo.

If you’re looking to confidentially look up information about your partner for 20 bucks a month, then I introduce to you: Spokeo!

With just a name, email, or phone number, you’ll learn additional intel about your partner.

For example, if they use a specific dating site or lie about not having other social profiles, you’ll immediately find out.

10. SocialCatfish.


On top of all the search methods I mentioned above, SocialCatfish presents us with the option to look people up by their pictures or usernames!

But, yes—choose a search option and fill in the boxes with your partner’s information to see if:

11. Google.Yes. You can use Google to catch cheaters for free!

You can use Google to catch cheaters, and for free

If you don’t feel like spending money for something you’re not 100% sure is happening, then consider using Google.

Just know that it has its limitations! You won’t find any deep info or see if they’re using dating apps—to my knowledge, it mostly works for Tinder only.

Nevertheless, here’s how you can use Google to detect a cheating partner:

  1. Type this in the search bar: (your partner’s name).
  2. Check their browser history (if your partner uses Google).
  3. See if they save passwords with the Google Password Manager feature—checking Autofill is a plus.
  4. Check their emails (the Gmail app, to be exact).

My point is that third-party apps, although controversial, will help you catch a cheater.

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned the fact that these apps are completely invisible: your partner will not see you’ve installed spying apps or be notified in any way.

However, some things need acknowledging:

  • – A lot of these products require you to pay for them. The most efficient products are the ones that need paying.
  • – Your partner could be cheating on a second phone. Purchasing a second phone is a common practice among cheaters.
  • – Before taking your pick, make sure the service is legit.  To learn how trustworthy a service is, I suggest using TrustPilot or BBB to read honest reviews.
  • – See if the app you’re going for offers what you’re looking for. Different services complete different tasks; you need to pick the best possible solution for you.
  • – Watch out for certain restrictions. I’ve come across certain products that only work in specific regions—make sure the app you’ve picked works for your country.
  • – Any form of spyware in some countries is illegal. So make sure that doing this will not get you in any trouble. Do NOT spy on other people for malicious purposes!

Additional methods: how to find out if your spouse is cheating.

If you’re looking for alternate approaches to this problem (or if you concluded that third-party apps aren’t for you), no sweat!

There are more ways you can catch a cheater.

  1. You can inspect your spouse’s phone;
  2. Private investigators are an option too;
  3. Install a GPS device in their car, but only if you co-own it;
  4. See if they behave in a way cheaters would;
  5. Look around for any receipts/bank statements that state they’ve purchased something for someone.

My opinion on toxic methods to find out if a partner’s cheating…

We can’t deny it: using spyware or people-searching services is not a healthy way to cope with such suspicions.

But granted, every other method except being upfront about it is toxic—some people have no other choice, though.

If you feel like apps are the only choice left, then that’s understandable, just make sure to pick a reliable one!

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